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Libyan Rebels using child soldiers - Website for this image

On 7 July 2012 , Andrew Malone of the Daily Mail reported on Libya.

He visits Heaven Hotel - "an execution ground where up to 1,000 of Gaddafi’s fighters were taken by the victorious rebel army, then slaughtered in cold-blooded vengeance."

"Many had been mutilated and made to drink diesel..."

"All my guides were involved, saying they had held the legs of the prisoners while their throats were cut with bayonets. Every one of them denied killing any captives themselves...

The anti-Gaddafi forces

"Sources say people were still being taken to Heaven Hotel earlier this year...

"Many of the victims were from Tawerga, a town ... where some 50,000 black Libyans once lived in happy co-existence with their neighbours in Misrata...

"Vast numbers never joined in the fighting - and are being attacked simply because (of) their skin colour....

US and Libyan military officers get together. (aangirfan: US TO INVADE LIBYA?)

"Today, Tawerga has been ethnically cleansed of its black Libyans, and largely destroyed...

"What remains of the shattered homes, shops and restaurants have been daubed with vile graffiti: ‘Black dogs! No blacks.’

"A group of ‘freedom fighters’ told me how they had ransacked the town, setting fire to buildings and attacking anyone they found.

"These men told how they repeatedly kicked a heavily-pregnant Tawergan woman in the stomach. One said: ‘The woman was shouting as we kicked her: “I could be your mother.”

"‘I told her my mother is not a black b***h,’ he added.

(Around 25,000 Tawergans are now in concentration camps. Some in these camps have been murdered.)

"In a series of attacks, fighters from Misrata have opened fire on camp residents, killing both men and women... 

The three "who sold Libya to NATO". 1. General Souleiman Mahmoud al-Obeidi 2. General Abdel Fateh Younès 3. General Ahmed Kaddaf ad-Dam.

"Fighting is raging in the south, where a brigade of Gaddafi loyalists, the Eagles of Muammar, has repeatedly tried to seize control of the airport in Sabha, a strategically vital city.

"With a huge arsenal of artillery, mortars and missiles, followers of the dead dictator aim to push north towards the coast - and vow to avenge their leader...

"‘People still love Gaddafi, but they are scared,’ said one man (in Sirte). ‘Militias from other places come here every night and snatch men and boys from the streets. They say they come here to find guns, but they just want to kill people.’

"With the country descending into a spiral of lawlessness and revenge, and with no national army to impose order, people all over this vast country are stock-piling weapons."


Anonymous said...

Horrific! But what did anyone expect? If you fight back against NATO and UN, you have to win or die.

Maybe its a preview of what is coming to Europe if we pull out of the Euro currency.

Zoompad said...

This is what the so called "freedom fighters" are trying to bring about in the UK.

I feel that Britain is like a wild stag surrounded by hunters all around with arrows ready to shoot.

There are a group of people pretending to hate injustice and child abuse ect who are just using it as a lever - they don't really care about little people. They just wind people up to encourage them to throw a fit so that their friends can come and sort things out.

There are a mixup of traitors and trough guzzlers in Parliament. There aren't many left in Parliament who could truthfully listen to the lyrics of the Naval anthem "Hearts of Oak" without feeling shame. The people who sit on those benches don't love this country, they invest their money in overseas tax havens, they don't need to stay in this country as they mostly have homes overseas, most of them don't stay a single second longer on the turf of this beautiful island than they have to, as soon as the holiday season comes off they trot abroad to escape the British weather. They see this country as just a little corner of Europe, rather than an Island kingdom. They have wilfully joined in with the destruction of other countries, and persecuted anyone with the guts to stand up to them and point out what they have done.

I feel sad for this country. Greedy eyes are looking at this country. This country isn't my home either, Christians don't fix their hearts on any earthly country as their permanant dwelling place, and believe in the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, but I do love this country and the people in it, and don't want to see it broken apart and stamped on. There are times this country seems to move as if with one spirit, ie the day Princess Dianne died, virtually the whole country went into mourning, this tennis tournement is having a similar effect, my brother told me a couple of days ago Andy Murray was one of the Dunblaine survivors, I didnt know, a lot of people, even ones not interested in tennis are feeling proud of him doing so well, I know I'm probably not putting into words very well what I am trying to say, because its my heart speaking rather than my mind, but I hope people will understand what I am trying to say as I know others feel it too, the sadness of corruption, the love for ones homeland, where they were born and raised. I just do not want this country to be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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aferrismoon said...

Its odd - Obama and allies so strong on racism-

Obama - Trayvon Martin
UK media and racism at Euro 2012

But when it comes to this , which might have been expected considering Gadafi's PanAfricanism and the Israeli's able to expel Africans for destroying the character of Israel, all are strangely mute.


Anonymous said...

On the CBC news site today they celebrate the idea that Libyans are voting in democratic elections.
That story, is of course, Closed To Comments.
Canada helped bomb Libyan civilians, our greasy PM praised our military pigs who oversaw the killing and the whitewash of this crime scene continues.

