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Jibril and his pro-Israel handlers, Bernard-Henri-Levy, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron

In Libya, Mahmoud Jibril's coalition party is "leading the polls in the majority of constituencies."

Jibril's Islamist opponents appear to concede that they had been defeated.

Party Led by Pro-Western Official Claims Lead in Libya

Mahmoud Jibril is linked to the CIA.

At his university in the USA, Jibril was looked after by a CIA officer, who had been involved in the 1953 CIA coup in Iran.

Sweden reported ...

Mahmoud Jibril, the new boss of Libya. He is also the boss of Jtrack. And allegedly he is a CIA asset. 

According to Voltairenet (

1. Qatar's Sheikh Hamad brought in a firm called JTrack to help al-Jazeera.

"From Morocco to Singapore, JTrack has trained most of the political leaders backed by the United States and Israel, often mere heredity puppets..."

2. The boss of JTrack is Mahmoud Jibril.

As the the number two man in the Libyan government, Jibril organised the deregulation of Libya’s socialist economy and the privatization of its public enterprises.

3. Jibril has personal relationships with almost all the Arab and Southeast Asian leaders.

Jibril has created trading companies, including one dealing with Malaysian and Australian timber in partnership with his French friend, Bernard-Henri Levy.

4. Jibril has studied in the USA and he is a member of the the Muslim Brotherhood.

5. With Jibril as prime minister of the rebel government of Libya, "the height of duplicity was reached when a replica of the Green Square and Bab-el-Azizia was built in the studios of Al-Jazeera in Doha, where footage of false images was shot portraying pro-US 'insurgents' entering Tripoli."

Al-Jazeera and Sky News broadcasted these fake images.


Anonymous said...

Some photographs convey the truth better than thousands of words.

Just staring at that pic of Jabril, short in stature, apparently short in conscience, surrounded by the boys of Europe, being glad-handed and propped up.

A normal human would recoil at the company of Cameron, Sarkozy and Levy. A normal person would likely feel the evil as those 3 approached.

My heart goes out to the Libyans. Once remarkably free in a world of chains, now observing and experiencing the real evils of this world. They will learn like we have... democracy only gives you a chance to choose your warden.

Anonymous said...

English(!) big fishing cruisers are destroying the Libyan fishing grounds as international fishing cruisers have already destroyed the Somalian fishing grounds - their also entering illegally(!) the waters that belong to Somalia:

"The Libyans are now concerned that a few ENHLISH fishing boats profiting and violating the sovereignty of the Libyans have entered territorial Libyan waters practicing fishing so aggressively that she has destroyed fisheries and some experts talk about the Libyan coasts will take up to 30 years to recover from the destruction."

See: and there press the button (flag) of the language you want this to be translated to


Anonymous said...

I got this site from the German "", whi hc is extraordinary well informed about Libya. But watch! This is unappetizing right-wing!


Anonymous said...

this lady on 108 morris' youtube channel claims gaddafi is alive and leading the green resistance.plenty of recent youtubes of his voice directing the resistance.dont know what to make of it.we live in hope.

Anonymous said...

108morris disinfo is.

Posted plenty of military victory BS stories prior to the collapse of the Gaddafi government.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who in this world of politics is not a CIA asset?

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