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Syrian by spdl_n1
Israel appears to be looking for an excuse to invade Syria and attack Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is the Shia group based in Lebanon. 

Israel controls part of Syria called the Golan heights.

Israel is suggesting that Hezbollah may have carried out 'the attack in Bulgaria'.

Barak: Hezbollah behind Burgas terror attack‎ 

Attack on bus in Bulgaria.

Israel is suggesting that Hezbollah may try to get its hands on weapons in Syria, weapons which can then be used to attack Israel.

Analysis: Connecting the dots from Bulgaria to Syria - Jerusalem Post

Pentagon officials have been in talks with Israeli defense officials about whether Israel might move to destroy Syrian weapons facilities.

Danny Yatom
Danny Yatom, who pretends that al Qaeda is not run by the CIA and its friends.

On 19 July 2012, former Mossad chief Danny Yatom said on that Israel is preparing for the possibility of military action in Syria.

"Al Qaeda-related groups are known to be operating inside Syria, and its leadership has frequently extolled members or followers to try to get hold of chemical weapons."

Israel Preparing for Action in Syria, Says Former Mossad Chief Arutz Sheva


According to Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, "Only in the last few months we have witnessed terror attacks in Thailand, India, Georgia, Cyprus and elsewhere."

Iran is the Suspect -- Attack Timed for AMIA Blast Anniversary

Penny at Penny for your thoughts has written: Who will start the fire in the ME? How badly will it burn?

"A 24 year old Lebanese Hezbollah member, holding a Swedish passport, was arrested after being 'tailed' for a week as he followed Jewish tourists around the island in preparations for a terrorist attack on Cypriot soil - which sent major alarm bells ringing everywhere! Police apparently tipped-off by Mossad and the US state dept"

"Same scenario in Thailand, same in India. False flag, fake passports and tip offs from the US and Israel..."


... said...

Could the Cypriot anti-terrorist raid have been a decoy in order for them to carry out the Bulgarian bus bombing while we all looked the other way?

The scenario is almost exactly the same as was reported here in Cyprus. The Hezbollah member was going to bomb tourist buses carrying Israeli tourists!


... said...

Get this, according to AP, the suicide bomber in the Bulgarian attack was holding a Michigan drivers license! BUT US auhorities say its fake! ;-)

Anonymous said...

What happened in BURGAS - just another MOSSAD psyop, I told u.... Target Iran....

Anonymous said...!

Penny said...

Greeting Aangirfan

Thanks for the link to-

After putting that post together, sigh. I used to think this was just about Syria
I am really worried that this is about the entire area, all at once.

Hoping to be wrong.

Re: Egypt and Hilary

Have you been listening to WRH?
Rivero still holds to the idea that the revolution in Egypt is legit and so is Morsi

No way. The military runs the show in Egypt. Ditto for Turkey.
Any "leader" in either of those nations is a figure head

btw: did you see Suleiman has died?

how convenient.

Anonymous said...


"In late 2001, Ghezali, a Swedish national, had been detained during the battle at Tora Bora, Afghanistan, handed over to the American military, and sent to the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay. According to his lawyers, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although he spoke none of the local languages, Ghezali told his captors, in the midst of the Taliban’s retreat into the mountainous hinterlands of Afghanistan, he had crossed that country’s border with Pakistan to study Islam.

After an intense lobbying effort by Swedish prime minister Göran Persson–and a vague promise that the country’s intelligence services would keep a watchful eye on him–Ghezali was delivered to Sweden (on the government’s private Gulfstream jet). The Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter noted that Ghezali had achieved “rock star status” upon returning to his homeland, a native victim of America’s rapacious imperialism. And after two-plus years in isolation, the emotionally fragile former prisoner would be happy to discover “that a majority of Swedes were glad that he was home.”

one would think that the "watchful eye" on the "emotionally fragile" individual would include watching that he doesn't bomb people. and we nordics are supposed to have such good intelligence...

this is how it should be done

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments from 'we nordics'.

there is a very dark underbelly in scandinavian regions.

From the 'r' family down, rotten with corruption.

Chronicle by stieg and commonly regarded as fiction

I personally saw the trilogy/saga as real life.

