Monday, July 16, 2012


What is fake?

The mainstream media is in trouble.

1. Citibank has downgraded CBS, Disney, Discovery, Murdoch's News Corp and Scripps from "Buy" to "Neutral"

First Newspapers, Now TV – the Internet Reformation Rolls On - Daily Bell

2. Newspaper sales continue to fall year on year.

UK newspaper sales May 2012 - percentage change year on year:

The Independent: -47.60 

The Guardian: -18.34

Financial Times: -17.12

Daily Record:  -9.65

The Sun:  -8.26

The Daily Telegraph: -9.57

The Times: -11.40

3. There has been a ratings collapse in cable TV.

First Newspapers, Now TV – the Internet Reformation Rolls On - Daily Bell

4. Beginning in the 1950s, the CIA and its friends took over the key elements of the mainstream media around the world. (Operation Mockingbird - Spartacus Educational)

In 2010, we predicted a CIA coup in Tunisia.


The mainstream media was highly successful in persuading people that what happened in Tunisia was not a CIA coup.

False flag.

5. Now the CIA and its friends are busy infiltrating the ALTERNATIVE media, such as blogs.

Watch out for the sources that have told us:

Obama deserves to win in 2008 and he is not an asset of the CIA

The Shah was not toppled by the CIA

Mubarak was not toppled by the CIA

Bread and circuses on the internet

9 11 was not planned by the CIA

The Mumbai attacks had nothing to do with the CIA

The Lockerbie bombing was not planned by the CIA

Hitler was a good man, the Israelis were responsible for the collapse of the Roman Empire, the people who killed the North American Indians were all Jews and there is no connection between fascism and the CIA.


Anonymous said...


"US Navy Fires on Ship in Persian Gulf, One Dead"

Anonymous said...

Point is Hitler was really a good man but to u it doesnt matter, obviously, u have this old "evil Hitler" fixation and thats it, noone can convince u of the contrary... Deleting or censoring me doesnt change the history or reality... Ur mixing the jars and ure making a big mistake...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

It is important that we honest bloggers keep to what we do best especially now that the net is/has been infiltrated for some time now.

IE with Sorcha Faal/David Booth. And so many others.

aferrismoon said...

An' wah' aboot the 'gers , doongraded oor mebbe its tha protestant work ethic , resurrected : )


Mickey said...

They faked the planes and the victims (of 9/11, 7/7, and Oslo) ... most of the "news" is produced on a green-screen.

Anonymous said...

bread and circus hasn't been this fun since the roman days. chimp raping a frog to benny benassi beats lmfao x4 view counts

wait what?

Zoompad said...

The only way the propaganda merchants will be able to tempt people to buy their comics now is if they enclose a free gift. The secret services have pretty much destroyed the free press.

The one eyed god was always a brainwashing machine.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Duff at Veterans Today is disinformation.

Backed the Libyan invasion.

Participates in Western corporate media propaganda on Syria.

Supported and supports the Egyptian overthrow.

Maintains the so-called "Arab Spring" was good, not a CIA Western backed stratagem of overthrowing governments.

Tells fanciful stories are a 'honey pot' to lure people into his website.

Often censors or deletes comments that get to close to the truth or call into question Gordon Duff's veracity.

Often places "turds in the punch bowl" by floating obviously false scenarios of events which will act as a poison pill for many, hurting the Truth Movement.

Duff's so-called "sources", often have the ring of CIA disinfo (particularly his Libya lies).

Complains a lot, but at the end of the day, ends up pushing the CIA strategy for an 'Arc of Tension' across the Middle East.

Never shows his face on video, say Press T. V., always a picture over audio.

Gordon Duff, a real piece of work.

Gordon Duff, a CIA media infiltrator?

Pretty good bet.

Anonymous said...

The holy trinity of U.S. media was once NBC, CBS, and ABC. Then came cable and the great unraveling. It was easy to control the trinity and early cable was manageable. Now, the largest network in the U.S., by far, is

Netflix tells no stories, has no news, and will resell any entertainment that gather's an audience. The network is tied to net neutrality.