Zoompad said...

Anonymous re TAKE A LOOK AT THAT:

I clicked onto your link and straightaway my computer froze. I had to close it down, and when I loaded it up again discovered that I have been signed out of all my social networking.

This has happened to me quite a few times after clicking on links left anonymously.

Please don't think I am being rude, but I won't be clicking on any more anonymous peoples links in future, as I am really sick of being hacked all the time.

Zoompad said...

Has anyone else clicked on that link and been hacked?

Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, this place is rotten and we know it. Why did u remove my comment&link to the case of the Canadian police officer involved in BDSM shit? Try to be honest in case u decide to give me an answer...

Spam Racket said...

Thankfully Aangirfan removed that malicious Spam link, Zoompad.
Are you using Avast Antivirus and Mozilla Firefox ?
Spam, like viruses, hackers, drugs and gangs, is being organised by the ruling mafia to hamper free communication, and as a racket to justify censorship, surveillance and an ever growing oppressive 'security' apparatus and legislation and to mask targeted crimes against opposition.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Zoompad, thanks for the warning. I am not going to try it however!

One of the strategies that is being used to break up Africa further and prepare it for huger battles is to break down relations between Muslims and Blacks/Northern Africa and Southern Africa. That is one reason the Blacks of Libya have been under genocidal attack ~ to bring about more division between races.

Black Africans did well in Libya and relations between all were strong. However, that does not serve the long term purpose of Africom.

Qaddafi's United States of Africa was yet another strong reason for his removal because it urged harmony and unity between all African nations.

In the end, as we know, this great man was betrayed by all and the slaughter goes on.

THIS is what Syria faces if she is attacked by NATO ... this descent into madness as in Iraq and anywhere else NATO goes. Divide and conquer.

"Heaven hotel" ... spits upon those involved in such horrors. TO think that holding a man down while he is killed is not murder is just too criminal for words.

Zoompad said...

Spam Racket, no, I'm not using either of those anti virus programs, I don't really want to say which one I am using as I don't want to say anything online that might assist the hackers. I was using Norton for a while but I found it about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Zoompad said...

Anonymous, I wasnt having a go at you, I was just trying to deal with being hacked, and my computer went down directly after clicking on that link. I wasn't even able to read what it was about, because it froze up my computer, wonder if you would be kind enough to copy and paste the article so that people can read it, thanks xx

Anonymous said...

... said...

Hey Aangrifan - I hope I can find more on this story and send it to you. Last night the state broadcaster showed a video of yesterdays 'drugs' arrest on the island.

Below is a link to the story. What it doesn't show is the cocaine - It was amzingly packaged in tuna cans, with labels, dates and the codes which ONLY FACTORIES can produce. The newspaper report doesn't go into the same details as last nights TV news cast, but they showed the 'product'...which was professionally packaged, sealed and labeled...BIG international drugs operation that's why Interpol are now involved... the origin of the 'fish tins' was Portugal!


Spam Racket said...

Zoompad, good not to disclose your setup online.
I suspect the free antivirus suite Avast would have warned you before clicking that link, I recommend you try it. It's one of the best solutions, even though they started to display more ads lately, but those are short notices while updating. Always stick to their free products. You need to send them an email address once a year, make sure not to use yours. Uninstalling it is easy.
Uninstall any antivirus app you currently use and restart offline (internet cable disconnected) before installing Avast.

Using Internet Explorer is the worst, MS has a history of designing insecure programs. The built-in Windows 7/8 firewall is one of the best for consumers though. Always use a router with hardware SPI firewall too, of course. Chrome is directly produced by big brother Google. Mozilla Firefox is probably the better choice for security. Of course all these programs and popular operating systems have many NSA backdoors (holes being constantly discovered, thus the need to always update in time, subscribe to the US-CERT Alerts mailing list) built-in and the big social networks are operated by big brother too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoompad,

You're right to be wary of clicking on any link. You never know what the real destination might be.

Instead of going into technical details, I can make some simple recommendations.

Try using a simple Linux installation instead, like Ubuntu:

Alternatively, install VirtualBox. Then install an operating system on a virtual machine and run your browser there.

Virtualization's a great way to quarantine naughtiness. As far as anyone in the VM is concerned, they're in the real world, not a sealed off box.

I'd also recommend changing browser to something like Opera, and turning off unnecessary privilege.

Just bear in mind no security measure is perfect. Even cracking RSA is not necessarily difficult.

"Sie hat vor sieben Jahren das Rhea Visum gewonnen. Sie lebt unseren Traum."

Spam Racket said...

"You're right to be wary of clicking on any link. You never know what the real destination might be."
Not if you use the following Firefox privacy addons:
Adblock Plus
Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus
Google/Yandex search link fix
Mozilla Archive Format
Redirect Cleaner
User Agent Switcher

Anonymous said...

Shock! Horror! Oh no!!!!
Sexual predators have infiltrated Defence:

Anonymous said...

Question: How is any western styled Royal Military College, any different from any madrass?

Answer: the secret is in that word beginning with 'r'

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