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France's Hollande and Fabius.

On 13 June 2012, France said that Syria has descended into civil war and that all means, including force, should be used under international supervision to help restore peace.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he would propose that the United Nations Security Council vote on a resolution giving U.N. members a mandate to intervene in Syria, possibly as part of a military operation.

Citing Syria Civil War, France to Propose UN Intervention

Reportedly, French special forces are in Syria, organising the terrorists who have been carrying out the massacres.

The French killed many Algerians. Over a million Algerians died between 1954 and 1962.

We may soon see France and its allies bombing churches, schools, orphanages and children's hospitals in Damascus.

On 12 June 2012, we read that Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper is reporting that the Russian army is apparently being prepared for a mission in Syria.

"Citing anonymous sources in the military leadership, the newspaper said that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the general staff to work out a plan for military operations outside Russia, including in Syria.

"The units being prepared for an intervention are the 76th Division of airborne forces (an especially experienced unit of the Russian army), the 15th Army Division, as well as special forces from a brigade of the Black Sea fleet, which has a base in the Syrian port of Tartus...

Russian warships have recently visited Syria.

"An anonymous source from the Russian government told the Iranian newspaper Tehran Times that Moscow wants to show NATO that it will not allow any military operation against Damascus under the guise of a humanitarian mission...

"Two weeks ago, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned that a military intervention in Syria could quickly escalate and lead to the use of nuclear weapons...

Russia is reportedly preparing 2 Divisions for deployment to Syria

"A regime change in Damascus would probably bring a Sunni government to power, which would work closely with Saudi Arabia and the United States against Russia and China... 

"A NATO-led war against Syria would be an immediate prelude to a war against Iran. An attack on Iran would mean another step toward a military escalation of tensions between Washington and Beijing..."

Russia sending attack helicopters to Syria: US

Russia and Iran Accuse the United States of Arming Syrian Rebels

A senior Iraqi politician has blamed the US and certain Arab regimes for providing logistical and financial support for the terrorist groups, including the al-Qaeda, which embark on deadly attacks against civilians in Syria and Iraq.

"A majority of the Al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks on Iraq's and Syria's soils reveal the logistic and financial support of the US side and the Persian Gulf (Arab) states for the al-Qaeda," Secretary-General of Naseri stream in Iraq Hussein al-Robai'ee told FNA on 13 June 2012.

US, Arab Regimes Support Al-Qaeda's Terrorist Attacks in Syria, Iraq

Al Qaeda in Syria.

Houla: BBC Backs Off Initial Reports.

"The BBC’s World News editor, Jon Williams, began a June 7 blog emphasising ‘the complexity of the situation on the ground in Syria, and the need to try to separate fact from fiction’.

"Williams continued: ‘In the aftermath of the massacre at Houla last month, initial reports said some of the 49 children and 34 women killed had their throats cut. In Damascus, Western officials told me the subsequent investigation revealed none of those found dead had been killed in such a brutal manner. 

"'Moreover... the details of exactly who carried out the attacks, how and why were still unclear… The facts are few: it's not clear who ordered the killings - or why.’

"Williams added: ‘stories are never black and white - often shades of grey. Those opposed to President Assad have an agenda. One senior Western official went as far as to describe their YouTube communications strategy as 'brilliant'. But he also likened it to so-called 'psy-ops', brainwashing techniques used by the US and other military to convince people of things that may not necessarily be true.’

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


Anonymous said...

Of course, Russia has been a long-term patron of the Syrian government and needs to draw a line in the sand or lose its credibility with any other country which would think of relying on Russia as an ally and protector from Western imperialism by the Globalist Money Power.

But Russian President Putin also has reinteggrated the Russian Orthodox Church into a prominent place in Russian society.

(A good thing for Russian society after decades of official government atheism.)

The Russian Orthodox Primate (head of the Russian church) has asked Putin not to allow Christian ethnic cleansing and Christian genocide in Syria and Putin agreed.

Two million Christians, 10% of the population of Syria, who are free to practice their faith under a secular Syrian government, are threatened by the terrorists sponsored and 'coordinated' by the Obama administration (source: Washington Post).

