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Bandar in Pakistan.

Update 5 August 2012

"Last week, Thierry Meyssan wrote on Voltaire that Prince Bandar was killed along with his assistance Mishaal Al-Qarni in a bomb blast on July 26.

"The same day, Prince Bandar appeared with Prince Khalid bin Sultan at a function.

"He was also present at the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques' reception for princes in Jeddah."

Thierry Meyssan and Prince Bandar bin Sultan


This is what we wrote earlier:

The Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar has been assassinated: report

According to Debka file, an Israeli intelligence source which may be disinformation:

1. Bandar has been popular with the US government.

2. However, "the next-generation members of all the main Saudi royal clans and branches are united with the king in a consensus that the time has come to break with the long tradition of strategic and military dependence on America..."

Pakistan's Zardari and King Abdullah.

3. Bandar has "preached non-reliance on Washington in Muslim capitals."

The Wall Street Journal quoted Prince Bandar as "warning…Pakistani military officials that the US could not be counted on to restore stability in the Middle East or protect Pakistan’s interests in South Asia."

Bandar had been "going around Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian and Central Asian capitals warning their leaders to beware of relying on the US."

4. Saudi Arabia is wary of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

5. "The Saudi master plan would integrate the armies of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Jordan in a future Muslim rapid response force. It would be bolstered by Riyadh’s financial might and Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal."

Bandar in China.

According to Debka file, an Israeli intelligence source, Prince Bandar recruited a lot of Moslems for his 'army'.

A Sunni Rapid Response Force Available to Muslim Regimes «

According to Debka, in 2011:

1. In 2011, Prince Bandar made more than one visit to China, Pakistan and the Muslim nations of Asia and Central Asia.

2. Bandar recruited Moslems in Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, for training in Central Asia.

3. During his first visit to China, Bandar suggested that China should be Saudi Arabia's main arms supplier.

And he suggested that Saudi Arabia should give China a naval base or bases in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea.

4. During Bandar's visits to Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia, Bandar suggested the recruitment of Moslems for a Saudi-funded 'rapid response' force.

Recruitment centers would be set up in Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The forces would be trained in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan and Tajikistan.

Pakistan and Jordan agreed to provide instructors. 

Bandar would like China to provide weapons instructors.



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aferrismoon said...

I wonder how this helps the Catholic Church regain its reputation for child abuse.


Anonymous said...

23 CIA-Green Berets killed & some Captured as they attempt to Assassinate President Assad of Syria..
Failed Green Beret Assassination attempt on Assad ...


In Syria, celebrating a victory, albeit insignificant in comparison to the
global failure in the struggle with the opposition, but still. In Damascus,
captured 23 members of the elite division of CIA U.S. "Green Berets", another 27
riot police were killed during the battle.

The official representative of the intelligence services of the United States
acknowledged the failure of the CIA's special military operation code-named
"Vortex of Freedom", whose aim was to become the physical liquidation of Syrian
President Bashar Assad.

We already know that the way to eliminate al-Assad personally chose the U.S.
president Barack Obama. Apparently, giving orders to a military operation he had
in mind the success of U.S. intelligence in the case of the elimination of Osama
bin Laden in Pakistan.

The last time the elimination of terrorists, produced by the department,
"Seals", was not without very serious flaws - the Americans lost one of its top-
secret helicopters MH-60 «Black Hawk», which is a variant of the standard Army
helicopter UH-60 «Black Hawk» performed on the stealth technology. Perhaps this
is why the order to eliminate Bashar Assad was given no "sea lion", and "Green
Berets", with a truly excellent reputation for carrying out sabotage and
counter-insurgency operations.

Absolutely impeccable reputation. Spotless. Until yesterday.

The special operation "Vortex of Freedom" began with the fact that on the night
of 24 to 25 July was carried out and transcribed talks interception president of
Syria. So it became known about the exact location of Bashar Assad. Immediately
from the territory of Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization, were raised into the air with five helicopters on board sabotage
units of the Fifth Green Berets."

Three of the five helicopters were able to land safely and land commandos and
two were brought down ...! And, according to "Washington Post", shot down the
modernized Russian air defense systems "Pechora-2M" (this is the export name of
C-125 "Neva"). Landed "Green Berets", instantly estimating a situation
undermined the remaining war machines, and after a brief battle, surrendered.

A. Peasant said...

possible, but then again, the Rothschilds are firmly embedded in China, presumably controlling deals all over the place.

Soros predicted that the world's next economic engine would be China. thus Bandar and Israel would be in synch moving important deals to China.

if Israel had been behind this hit, one would expect their story would have been fully prepared on 7/20 and disseminated starting 7/21. we are now ten days out and the usual suspects are still not ahead of the narrative -- not even acknowledging it. kind of projecting that it didn't happen. we guess that's how they really feel about it. just guessing.

Anonymous said...

A. Peasant said...

apologies Aan, i have my dates wrong. (thinking of the Aurora shooting on 7/20)... the Bandar hit was initially reported here to be on Sunday 7/22:

Blast hits Saudi intelligence building, killing deputy spy chief
Islam Times - A blast has hit the builing of Saudi intelligence service in Riyadh, killing deputy of the newly-appointed intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan, according to reports.
The explosion took place on Sunday when Bin Sultan’s deputy was entering the building, Yemen's al-Fajr Press quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

Saudi media have so far refrained from showing any reaction to the blast.

Voltaire says it was on 7/26. but somewhere along the way i read that he succumbed to his injuries a few days later, so died on 7/26 seems likely. in any case, the point still standing that many days have gone by without anyone "claiming responsibility" as it were, or even acknowledging that it happened.

interesting that his appointment came 7/24, two days after the blast. this indicates a mole at a deep level, who knew not only that he would be appointed to the job before it was announced, but also when he would be at the door of the building. so perhaps the delay is because they realized they have a big problem and are trying to find out who it is and how much of their plans have been compromised. ?

A. Peasant said...

me again. scratch that last thought. the news was announced in Saudi Arabia on 7/19.

it still shows exceptionally good intelligence however, to deliver a successful hit just days later at the entrance to the intelligence building.

sorry for thinking out loud in your comment section!

Anonymous said...

Obama, Bandar, and 9/11:
The War Danger Grows

July 25—Last week, Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah named Prince Bandar bin-Sultan as the new head of Saudi Arabia's intelligence service. The announcement is not only a slap in the face to every family that was a victim of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The appointment signals an escalation on the part of the Kingdom of an Anglo-Saudi drive for a new hundred-year religious war to engulf all of Eurasia and beyond.

Prince Bandar is not only one of the principal architects of the "Al-Yamamah" arms-for-oil barter deal behind the world's biggest terrorist slush fund. As King Abdullah's national security advisor, prior to the new assignment, Bandar had been the central coordinator of the flow of money and weapons to radical Salafist insurgents, deployed in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and throughout the African continent.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Prince Bandar who was the neighbor of Hunter Thompson and gave millions to an Aspen Colorado hospital?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If the report of a failed American assassination attempt against Syrian president Assad is true, and there are dead American Green Berets, and, alive American prisoners -- that is HUGE!

On a report, such as this, only time will tell if it is true.

But if this ace is never used, then likely, it never existed.

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