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Otto Skorzeny

Otto Skorzeny was a top Nazi who acted as Hitler's bodyguard.

According to Wikipedia, in the 1960s Skorzeny set up the Paladin Group, based in Spain, which specialized in arming and training guerrillas. 

The Soviet news agency TASS alleged that Paladin was involved in training US Green Berets for Vietnam missions during the 1960s.[33] 

The following MAY be disinformation:

According to Eric Orion: "I met with Skorzeny on three separate occasions for roughly five hours and he said that George H.W. Bush was and is a SS Nazi spy born in Germany as George H. Scherff, Jr.

"He told me that Bush was really the son of Dr. Nikola Tesla's German born, illegal immigrant accountant, George H. Scherff, Sr., being later adopted by Prescott Bush."

'Curious' George H.W. Bush's True Identity - Conspiracy Planet


Lots of photos and Eric Orion text here: The Bush Connection - Scribd

"Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with 'Wild Bill' Donovan and Allen Dulles. 

"These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA... 

"George H. Scherff, Jr. is GHW Bush."

"Readers should also be mindful of Ashke-Nazi spy George Scherff, Jr. (aka George HW Bush) marriage to Satanist Aleister Crowley’s daughter Barbara Pierce."


Zoompad said...

Scar face.

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, this is The Story I read some months ago, on a website I had stumbled upon, and here it is, presented by YOU.

I did not know what to do with the info, at the time, which seemed to me to be so authentic.

Please God, let this revolution gather great STRENGTH!
Thank You Aangirfan, again and again and again.

Say it loud and say it strong.

The Realist Report said...

"The following MAY be disinformation"

That was all disinformation. Veronica Clark and Deanna Spingola have debunked ALL the Hitler myths and slanders you promote constantly on your blog. Check out some of their interviews here:


See especially the June 1st interview, where Veronica Clark talks about the Mengele myths, the homosexuality myths in the NSDAP, and the Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control. All of this nonsense is debunked in that interview.

Anon said...

Strange how John Friend defends the CIA and Hitler.

- Angirfan

Zoompad said...

John Friend,

I wonder if you can tell me (if you know) why the link to my blog on your page is titled Zoompad's blog? It should be Zoompads Blog.

Anonymous said...

That is not Gehlen nor is that Martin Bormann. I saw this photo a few years abck and somebody is hoping to pull somebody else's leg. Rest assured, Prescott Bush was a financial angel for the Nazis and there was definite crossover between the Gehlen Org and the CIA plus BND but after you've been researching this stuff for a couple decades, you can get an intuitive feel for total bullsh1t like this story

Zoompad said...

This is weird and I hope someone can explain it. On John Friends blogs home page the link to my blog (Zoompads Blog) (and I am going to put the symbols using brackets this time)is titled Zoompad (@hashthirty-nine semicolon)s blog

It comes out as Zoompads Blog (as the post above) if you copy and paste it.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Not strange at all. It makes perfect sense.

Joseph said...

I don't know this site well, and I'm not sure what the author's point is. But I can speak directly to the story about Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley, because I wrote it.

Look at the date.

If you are outside of America -- you may want to familiarize yourself with an American custom associated with that date.

The Realist Report said...

I'm sorry Zoompad, I'm not sure what you are talking about... I don't have your blog linked on my blog anymore...

Zoompad said...

Yes you do, look!

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Anonymous said...

@Joseph: which date do you want us to examine?

Anonymous said...

Misidentification: The smiling blonde boy in the group photo just to the left of "george" looks like the real george.

A13 said...

Hi Aang...this wouldn't surprise me one bit....I'm intersted how these people spread themselves around the world when their mission was complete...the virtual levelling and destruction of the German people..as well as mass deaths all over Europe and the M/E..and Japan...all wars are mass sacrifices of souls....
Chers A13

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