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Lawrence Birken, Assistant Professor of History at Ball State University (Indiana), has written about Hitler as an 'Enlightenment Intellectual'

The Journal of Historical Review: Volume 16 (1996-7) / Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism, by Lawrence Birken. Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 1995. 

The Wild Chase by Franz von Stuck
Hitler's favorite painter, Franz von Stuck 

Academics have tended to see Hitler's philosophy as simplistic and crude.

But Birken sees things differently.

1. "It should be obvious," writes Birken, "that Hitler possessed a 'classical' theory of race."

Hitler liked the American idea of segregation.

Hitler admire the USA's pro-White racial policies, its restrictions on non-White immigration, and its adoption of eugenics measures.

Lynching of an innocent black kid in the USA.

2. According to Birken, "Hitler's economic ideas were... closer to Marx than to ... Keynes." 

3. Hitler opposed birth control.

4. Hitler opposed Christianity.

5. Hitler was anti-semitic, just like Voltaire, a leading figure in the Enlightenment.

The following comes from: "Hitler and the secret Satanic cult at the heart of Nazi Germany."

At first glance, the large circular room in the basement of Wewelsburg Castle appears to be harmless enough...

In the centre of the room lies a sunken circular altar with polished steps leading towards a burnt and cracked stone. 

But it’s only when you look directly upwards that the room’s significance becomes shockingly clear.

At the centre of the dome lies a giant swastika.

This room was the central temple of the Satanic cult that created and directed Germany’s Nazi party.

This so called Vril Society counted many of Hitler’s henchmen as members, including Himmler, Bormann, and Hess...

The Vril Society was noted for it’s use of orgies to summon up occult energies...

Bohemian Grove

“But the darkest side of the Vril was their propensity for sacrificing young children,” says Michael Fitzgerald, author of Stormtroopers of Satan. “They would stab them in the chest and cut their throats.

“At the height of their power in 1920s Munich, hundreds of children disappeared. 
Many are presumed to have been killed by the cult to summon up Vril energy.”...

It was in the Thule Society that Hitler met those who would help him take over Germany and wage the Second World War. Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann, Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Hermann Goering were all said to be members. It was these, along with Hitler, who used the Thule Society – and it’s inner sect the Vril Society – to launch and promote the Nazi Party.

Wewelsburg castle

But even amongst this sinister group, there was an inner core who were even more evil, if that is conceivable.

“Bormann was an avowed Satanist, says Michael Fitzgerald. “Bormann, together with Rosenberg and Himmler, wanted to destroy Christianity and replace it with a truly occult religion of their own making. And along with the Thule Society, they created a political party that would try and do just that.” 

Dr. Fritz Redlich, a neurologist and psychiatrist, has written: ''Hitler: Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet'', which refers to Hitler's personal physician, Dr. Theodor Morell

Insane or Just Evil? A Psychiatrist Takes a New Look at Hitler.

Hitler suffered from severe abdominal spasms, belching, bloating, constipation, buzzing and ringing in the ears, hypertension, headaches and heart trouble.

Dr. Redlich finds evidence that Hitler suffered from paranoia, narcissism, anxiety, depression and hypochondria.

According to Dr. Redlich, Hitler believed that his father was half-Jewish and had died of syphilis. 

"Dr. Redlich theorizes that Hitler may have thought his physical abnormalities - his hypospadia and spina bifida occulta - were signs that he had inherited syphilis from his father. And his rage at this may have fueled his anti-Semitism, and his obsession with syphilis as a 'Jewish disease,'' a theme he dwelled upon for 10 pages in Mein Kampf.''

According to Redlich, Hitler was sexually inhibited with Eva Braun.

Pathe News has film of Hitler being extremely affectionate towards a young boy, and then handing him over to Ernst Rohm.

It was in 1919 that Ernst Rohm, the boy-loving Nazi, became close friends with Adolf Hitler.

Ernst Rohm was the only man Hitler called by the familiar 'du.'

Rohm, also known as Black Emma, was allowed to call Hitler 'Adolf', rather than 'Mein Fuhrer'.

The Nazi party was founded in "a tavern frequented by homosexual roughnecks....a gay bar."

Mein Kampf was dedicated to Rudolf Hess.

Hess liked to appear in gay bars dressed as 'Black Bertha'.


Apparently, Hitler surrounded himself with 'butch' homosexuals, some of whom were sadists.

The butch Nazis did not like effeminate homosexuals ('Femmes') (The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.)

