Thursday, June 07, 2012


Charles Robertson, Global Chief Economist of Renaissance Capital in London, would appear to be something of a fan of Putin's Russia.

He points out that under Putin:

1. There have been significant improvements in Russian life expectancy and a rise in the birth rate. 

2. Gross domestic product has risen 10-fold in just over a decade.

3. Russia is the only Bric country with accelerating growth, and at a rate exceeding Brazil’s over 2011-12. 

4. Russia has enviably low public and private debt ratios, a current account surplus and $500bn of foreign exchange reserves.

On the banks of Vologda river
Russia by ODEROV

Charles Robertson refers to Putin's idea that the west's focus on humanitarian intervention in Syria is a veil for hard-headed energy realpolitik. 

Charles Robertson writes that "events in Libya did not disprove Mr Putin’s thesis."

Просто Москва. Двое на марше
Moscow by shirley_turner

1966 Bilderberg documents leaked

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Anonymous said...

Is Putin a Jew? I have read in a few different websites that his background is Jewish. Any clear information about his background?

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