This depraved Obama policy is blowing up in Obama's face.

Americans don't support Christian ethnic cleansing & genocide.

Anonymous said...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday accused the United States of supplying weapons to Syria’s rebels, worsening the conflict engulfing Moscow’s allied regime in Damascus. “They (the United States) are providing arms and weapons to the Syrian opposition that can be used in fighting against the Damascus government,” he said, speaking through an interpreter in response to a question about arms sales to Syria at a news conference in Tehran shown on Iranian state television. But it was revealed that Russia is supplying “anti-air defense systems” to Damascus in a deal that “in no way violates international laws,” Lavrov told a news conference during a brief visit to Iran.

A senior Iraqi politician blamed the US and certain Arab regimes for providing logistical and financial support for the terrorist groups, including the al-Qaeda, which embark on deadly attacks against civilians in Syria and Iraq. "A majority of the Al-Qaeda's terrorist attacks on Iraq's and Syria's soils reveal the logistic and financial support of the US side and the Persian Gulf (Arab) states for the al-Qaeda," Secretary-General of Naseri stream in Iraq Hussein al-Robai'ee told FNA on Wednesday.

Back in may
Moscow is calling for an investigation over reports of arms smuggling into Syria via Lebanon, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said Thursday. "We do not hurry to draw conclusions. But these reports should be studied thoroughly, including by the UN Security Council, because they tell us about mass violations of (the UN Security Council) Resolution 1701," Lukashevich told a press conference here. Russian is concerned that remarks made by some Western countries have encouraged the Syrian opposition to continue their violence in the Arab country, a senior Russian diplomat said on Friday. The gap between Russia and Britain toward addressing the situation in Syria is narrowing, Russian Ambassador to Britain Alexander Yakovenko told local media. However, Russia was still concerned that "London and some other Western capitals" are making public statements to encourage the Syria opposition to "continue the violence instead of taking part in political dialogue," the diplomat was quoted by Interfax news agency as saying.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Libya, Syria, Iran. all proxy wars with Russia.

Russia has already shot a few rockets towards Washington earlier this week. This is not going well for the people of this currently darkened planet.

Israel and Russia have, I believe, a hidden "special arrangement" on some levels and it makes me wonder just what is really what although, what we see on the surface, is already disastrous enough.

... said...

I have a theory, which is probably going to sound weird to some.

There really is some truth to the idea that the 'entertainment' industry has involvement in these conflicts such as 'creating sets which are replicas of real places in order to film fake scenes to be shown on the news channels' for propaganda and so on.

In my theory, which is based on some personal experience, these forces in control ship weaponry, as well as other equipment, to areas of future false flag ops. such as Norway for example.

In the past I witnessed how concert equipment was shipped overnight from Lebanon into Syria - I was told it was concert equipment - it could have been anything! I also made a connection (again, this is going to sound silly to people) how the Eurovision Song Contest winning countries all seem to get themselves involved in 'troubles' of one kind or another, i.e. Ukraine, Greece, Norway. The same goes for a lot of Olympic venues, such as in the former Yugoslavia.

My theory is basically this... because voting is always rigged in these competitions, be they music or sports, those in control manipulate which country they need to get into, and so once the country is decided upon, plans get underway to ship the weaponry and equipment needed under the guise of 'Concert equipment' or 'Filming equipment' and similar.

Last year, the most unlikely contender won the Eurovision Song Contest, being Azerbaijan... it's location is quite interesting on the Map! So this year the concert was held there, a huge million euros operation.

Another example of what I mean - it's really quite scary - is the debacle about the guns and rifles shipped by plane into Hungary, for Brad Pitt's new movie called World War Z.

As it turns out, someone noticed that they were NOT replica guns, but real live working models, so the Anti-terrorism unit have to confiscate them...

Like I said, it's just another weird theory of mine!

aka Marty

A13 said...

Thanks For this post Aang, plus the added bonus of the "Hitler Mo" graffiti on Hollande and Fabius...always a treat when you do that :)
Cheers A13

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