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Peter Beinart.

In a 2010 essay "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment" Peter Beinart, who is Jewish, argued that by supporting Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories, American Jewish leaders risk alienating generations of younger American Jews who find the occupation to be morally wrong and incompatible with their liberal politics.[2]
The 28 July 2012 edition of The Economist has a Special report on Judaism and the Jews

From this we learn:

1. 57% of the word's 'Jews' live outside of Israel.

43% live in Israel.

There are 13,580,000 'Jews' in the world.

5,275,000 Jews live in the USA.

5,703,000 Jews live in Israel.

Some of the Israeli population came from North Africa and various countries in the Middle East.

The Khazar were a Turkic tribe. They converted to the Jewish religion. Khazaria: A Forgotten Jewish Empire | History Today. Many of the Israelis are Khazars.

2. According to J.J. Goldberg, a writer, "Celebrities used to change their names to hide their Jewish identity.

"Now they talk on television about how they try to instil Jewish identity into their half-Jewish children.

"Take (the actress) Gwyneth Paltrow. Her father is a descendant of rabbis; her mother is a Protestant from middle America. She writes in her food blog about her favourite kosher recipes..."

3. In Russia and Ukraine, Jews are prominent in business. 

4. When Hitler came to power, some 6m Jews were safe in North and South America and in Britain, with 3m more living in the Soviet Union.

5. Zionism, the movement for Jewish independence in Palestine, had to struggle for Jewish popular support.

The Ultra-Orthodox Jews were originally opposed to Zionism, and some still are.

The Modern-Orthodox Jews are strongly in favour of Zionism.

The growing Modern-Orthodox settler movement in the West Bank supports permanent occupation of the West Bank.

The Conservative Jews are in favour of Zionism but relatively few have gone to live in Israel.

The Reform Jews were originally opposed to Zionism and relatively few have moved to Israel.

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6. According to Arnold Eisen, Jews, especially younger ones, have been dropping out of Judaism in large numbers for years.

As their link to Judaism weakens, so does their support for Israel.


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There is a fiefdom in Russia, called the ‘Jewish Autonomous Oblast’, which was established in the 1930’s by the Japanese, to help resettle part to the Jewish Population into Northern Manchuria.

The ‘Jewish Autonomous Oblast’ is a pseudo-independent buffer State. You can look it up on the internet.

The Israelis don’t want anyone to know about this nation because they are afraid that all the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world might say, ‘Well, that ‘Israel’ in Asia existed long before the Israel in the Middle East. Why didn’t you all move there?’

It is a Jewish dirty secret which they don’t publicise.

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While I can't provide a link (for obvious reasons) I recall reading similar stories in the media back in the 1980's... It seemed plausable at the time (Israel didn't just become a vicious and doublecrossing state) but now it just comes across as crass.

The zionists control the $$$ and media. They can, therefore, do as they please. Let a few young jews whine about Palestinian suffering. In addition to their blood, they will be cowed by the same media that fools non-jews in the West and this will dictate who and what they ultimately support.

It will take more than Israel's brutality to awaken the average western jew.

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Without a Jew renounces the talmud and otherwise disowns their chosen by God self definition I don't care how they view the SLC. After all it's not as if the Jews weren't reviled before the founding of it.

It's all as plain as the nose on your face. If a people believes themselves human in a world of animals and that these animals deserve to be lied to, stolen from, and enslaved or killed, of course they'll be hated.

The flipside is also true: Were a Jew to stand up and demonstrate an appreciation of the wickedness of the Jewish self-definition (effectively blackguarding it) and then foreswear it utterly the whole rest of the world could do what Jews themselves are incapable of and forgive them.

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