Hitler "had been a male prostitute in Vienna at the time of his sojourn there, from 1907 to 1912, and ... practiced the same calling in Munich from 1912 to 1914" 

Website for this image

Hitler's Nazis carried out the torture and murder of many people.

In mid-1942 in Baranowicze, Poland, experiments were conducted in a small building behind the private home occupied by Nazi SD Security Service officer Dr. Wichtmann, in which "a young boy of eleven or twelve [was] strapped to a chair so he could not move.

Above him was a mechanized hammer that every few seconds came down upon his head."

The boy was driven insane from the torture.[10]

A cold water immersion experiment at Dachau concentration camp presided over by Professor Ernst Holzlöhner (left) and Dr.Sigmund Rascher (right). 

Children of the Bullenhuser Damm show incisions where axillary lymph nodes had been surgically removed after they were deliberately infected with tuberculosis at Neuengamme.

In a "cover-up" operation, all were murdered with their 4 adult Jewish caretakers and 6 Red Army POWs in the basement of the school on 20 April 1945 as British forces approached

From about July 1944 to about September 1944, at the Dachau concentration camp, a group of roughly 90 Roma were deprived of food and given nothing but sea water to drink by Dr. Hans Eppinger, leaving them gravely injured.[13] 

They were so dehydrated that others observed them licking freshly mopped floors in an attempt to get drinkable water.[18]


aferrismoon said...

The name Bovril comes from Bovine VRil, so its still about after a fashion.
I note it still uses red, black and white for its livery.


Anonymous said...

Vril is the life Force that fills the universe. Science has been aware for some time now that matter and energy make up only about 5 percent of the universe. The other 95 percentage of the universe is filled with some form of energy that science refers to my many different names, including Dark Matter or Dark Energy. This mysterious substance is an infinite power source that we call Vril. It is known by many other names including chi, eurlic energy, karma, fahot, feng shui, Rhea Kybele, ur, the Black Sun and many other names. The truth is that this force is a universal force that can be harnessed on a personal level through meditation, visualization and chanting, as well as harnessing it mechanically in what is known as free energy.

originally found the link from something rather entertaining,

Anonymous said...

didn't David Irving claim in one of his books on Hitler, that his half-jewish personal doctor Morell, gave him a daily injection of vitamins... did anybody hear anything similar, that someone needed daily injections of vitamins, years on?
Could it be, that the injections contained something different, to render the man more prone to direct influence and manipulation?? Irving stated, that Morell was declared innocent by the Nuermberg kangaroo court, while all other doctors from Hitler' s entourage were executed by the Allies...

Anonymous said...

your last sentence says it all really: horrendous torture/sadism and murder

and clean mopped floors.

all the 'education' under the sun and here we are

powerless in the face of evil.

A13 said...

HI Aang, The pink swastika is a great read, and changed my perspective on the "gay" movement that's for sure...
many of these so called "nazis" escaped to other countries and were absorbed by others of like mind...
Great post.
Cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Love the clip honouring Mel Brooks. Is he dying? I looked up Google to find pre-written obituary for 19/20 July.

In any case, I believe that artists have given/and continue to give this world something far beyond the rule and regulations and those sadists who enforce them.

As I said before, Hitler was a psych path-a sick soul in a sick economy. He no doubt was selected for 'the job' by those who knew they could rely on him to deliver to the Masters, the goods.

That is what politicians seem to do best.

While we laugh at the skit on Hitler now, a new generation of psychopaths-politicians, press, police are frantically controlling whatever they're supposed to be controlling
and we who have already been through the mills of life, can see so clearly, this Game playing itself out again.

Only I am praying that this time, enough around the globe can stop the maniacs.

On the other hand, there is an army of one million, with a new commander in North Korea.

Anonymous said...

today 'they' are talking about

wait for it


to extend the lives of the would-be-healthy
while the sick sadist in control work out how, those who can't be of use to them, can be destroyed.
The Useless Eaters.

Anonymous said...

I came from a home, with no religion, at age 8 I saw my first picture of Jesus is a history book. I knew who he was-this person, I remembered, as Hitler. I told my parents that he was the most important person in the world-he was God, I told them that I had followed him in every life I have ever had. They were completely disgusted. I told them about his art-he was an artist.
They tries to tell me he was a house painter. They laughed at me. They were completely evil in response to what I told them.
Everything that has been written about Hitler is a lie. I had several near death experiences-and I know the truth. Satan/stalin-has lied and now he owns you.
Nothing of the evil things they have lied about him is true. You have given evil its power-you believe the lies.
The evil satanic forces on earth have no power-except that one power which you give them-you believe their lies. I know the truth.

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