Anonymous said...

stieg larsson was an investigative journalist whose life circled around the neo-nazi underground of stockholm. I've read a very good interview of his life partner some years back (don't remember her name), in finnish. he had numerous attempts at his life throughout the years, but it was clear that they were just to scare him away. what he found out in the end is a mystery. his partner lost all the rights to his work to his brother and father, apparently very shady and greedy characters.

if you look at the national emblems of sweden you'll see interesting things. tre kronor (three crowns), in yellow and blue...

the dark underbelly lays in f-land too. 'we' have linked one of the most notorious unsolved murder in f-land's history in the 60s to scania (the company) - big money and huge corruption of law enforcement. the murderer is still alive and lives in florida. there is also information about organized pedophilia run through tv production companies. evidence of this was on the surface in the eighties. all who investigated the matter then were murdered in the nineties.

on my personal opinion, the good guys in government and intelligence know about these things. the reason not to speak of them goes deep and in part it has to do with the fact that there is very little our governments and their officials can do OPENLY about outside infiltration. I wish courage for those in the field and wish that people even in our perfect 'welfare states' would come clean about the nastiness behind the scenes.

mk-ultra is prevalent, too. atm on my opinion all the heads of major finnish parties are mkd (this opinion is based on their personal histories, demeanor and most importantly - eyes).

Anonymous said...

also - the only scandinavian country with a long and severe heroin problem is norway - the only scandinavian nato country in addition to iceland. one would think that if heroin really came from russia as it is claimed we'd have it in f-land. we don't, it's extremely rare. though - f-land's border is said to be one of the best guarded in the world.

when I lived in sardegna I knew big time dealers who said that occasionally in the past they had picked up cocaine and heroin straight from nato bases.

Anonymous said...

thank yo so much for contributing your thoughts. To be honest, every society has its underbelly. It is just this thing of 'denial' by many, and 'thou shalt not be aware' by the perpetrators.

(Or we will have thou eliminated)

I have only recently discovered aangirfan, and henry makow, and united nations of film.
These three sites alone, give full breadth and depth to the endemic depravity that is killing this world.

I too, saw and read the story of the partner Eva Gabrielson, and for the life of me, could not understand why they did not marry, devoted to each other as they were, and knowing Swedish laws.
You lived in Sardegna?
I spent 3 weeks there in the seventies, Porto Rafael with my then husband and 2 baby boys. One of the best experiences in my entire life-magical and mystical.
Funny, I never wanted to go to Rome, in spite of opportunities.
But I DID get myself to Fiesole, pursuing an Etruscan dream I had, in 1999. That is a whole other story.
But pertinent to the subject hand, it was the Romans who destroyed the Etruscan 'way of life', just as depravity and barbarism is destroying life for so many, today. And the Romans, according to DH Lawrence, accused the Etruscans of being vicious.
Just like the 'terrorist' thing today.
for Lots of Love in outloving the sinners/destroyers

Anonymous said...

"I wonder whether she wishes, now, that they had found a way to marry. She shakes her head. "He wouldn't have lived to write the books if we had. Someone would have killed him." Perhaps this explains why she is so much less bitter than I would be in her shoes. She feels lucky. They had 32 years, and they were wonderful, and none of his enemies ever got to him. "Maybe people become bitter when they don't know what they are fighting for. But I keep my eyes open. I stand there, and I see all of this nastiness and perversion and I think: this isn't on. I have a cry, and I'm sad for a day or two, and then I have an idea, and I get on with it,"" said gabrielson.

sardegna is indeed magical. the history of its people goes beyond rome. who they are and where did they come from originally, no one knows.

etruscan dreams sound good. there is a dreamlike quality to italy, the same that inspired a whole generation of artists and writers in the nineteenth century. finnish painters practically all traveled down to italy at the time - nietzsche and dostoevsky and shelley did so too - there's too much there to put to words, so art ensues...

my being in sardegna was a random glitch in my life, unplanned. I had a partner who was from sassari, so we lived with his family for some months - nine people under the same roof, of which only us two spoke english (back then I knew practically no italian). weird times - the rurality of it all and being in a void of verbal communication but constantly surrounded by people drove me mad, in good and bad.