U.S. Cable providers are the regional telephone companies with high tech names. Their audience has voted and left, to a large degree, for Netflix.

Yes, fixed bloggers are out there. They are shrill and strident and capable of undermining their cause due to their baggage, which their handlers use on occasion. More often, they're outed by users and marginalized.

The most compelling part of this is the end users, the people. Whenever Congress tries to subvert the open internet, there are millions mobilized in minutes with such overwhelming force, Congress has to back down.

The PTB will continue, like rabid dogs, to attempt to seize control but they will fail. The cat is out of the bag!

Zoompad said...

What sort of "good man" would devote his life to sending other men to their deaths?

If you had the sort of power and devotion Hitler had how would you use it? Would you use it as Hitler did, to order other men to destroy the men you had judged as dangerous or unworthy of life? Or would you use it as a man who lived 2000 years ago used it, to speak of peace and forgiveness and healing?

Hitler might have wanted to be good, but anyone can see what a mess up he made of his life, the whole world was in a state of smash after he had finished.

We all leave our footprint behind, Hitler left his for anyone to see. Trying to make out he was a good man that got stitched up is dishonest. If Hitler had been a good man he would have left behind him a better book than Mein Kampf.

thetruthhurts said...

I wonder if the UK mainstream press will today or tomorrow comment on yet another delay with the Chilcott enquiry into the Iraq war.

It seems now the delay is over using or publishing Blair's private personal emails with Bush. Personally, I find it a little unlikely they would have sent each other emails for all sorts of reasons, but could it be that Blair has finally upset someone he wasn't supposed to and that these emails might be ever so slightly incriminating? Let's hope so

Zoompad said...

"They are shrill and strident and capable of undermining their cause due to their baggage, which their handlers use on occasion"

Thats what the Fathers Rights/UK Column/John Hemming Bottomlicking paedo protectors have accused me of. Yes, I admit I am shrill. I was shrill when I was in "care" (Chadswell Assessment Centre childrens "home" when I was 14 years old and screaming to be let out of the cell they imprisoned me in. Yes I am shrill, and I've got "baggage". So what?

My cause is stopping any more children having to go through what I went through. Heaven knows what Brian Gerrish's agenda is!

At least I'm not a nonny mouse!!!

Zoompad said...

And yes, I have been marginalised. My Zoompad blog has been so shitted up by the paedo hackers that I don't know how to make it work, and no use complaining again to Google as they didn't listen to the last 20 odd complaints I made when I was getting the Jersey Haut de la garenne Murder Farce paedoscum openly tormenting me!!!

The Realist Report said...

"9 11 was not planned by the CIA"

9/11 was not planned by the CIA, it was planned by the Mossad and international Jewry. The CIA surely was involved, but mostly for the coverup and disinfo operation after the fact (ie, immediately blaming bin Laden and Muslim "extremists", etc.).

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former US Marine and Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute at the US Army War College (among other posts), said it best when he wrote:

"...only two intelligence agencies had the expertise, assets, access and political protection to execute 9/11 in the air and on the ground: our CIA and Israel's Mossad. Only one had the incentive, using the "who benefits" principal: Mossad. And that incentive dovetailed perfectly with the neo-con's agenda and explicitly expressed need for a catalytic event to mobilize the American public for the wars, using American military power to destroy Israel's enemies. Only the unexpected strength of the Iraqi resistance kept Syria and Iran from being attacked in the second Bush Administration. Thus, the evidential trail for 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq run from PNAC, AIPAC and their cohorts; through the mostly Jewish neo-cons in the Bush Administration; and back to the Israeli government."

Hitler was easily one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. There has been so much disinfo and slanders constantly, daily, spread about the man and his movement, people don't even understand what he was all about. He was a patriot that cared about his country and recognized the enemy and his agenda, unlike every single politician and "statesman" in the West today and throughout much of history.

Beware of sources and bloggers that blame the CIA for everything, promote disinfo about Hitler and WWII, and never highlight the fact that international Jewry is the primary criminal network behind all the world's problems.

Anon said...

Strange how John Friend defends the CIA and Hitler.

