Sunday, July 08, 2012


Israel has the full control over the MI5, MI6, the Metropolitan Police in London, Scotland Yards and David Cameron's cabinet.

les enfants, moins chers que les soldats

Federer's Throwing It


Anonymous said...

If they have full control, why did they expose Netanyahu ?
Israel is being used as a front, a pawn and a stage.
Iran and Islamists too.
And parts of the Bible as a bad script.

Muaddib wants people to challenge the Queen in court ?
Is this another version of the Freemen scam,
where leaders win some spectacular cases,
while followers end up convicted after spending years fighting ?
What is he planning "V for Vendetta"-like for the 5. November 2012 ?

Federer losing the royally fixed game on purpose is funny. Thanks.

dognamedblue said...

I find myself somewhat agreeing that the "jews" are just a front, pawns as you say, doing the bidding of those that hide behind them, along with many many others as well

there's an old saying: "aristocracy is just a brick wall to prevent you from seeing what lies beyond" that applies to a lot in life

Anonymous said...

So who is hidden behind them? Some more Jews? Just mention anything against the holocaust, and you are called an anti-semite.
Maybe we can blame the Illuminati, but then most of the masonic lodges are filled with Jews. Freemasonry is a Jewish creation.
How about aliens?

Kieran Alexis said...

Hi all . .

Freemasonry is a Jesuit creation, as with Weishaupt's Illuminaten [prev. Perfectibilists.]

It is not'Jewish' any more than the Al Hashim were Jewish, which is to say not at all.

It's just another iteration of Mystery Babylon, created for those who must tilt at windmills and are therefore prone to secret nonsense and manipulation, nothing more.

Cervantes in Don Quixote was writing about gullibility and self-deception was he not?

And is this not the mechanism which drives greedy and self-important types to seek 'secrets' and 'heirarchies'? And does this not ennable much of the evil in the world?

Scripted Movements said...

Honk Bonk Man,
"So who is hidden behind them? Some more Jews?"

"Just mention anything against the holocaust, and you are called an anti-semite."
Yes. The FED and the financing of Hitler predate Israel.

dayzero, don't you think Freemasonry predates Jesuits ?

Anonymous said...

The "who is behind them" question (and MUCH more) is explained and answered at:

The material at the link/site above is a definite eye-opener and is crucial info for anyone wanting to understand what is really going on. Highly recommended.

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