Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Anonymous pointed out that theatres showing the Batman film were also running a promo for a new movie which features a mass shooting at a theatre full of people.

And, Lil Wayne has a new video which shows his gang are transported to a movie theatre where they dance.

There are 12 skeletons visible. The exact number of people who lost their lives in the Dark Knight tragedy.

The video looks like it is linked to CIA brainwashing?

James Holmes in court
James Holmes's double or James Holmes drugged by the CIA?

"Less than two weeks ago, he gave no overt signs to strangers that anything was wrong.
"His hair wasn't dyed the orange-red it was on the night of his arrest, Allen said. His eyes did not have the detached, vacant gaze he exhibited during his initial court appearance Monday."

More details emerge about Colorado theater shooting suspect

"You'll never guess who organised these shooters."


The Realist Report said...

Wow, that is one Satanic, evil music video... all the rappers videos promote very dark, Satanic themes.

The Realist Report said...

Wow, that is one Satanic, evil music video... all the rappers videos promote very dark, Satanic themes.

aferrismoon said...

The possibility of James Holmes being drugged and then having the uniform put on him is similar to the "Rampage' plot, where the killer puts the uniform on his friend whom he has killed and set up evidentially to be the patsy.


Anonymous said...


Either way, it is a crap shoot.

Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven should be compulsory reading for all Americans who want Romney for President.

One of Krakauer's most pertinent points was the extent to which Mormons are troublesome to the existing judiciary.

Put a Mormon in charge of the whole kaboodle and it is all over red rover for honest/decent/innocent people.

Anonymous said...

re the 12 dead.. and 12 skeletons.. i think its a bit hard to wound.. what is the total now? over 50? and be sure that none of them were so badly wounded that they wouldnt die, just so that the total deaths would match the number of skeletons in a music video..

i think thats a very long bow to draw...

Anonymous said...

In this court appearance video he's clearly been doped-up.

Zoompad said...

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CAFilip09 1 hour ago

A13 said...

More on the lil wayne creep...

"Lil Wayne - My Homies Still (Explicit) ft. Big Sean"

My Holmes go stupid???


Very Bent...A13

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

Back to those Qatari rumors


"People and dissident groups issued their first nationwide call for holding peaceful protests in Qatar to demand ouster of the Al Thani ruling dynasty and dismantlement of the US bases in the Persian Gulf state. According to a report by al-Nakhel news agency, in the first massive popular move in such social networks as tweeter, the Qatari opposition forces called on the people to start action to demand political reforms and an overthrow of Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. They called for nationwide rallies on March 16, 2013 to voice their protest against the country's undesirable conditions. The opposition forces who have named their move as "Qatar March 16 Freedom Revolution" plan to demand expulsion of Qatar's First Lady Mozah bint NBasser al-Missned, who is among influential figures in the country, as well as dismantlement of the US bases in Qatar. Qatar is experiencing critical conditions after it was the scene of a coup attempt against Sheikh Hamad in April."

Is this why the Saudi call for a summit?

Anonymous said...

Great observation. 12 skeletons sitting in a movie theater while Illuminati owned Lil Wayne raps like a demon...there is something to this.

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