Monday, June 04, 2012


The Choice of Royalty

The US recovery is fading.

Bilderberg may dump Obama.

However, Jacob Rothschild is investing more in the US economy.

And, stocks and shares in Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are "all well into buying territory".

While all around are panicking . . . buy

Remember the 1997 Asian crisis?

Malaysia introduced capital controls.

Singapore organised huge market interventions.

 Korea had a 'virtual shutdown of international banking'.

In all three countries, GDP was higher three years later than it had been before the crash.

While all around are panicking . . . buy

After making the official Photo  Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Let's look at changes in economic indicators between 1952 and 2012 (Diamond jubilee: The investment climate 60 years on )

Stocks and shares (equities) have performed better than gold during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

The price of crude oil over the past 60 years has risen from $13.81 to the current level of $107.53.

This means an annual rise of 3.5 per cent (basic compounded rate).

The annual rise in the price of gold over the past 60 years has been 6.6 per cent.

The annual rise in the price of stocks and shares (equities) over the past 6o years has been 6.7 per cent.

1952 2012 
UK Gilt Yield 4.8% 1.67% 
UK Inflation 5.6% 3% 
Dow Jones  260 12,419 
Brent Oil  $13.81 $103.69  
Gold $34.60 $1,563 
UK Average House Price£1,900£160,372
UK Debt/GDP140%83%

Source: TwentyFour Asset Management


HPrice said...

I really don't think "Bilderberg" will dump Obama. I can't see that he has really done anything truly bad enough or embarrassing enough to be dumped yet.

However, he has annoyed the Jews a bit, otherwise they wouldn't be continuing with their "he isn't a American" nonsense (see Orly Taitz etc) ... so expect the ramping up of nonsensical and nasty drivel to try to knobble him during the elections.

But I don't think he will be toppled by Romney, anyhow. Romney has the personality of a ... well nothing I can think of really. And even though he is a big friend of Israel, with all their resources, they still can't give people a personality infusion ... so I think Obama will go to two terms.

Best wishes


ps Flame ... stuxnet ... flame ... stuxnet. According to Kapersky, they have similar geographical spreads. Hmmm ... wonder who that could be then???? I spy with my little malware virus trojan software application something beginning with ... "I" ...

Anonymous said...

In this climate cheap stocks today will mean cheaper stocks tomorrow for quite a while yet.

BrianSJ said...

Not really like with like; the LSE used to be about British companies, now it is an international casino. Not to dispute your figures though.

wikispooks said...

Time to buy shares?

On a sixty year view maybe, though I doubt anyone but a Rothschild and his Peers could live with the intervening volatility without going broke.

In view of the shit storm (economic and probably military too) that looks set for its grandfinale over the next 18 months or so, my guess is that the short-term outlook for stocks is negative - FWIW

Unknown said...

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