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Mick Jagger reportedly had sexual affairs with David Bowie, Brian Jones, Tom Driberg and many others.

Jagger's sex life is revealed in "MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger", by Christopher Andersen, to be published on 24 July 2012.

Mick Jagger's affair with David Bowie revealed / Jagger and Bowie - They were sexually obsessed with each other.

Jagger says: "I had my first sexual experiences with boys at school...I think that's true of almost every boy."

Jagger liked to impersonate Marilyn Monroe, a victim of CIA brainwashing.

"I identify with Marilyn," Jagger has said.

Jagger - top right

When he moved into a flat in London with Jones and Richards, he liked to wear lipstick, mascara, a lavender hairnet, stockings and high heels.

According to Richards, "Mick was waving his hands everywhere. A real King's Road queen."

When Jagger and the gay interior designer Nick Haslam were at a King's Road restaurant, a man at the next table asked Jagger: "Are you a man or a woman?"

Jagger stood up and unzipped his trousers to prove he was male.

Reportedly, Jagger shared a bed with the Stones' guitarist Mick Taylor and later shared a bed with the Stones' manager Andrew Oldham.

The spooky Tom Driberg (left) with the Russian spy Guy Burgess, friend of Lord Ted Rothschild. (BRITAIN RUN BY AGENTS OF FOREIGN POWERS?)

Reportedly Jagger told his friend Barry Miles that he'd spent a night in bed with the top politician Tom Driberg and with the poet Alan Ginsberg.

Driberg was a spy and a lover of rent boys. (aangirfan: SPOOKS AND SPARES; GIRL MODELS AND RENT BOYS

While Jagger was friends with singer Marianne Faithfull he liked to wear her frocks.

In her autobiography, Marianne Faithful wrote that Mick Jagger said, "If Keith (a member of his band) were here right now, I'd lick him all over."

David Bowie took Jagger to gay films.

Ava Cherry, a back-up singer who lived with the Bowies for a time, reportedly told a friend that: ‘Mick and David were really sexually obsessed with each other. Even though I was in bed with them many times, I ended up just watching.’

Mick Jagger attended THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Former Pakistan president Musharraf stated that Omar Saeed Sheikh was recruited by MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics.

There is a suspicion that Mick Jagger is a victim of brainwashing by the Tavistock Institute and the CIA.

According to Alex Constantine: "A C.I.A. operative arrived in the lives of the Stones.

"He claimed to be a James Bond figure and he turned up with a valise full of every drug you can imagine. At this point the Stones still hadn't done LSD. They woke up one morning at the home of Keith Richards and here was this character slipping LSD into their tongues as they were waking up."



Genie said...

Well we all knew Jagger was a freak. I remember rumors about he and Bowie. I thought it was just a publicity stunt.
Interesting creepy stuff as always!

Zoompad said...

He was a supporter of Stalin and throughout his time in the Commons and later the Lords there were persistent rumours that he was a Soviet agent.

It is claimed it was during one visit to Moscow that the KGB used his habit of picking up men in public lavatories - known as cottaging - to trap him.

Mike Cunningham is now in charge of Staffordshire Police, and they are turning a blind eye to institutional child abuse and have colluded to cover up the Pindown child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Mick, Bowie, Freddie Mercury.

Also Mick was in the movie Performance in which he did some pretty bizarre gender bending.

Peter said...

London School of Economics...Sidney and Beatrice Webb...Fabian Socialism.. volumes are available to enlighten us unwashed about this demi monde!!
The older Kennedy boys(Joe Jr. & JFK), sons of Ambassador Kennedy attended LSE too. I very interesting place indeed.

Ann Diamond said...

Keith Richards called Jagger "a lovely bunch of guys" ... A reference to his multiple personalities which might be the result of MK programming.

The EMI label which recorded the early Stones was set up by British intelligence presumably to influence a generation through rock music.

Zoompad said...

I remember when I was young the Stones fans looked down on the Beatles fans for liking "bubblegum music". If you liked the wrong sort of music as a kid other kids might bully you. I remember secretly liking Glen Miller and Fred Astair's music (as well as contemporary pop music)and being too scared to tell anyone, because it definatly wasn't "cool". Kids today are told what to like music wise from up high.

Anonymous said...

to be honest I am starting to believe we have all been brain-washed: by schools, newspapers, magazines, relationships, parents..we all just stumble along,doing our best to survive our environments....
I never liked Jagger. Thought he was a creep. Ditto Bowie.
When I heard that Bowie married the sublimely beautiful Iman, I figured rather cynically that it was a mutually convenient arrangement.
Believing steadfastly in the power of love, I live these days a mostly reclusive life.
I read aangirfan, but stop there. Any further recommended reading is just too unbearably crushing. I just pray for all so crushed, and hand those doing the on-going crushing for God to deal with.

Anonymous said...

And the list goes on: Boy George, Elton John, Rob Halford, George Michael, etc.

The entertainment industry is a Jewish freak show. No surprise.

Zoompad said...

These songs make me shiver inside with joy of recognition that I'm not the only one who feels this way. Music is like everything else, it can either be used for good or evil, to inspire or corrupt.

Anonymous said...

At least Mick was up front about it. I recall him making declarations, by way of his popular musical stylings, as to his inability to experience any degree of satisfaction.

It was often said of Mick that he would only ever leave a party after he'd run out of people, places, and various other things into which he could put his willy. Usually this would take about three days but once, in 1971, took over four months.

I read in a magazine that it came as quite a shock to Mick at the age of 58 when a doctor told him that his penis could also be used for urinating with.

Well, it would wouldn't it? And now you can understand those stories about Mick scoring a $10M gig at the Sultan of Brunei's daughter's wedding where he was the nude living statue in centre piece fountain with him peeing whilst striking artistic poses.

It was in a Lindsay Anderson movie wasn't it? I perhaps I just dreamt it? Anyway it was all very mad.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the sixties, and missed all the wild stuff others were doing-it all seemed too way out of control, and I was just a nice, shy, good girl.

My rebelliousness extended to wagging school to go to the airport to welcome the Beatles. I adored George.
Speaking of which, yesterday I was feeling so sad about the grim stuff around London Olympics, I downloaded Cilla Black's Anyone who had a Heart, and Dusty Springfield's Goin' Back, and just relived all those 60's years, and my own dreams...
They were beautiful women with amazing voices...gorgeous Brits.
And yes, Dusty was gay, altho none of us knew that then. I had the blond hair, Mary Quant lipstick, black-kohl eyes, mini-skirts...all innocence...

and yes, Jagger was out there, no deceit.

It is the betrayal of trust that always does the damage....
Now, even the sixties are looking innocent. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mick's various personnas are also verified by Bill Wyman in his auto bio. Bill reckoned Mick an indescribable snob.
In recent years on meeting him as to which personna Mick would be,as to the reception he would receive, whether Mick would ignore him totally or fall all over him with high fives.
Bill reckoned Mick had 2 personnas whilst Charlie Watts reckoned Mick to have five personnas.
Obviously Mick prefered Charlie to Bill and was more intimate with him.

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