I guess that was also around the time when I began to wake up to the realities of these underbellies. something I've learned since then - be kind, for everyone you'll meet is fighting a hard battle. this goes to the most depraved of us. we are what we feel, and if you turn your heart cold when faced with the worst atrocities you are no better than them. this is a very tough thing for many to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Your honesty here is very greatly appreciated. My web site is called an etruscan place of wellness. I started it in 2010 towards the end of my fight with the forces of evil, in Paradise. I am not particularly skilled with computers and or wordpress, and was traumatized a few months ago, to see two years work gone. I have yet to restore it, as it is now on a friend's USB.
In a sense, mine was/is the 'wellness/healing' equivalent of aangirfan.
my story in the bigger context of the whole human family.
When I discovered aangirfan, my own work went into abeyance, as I realised the extent of the horrors. Not just in my little backwater in Paradise. Which had hardly been discovered in the 70's when I first saw it.
I ended up buying a house on top of a mountain, overlooking the ocean.
The photo at the top of my web page was taken from the kitchen window, and is not the view of the ocean from other angles.
Yes, not to become bitter.
Yoga was good for me, and if you have the time, please take a look at the page The Community of Saints and Angels. There is my swedish yoga teacher, with a beautiful husband of 40+ years. Henrik was from Finland.He was killed some weeks before retirement when a concrete moulding was dropped on his head.
We all suffered unbelievable shock. How, why, such a good man, one of the best, go like that?
Also in the group were other people from Finland, and we knew to stay loving and forgiving and compassionate and understanding.

I think the media and the brain washing of our 'learning' institutes includes 'romanticizing', and women especially, fall for that. I know it has taken me many years to develop a thicker skin. Anyway, thank you again for the emotional honesty, as it is a rare quality in our brainwashed populations.
Before I returned to these comments, I left a comment on the latest 'news', about Cold Calculating masters of the UNiverse. On the same wave length.

Anonymous said...

Your description of life in an Italian family and your conclusion to be kind, brought up my memories of the exquisitely written by Simonetta Agnello Hornby: The Almond Picker from which I too, understood that Bad is not necessarily unredeemable, and Good is not necessarily good through and through.
A hauntingly beautiful book.

When training to be a counsellor, we were asked to think about the kind of person we could not sit with. And I knew instantly, that I could not help a paedophile.
Even though they had been victims themselves....

And yet, what finished me, in the end, was a woman who did unspeakable things to her baby boy, in order to keep her low life boyfriend. He left her anyway, and in the end they both went to jail. Another story for another time We can't fix the wrongs of this world. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of eyes, and F-land, the world did have a good laugh over the lame stream media picture of the husband of F-land's Prime Minister, eyeing off the cleavage of Denmark's Princess Mary.

What an unhappy man he looks to be.

I do not have experience of the 'eyes' of which you speak.

I am a student, once more.

Anonymous said...

current prime minister and the chairman of the national coalition party:

minister of finance and the chairpoerson of the social democratic party:

ex prime-minister:

...of which there is also a creepy video where she looks tranced and repeats the same answer to different questions (you don't need to speak finnish to see she's out of it):

last but not least, catholic true finn programmed in ireland, timo soini taking a hit:

Anonymous said...

oh, I first didn't know who you were speaking of in relation to princess mary but now I get it:

he is the husband of our past president tarja halonen. 'we' know who her long-time female lover is through staff who's worked under her. unconfirmed but eery (to those who know of mk-serials coded 'cathy') is that her code name in tiitinen's list is rumored to be kati, pronounced in finnish equally as cathy in english. ohoops, was the president during whose terms (2) the whole presidential institution of f-land was reduced to mere pr a mk cathy? who knows.

Anonymous said...

an interesting blog on sweden,

"Barbara Spectre – “Swedish” Zionist"

“Gender-Neutral” Pre-School in Sweden Accused of Mind Control

Anonymous said...

quite a few here too, are gay, but have pretend partners. I suppose mk is here also, preying on the lonely and vulnerable young people, who probably do not see too much hope or anything meaningful. Yes, I can see how these people are 'mentored' and thus duped, into performing the tasks for which they are rewarded. Then they are abandoned/eliminated like dirty, vile old dish rags.

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