Saturday, July 28, 2012


Video: Damascus, the volcano has been extinguished

Syria Defeats NATO’s Swarming Terrorists

Webster G. Tarpley
July 27, 2012
Tarpley PressTV Article
Last week, the NATO powers launched their long-awaited summer offensive against Syria. This was a multi-pronged effort designed not just to overthrow the government of President Assad, but also to totally disintegrate the existing structures of the Syrian state, dissolving the entire country into chaos, confusion, secession, attempted coups d’état, and a likely massacre of Assad backers, Alawites, Christians, Kurds, and other minority groups. Continue Reading “Syria Defeats NATO’s Swarming Terrorists,” Exclusively at PressTV


Anonymous said...

Boy, if Syria can somehow defeat the evil swarming within its boarders, it will be viewed as THE heroic nation of the Mideast.

Anonymous said...

to the first commentator: Let us pray that Syria succeeds in defeating all evil within its borders!

Anonymous said...

My favourite quote from the RT piece:

"One imagines these charming ladies (Rice and Clinton) chewing the carpet as Hitler reportedly did".

Ha ha ha, bloody marvellous!

And of course, conclusive proof that Hitler was a lesbian. Ha!

Anonymous said...

As Ben Elton so incisively quipped: It ALL comes down to sex.

Sex underlies everything!

Anonymous said...

Nice wishing and hoping, perhaps a bit naive though.
For many years the US and NATO messed with Iraq, losing a few battles along the way too. They don`t get discouraged, they just keep waging their dirty wars by many different means.

If NATO did in fact fail at its latest effort in Syria........wait there will be more until they achieve their dark goals.

Anonymous said...

Yes my thoughts exactly.

They will up the ante in proportion to perceived humiliation.

I know nothing of the MKbrainwashing revealed on these sites, but I do know something of the psycho-dynamics of murderous sadists that pass them selves off as 'upper class elites': supremely superior to all other individuals in the barnyard of Life.

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