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Michele, victim of the US intelligence services?

Michéle Kiesewetter, a German police officer, was reportedly killed by neo-nazi terrorists on 25 April 2007 in Heilbronn, Germany.

Her service pistol was later retrieved, when Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos, two German neo-nazis 'committed suicide' in a caravan on 4 November 2011.

Were the 'terrorists' working for the security services?

Zschäpe, Bohnhardt and Mundlos

J. kindly provided the following links:

On 30 November 2011, it was reported that U.S. agents may have been 'witnesses' to the assassination of the police officer, Michéle Kiesewetter . 
The magazine Stern published a U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) document which suggests the involvement of the DIA; and the security services' protection of the murderers.

Turkey's Islamist government and spy services reportedly work for the CIA.

The secret document refers to two American intelligence officials and two German officials, on 25 April 2007 in Heilbronn, involved with the German-Turk Mevlüt K and an unidentified suspect. 

The 'surveillance' ended after a shooting.

The 'terrorist' Mevlüt K. is alleged to work for the CIA and Turkish intelligence. (Mevlut K. : CIA Link To Islamic Terror Plot)

Were American intelligence officers involved in the murder of the police officer because she had stumbled on a meeting involving Mevlut K, neo-Nazis and US intelligence? 


Mevlut K is suspected of having helped the four members of the so-called "Sauerland cell" to get 26 detonators into Germany for a planned series of attacks on targets.

Daniel Schneider, Atilla Selek, Fritz Gelowicz ve Adem Yılmaz

The suspicion is partly based on a statement made by Atilla Selek, to officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office. 

Mevlüt K. had built up a network of Islamic militants in Germany and the Balkans, according to German police.

Acoording to Selek, Mevlüt K. was a contact man in Istanbul for Islamists who wanted to fight in Chechnya.

But K. was also an informant for the Turkish intelligence service, as SPIEGEL reported.

The German intelligence services showed little interest in arresting the various 'terrorists'.

NSU-Mörder: Hinweis auf Aufenthaltsort vergammelte beim MAD ... Translate this page

Neo-Nazis Beate Zschape, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe and Böhnhardt were implicated in the murder of the policewoman. 

Germany's Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) apparently had little interest in arrests.

The MDR has recently reported that MAD was informed about the whereabouts of the neo-Nazis Uwe Mundlos and Uwe and Beate Böhnhardt, but MAD apparently took no action.

In November 2011, the police reportedly discovered, in a burnt-out caravan, 'the bodies of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt', the leaders of the neo-Nazi terror gang who allegedly killed the policewoman.

Witnesses claim to have seen someone leave the caravan before it became 'burnt out'.

Many assume that the neo-Nazi gang, just like al Qaeda and the other Islamists, work for the CIA and its friends in NATO.

Links: provided by J.

Operation Gladio, run by the CIA and NATO, used neo-Nazis to carry out its acts of terrorism.

The following is from "Germany: Nazi terror and state collusion" in Searchlight Magazine

"Searchlight and others revealed that Gladio ... built relationships with existing far-right organisations and creating its own, such as Column 88 in Britain. 

"In Italy Gladio made efforts to advance the destabilisation of society with a series of bombings over many years to launch the "strategy of tension", working with the fascist Armed Revolutionary Nuclei, led by Roberto Fiore, the friend and former mentor of the British National Party leader Nick Griffin...

"In Belgium shoppers in supermarkets were gunned down by men described at the time as being part of leftwing terrorist cells. They turned out to be serving or former police officers.

"The British section ran training camps for young, potentially fanatical members of the extremist British Movement and discussed pre-emptive strikes against members of the TUC and a wide range of people covering all shades of the left including MPs.

Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos.

"Most people thought that Gladio and its associates had melted away with the end of the Cold War but it seems it, or a successor organisation, has lived on at least in Germany. 

"The NSU robbed banks to finance its activities and killed members of ethnic minority communities, with the suspected collusion of an intelligence service agent whose extreme political views were known but apparently ignored. These features fit the bill for a Gladio-style operation.

