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Victor Rothschild, said to have influenced Churchill, Thatcher, Heath...

T Stokes, who claims to have had links to the UK security services, believes that the Rothschilds exercise great power in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.

Lord Archer of Sandwell
Peter Archer


1. Lord Archer of Sandwell (Peter Kingsley Archer) was noticed by recruiters for certain spooks, while studying at the London School of Economics.

He was very swiftly given a seat in the UK parliament and a job in government.

(Others who were 'parachuted' into parliament include Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband)

Lord Goodman

2. Archer 'was a Rothschild man'.

Reportedly, Lord Victor Rothschild used the Jewish Lord Goodman to direct Archer.

Jeremy Thorpe.

3. Reportedly, it was Lord Goodman and Peter Archer who helped bring about the acquittal of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, when he was on trial for the attempted murder of a male prostitute, in 1979.

The police's Operation Arundel and Operation Ore looked into child sexual abuse.

Reportedly, these police operations linked Thorpe with Sir Anthony Blunt and Tom Driberg.

Blunt reportedly worked for Lord Victor Rothschild.

4. Lord Goodman 'was Mr. Fixer' to the wealthy Jews who surrounded and funded Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

UK Prime Minister Edward Heath (left)

T Stokes tells that Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe and Conservative Party leader Edward Heath had one thing in common.

The Wheel of Fortune By T Stokes on September 6, 2011

According to T Stokes, BBC disc jockey Allan ‘Fluff’ Freeman owned a shop in Lea Bridge Rd. London, and 'this was where young boys from several care homes would be brought in by taxis for the night'.  


Reportedly, those who visited the shop included Jimmy Saville, Jonathan King, Joe Meeks and on occasion Brian Epstein.

The local police chief discovered that Liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe and other top politicians attended 'kinky parties' at the shop in Lea Bridge Road.

Reportedly Jeremy Thorpe had a taste for young street boys and runaway teenagers.

Scott (left) and Thorpe.

Thorpe was put on trial for the attempted murder of male prostitute Norman Scott.

Reportedly, 'Thorpe threatened to expose the perversions of many members of government'.

Thorpe got off ‘Scott free’.


Sir Edward Heath, UK prime minister from 1970-74, "was known to visit the Jersey care home the Haute Garrene among others to take young boys on boating weekends on his yacht."

([2011] JERSEY:  Children were loaned to rich paedophile yachtsmen

Heath was warned on 4 occasions by the head of the Metropolitan police not to try to pick up young boys in public toilets.

"Late one night on the Thames embankment by the House of Commons a British prime minister approached a rent boy."

Reportedly, almost all the rent boys worked for the spooks - CIA, Mossad, MI5 and the KGB.

"The details of the encounter on the Thames embankment quickly ended up on the London KGB station chief’s desk."

Quite naturally, the KGB man handed the file to MI6, which had close links to Lord Victor Rothschild.



P2P said...

Anonymous said...

I did not watch the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, but I read on the news that 7 youngsters lit the cauldron.

I immediately thought of aangirfan, and the research/work presented there.


and 7 is God's perfect number.

I am a Christian who belongs to no organization on this earth.

This news gave me the creeps/goosebumps, knowing what I now know, about how the rot schild/royals/vatican etc use kids, thanks to aangirfan et al.

P2P said...

Anonymous said...

Off topic, sorry.

The father of the patsy in the Batman shootings seems to be a very key figure in the big LIBOR bank scandal.

He is apparently due to testify at US Senate hearings on the LIBOR mess. His advanced work on algorithms used in the banking industry may actually be one key to unraveling the worlds biggest banking fix. A Russian government report considers whether this is about collapsing the world economy to usher in one currency one world order.

If not, it is still pretty freakin weird that the batman `shooter` has possibly the most prominent bankster nerd in the world as his old man.

Anonymous said...

I remember stokes well, a very amusing guy and an ace at cricket.
He had a lot to do with soviet defectors, he was sent over to Moscow and was caught red handed trying to leave with secret documents, he was left to die in a moscow prison and horribly tortured, i saw him at a society wedding about 10 years back, he was badly scarred from his ordeal and did some whistleblowing as i recollect.

Anon said...

The Holmes - Libor stuff is most likely disinformation.

- Aangirfan

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think what a beautiful child is Victor Rothschild.

My own (european born)father has those lustrous brown eyes, and a shrewd business sense which has NEVER failed him.

I grew up knowing about my father's illegitimacy, and always wondered: was his father a Jew?

My mother is your stereotypical blue-eyed, dimpled Dutch beauty.

I am not allowed to ask any questions though.

"Thou shalt not be aware" is the name of the game amongst the 'elite' of our human family.

Anonymous said...

LIBOR and Holmes could be disinfo, as most info out there is partially BS.
But Holmes does work for FICO, the company that does provide the complex software to big banks and central banks all over the world.

His profile at linked in.

As for the stupid Batman movie, the plot involves software that can secretly track personal spending habits, and its used to blackmail rich people around the world by the `bad guy`.
So has the USA or other rogue criminal outfit deployed this type of tracking software around the world for nefarious purposes.

The fact that the Olympics coincide with the LIBOR scandal may or may not mean anything. The New World Order we all fret about and keep track of has always included one world currency as a goal. The WW3 scenario in Syria and Iran as NATO tightens the noose adds to the pressure.
Seems like a lot of loose threads worth pulling here, as is the norm at this blog. Still, I suppose all of it could be disinformation, just like those creeps say about your pedophilia articles. For me, there are too many bizarre connections to dismiss.

rupert horton said...

The late paul Wilson was a close freind of stokes whose mentioned here, he was a damn fool to go to moscow and try to bring out documents passed to him in a Moscow art gallery, but Paul Wilson agreed with him that he was betrayed by someone inside the service, i dont know if hes alive today, but i think it was scalleywag magazine that printed the story that he was "swapped" for the Societ spy Brian Michell

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