- Aangirfan

Levantine said...

Zoompad said...

'What sort of "good man" would devote his life to sending other men to their deaths?'

My answer: An idealist. It may be said that Jesus, through his teaching 'sent' many followers to lives of suffering and premature deaths. Certainly he deliberately went to his own premature death.

What does sending to death mean if we're all going to die anyway? Does it matter more how *long* we will live, or *how* we'll live?

It's been said that the best way to live is to prepare for death.

The German defence in 1944-1945 was astonishingly resilient. Why was it so? It's incomprehensible on the basis of what we are taught.

" If you had the sort of power and devotion Hitler had how would you use it? "

Perhaps - just perhaps - I'd try to make sure that in 20 years time Stalin won't turn my country into a decrepit Russian province.

' We all leave our footprint behind, Hitler left his for anyone to see. '

Footprint = worldly results. So what if I failed to secure good outcomes, in this world? So what that Gaddafi failed? Are worldly criteria the only ones that count?

The Realist Report said...

"Strange how John Friend defends the CIA and Hitler."

When have I ever defended the CIA? The CIA is a tool of international Jewry, always has been, always will be.

Yes, I defend Hitler, one of the only men in modern history to stand up to the international Jewish conspiracy of world domination and world government. He was an opponent of Jewish Bolshevik Communism and Jewish plutocratic capitalism. Many people fail to recognize this obvious fact, mostly because they believe all the Jewish bullshit about Hitler or they are completely ignorant of what he was really all about.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a psycho path: sick soul
I read Alice Miller's analysis of his formative/developmental life.

When squeaky clean, bright and shiny Germany originated the term/concept/practice of 'kinder garten' early childhood development, how is that same society the one that generated a cannibal?

I was beyond horrified some years ago, that a person who wanted to die, responded to someone who wanted to eat him. In Germany.


It is the unfailing Universal Law of Attraction.

And it seems to me we as a species, have come full circle.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the squirrels -LotsOfLove- and the other LOL-laughter.

Zoompad said...

Jesus didn't come to lead people to an early death, he came to hold up a mirror to mankind, to show us who we are, to show us what we are like. God wanted us to see ourselves as we really are.

Jesus taught people to love one another, to forgive each other and to lay down our lives for one another. His friends and followers at that time expected and wanted him to take up arms against the Romans, but Jesus didn't have that on his agenda at all. Thats probably why they got disillusioned with him and cried "Crucufy him" at the end.

Jesus kept saying that this world was not the kingdom of heaven, but he never taught martyrdom either. He prophesied about this world, about what would happen. He said that the last days would be like the days of Noah. He was a man of flesh and blood, as we are, he came to live amongst us as a human being, and he knew what we would do to him, because he was God become flesh.

I have been through the secret family courts. Secret family court judges are ordering women to forgive men who have abused them, and using Richard Gardner's Threat Therapy against them if they do not. I went through such a terrible time in the secret courts because of this, and I asked God to help me. At one point I was so upset and angry that I made a plastercine model of the man who hurt me so much and jabbed pins into it and stamped on it in rage and nearly spiked my foot with a pin. God told me not to do that, but to pray for the man instead. I was absolutly furious when God told me to do that, because I wanted that man to burn in hell for what he had done, but hell is for ever and ever. God also told me to forgive the judge, and everyone else who plotted against me. It isn't easy to forgive people who have ganged up on you and driven you right to the edge of reason, but God is right, eternity is a very long time.

All those people who plotted against me, I just feel pity for them now, even the greedy lawyers, they did those things to me for love of money, but whats the point of hoarding loads of money and stuff if you have got to live with the memories of horrible things you have done to other people staining your soul?

Hitler should have read Proverbs 14 v 12, he might have learned something good.

Levantine said...

Oh, about this: "If Hitler had been a good man he would have left behind him a better book than Mein Kampf."

Mein Kempf is not authentic Hitler; it has been considerably edited & co-authored. "Hitler's Second Book" is considered to be the real Hitler. I can't judge whether it's better or worse than MK, I haven't read either.

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