"A question remains over why the NSU killed the police woman, Michele Kiesewetter. Had she discovered something or was she intended to look like another alleged victim of a a non-existent Turkish gang war? 

"Or was she connected with the far right herself? It appears that her father tried to rent a bar in the eastern German state of Thüringen that was used by nazis for meetings. A chef employed at the bar had the same surname, Zschäpe, as the female NSU member.

"Another question is why Zschäpe handed herself in. Was she worried that she might otherwise be found in a burning car with a bullet in her head, as happened in Italy after the nazi Bologna bombing in 1980, when far-right exiles were tempted to return home, only to be deemed unreliable and killed in cold blood by special police units."

Guns found at the NSU cell’s burnt out house in Zwickau.


Anonymous said...

it appears, that the use of naive and criminal people by the secret services has a long tradition. End of the 70's members of the Bader-Meinhof group "committed or tried to commit sucide" in the high security prison Stammheim. How on earth could these people get hold of a pistol and a knife?? It must have been the execution by government murderers, in order to silence these terrorists, who might have found out at the time, that they were used by the secret services for political means..
The terrorist's lawyer, Horst Mahler, received a few years ago a sentence of 11 years, for stating "the tribe would run the show in Gelrmany"...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anngirfan,

I live in Austria and have followed this through the media for some time. The whole issue seems to not want to end, so there must be bigger things going on behind the scenes.

I was not aware of US spook involvement.

As for "neo-nazi", it is a label just like "al-qaida", "islamist", "anti-semite", "right-extremist". There exists no such thing as a "neo-nazi". The original nazi party is fobbidden by law and absurdly it is also forbidden by law to "support the political agenda of the nsdap", which probably no living person knows.

My take on "neonazi" is that this is propaganda to preclude any kind of healthy nationalism developing here, what would be extremely damaging to local and global jewish interests. Anybody who engages in such political activity, for example if you argue that the EU is a problem, is automatically given one of above mentioned labels.

As for the "Sauerland-Trio", my take is that these people were patsies and either their relation with the spooks went sour for whatever reason, or they were needed as scapegoats.

The murder series which they are charged with, I think seven Turks and a Greek, only ended when info appeared that people had identified a police officer in civil at the last crime scene who supposedly was there to "observe".

Again to "neonazis". There is something called "skinheads" in Germany (mostly), who are sometimes also labelled "neonazis" and generally associated with "right-wing politics". They are known to mainly hang around, drink beer and ocassionally engage in violence. My impression from what I have seen is that in these loose groups there are are very often elements who have clearly gone through some sort military training. If you have been around the military you can easily see this by comparing general composture and face expression.

To my eye, Mundlos would be such a type, Bönhardt perhaps, and the girl, Beate, possibly too - look at her expression in the picture, very similar to the one of the dead police, Michele: on duty.

Just my impression, no claim to being right.

Cirze said...

Are they always former police personnel (of some sort)?

Seems like all the fraudulent terrorist attacks in England were run by officials.

Has anyone made up a chart of all incidents yet and their perpetrators?

I'd love to see it go viral.

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed properly!

felix said...

Thanks Aan.
"A series of murders of small business owners across Germany stumped police for years, until the Zwickau terrorist cell was uncovered in November 2011. Now SPIEGEL has learned that investigators were closer to solving the crimes than was previously known. A confidential police report reveals that witnesses saw two men on bicycles at several of the crime scenes.....Evidence related to two cyclists also turned up in connection with the case of Michèle Kiesewetter, a policewoman who was murdered in Heilbronn on April 25, 2007, apparently by the NSU. At the time, employees of Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national railway, had observed two men on mountain bikes together in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene shortly before shots were fired. [Spiegel 17 Apr 2012]

What nonsense. Long distance cyclists!

felix said...

BTW, the Sauerland Cell gets very little coverage in GB. But the pattern looks all too familiar. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/05/world/europe/05germany.html?_r=1

There's also a five-part YouTube vid in German.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kA8hUpMDWc et seq.

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