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George Galloway MP, his wife Gayatri and Iraqi Muntazer Zaidi, who threw his shoes at George W. Bush in Baghdad, at the inauguration of Al Mayadeen TV in Beirut. GEORGE GALLOWAY OF MI6?

There is a new Arab TV satellite channel, called Al Mayadeen.

It is based in Lebanon.

It began its Syria coverage with statements from both the Syrian opposition and Syria's state-run media.

New pan-Arab TV satellite channel goes on air

Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, funded respectively by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have been called the "incitement" channels and "death" channels, because of their support for the CIA's Arab Spring.

Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have been seen as biased against the Shiites, in Lebanon, Iran and Syria.

Al-Mayadeen promises to support the Palestinian cause and is expected to be sympathetic to Hezbollah.

Bin Jiddo, who appears to support the idea that al Qaeda is an enemy of the CIA. Al Mayadeen

Al-Mayadeen is headed by Ghassan bin Jiddo, the Tunisian journalist who quit Al-Jazeera in 2011 to protest  Al Jazeera's anti-Assad propaganda.

Bin Jiddo says he is "against any media that may deviate to the level of provocation, incitement and sedition."

Bin Jiddo says: "We do not speak in the name of Iran or the Syrian regime, we are a completely independent channel which reflects reality as it is." 

Bib Jiddo says his channel is funded by businessmen whose identities are being kept secret.

Bin Jiddo says the new channel will support Arab nationalism, primarily the Palestinian cause.

He says: "We will fight sectarianism and stand against colonialism and foreign intervention. The station's compass will always be turned to Palestine and the resistance."

Al Mayadeen has a British license to operate. Website for this image

George Galloway will host a weekly program on Al Mayadeen, called "A Free Word."

"Bin Jiddo's personality and ideas are sufficiently nuanced (he's both friendly to Hezbollah and to the USA)...

"I'd rather watch Official Syrian TV. At least you know where they're coming from."

Al Mayadeen TV’s Incomplete Promise

Bin Jiddo began his journalism career as a correspondent for the BBC, which is alleged to be run by MI6 and its friends.

Bin Jiddo worked for the Arab Institute for International Studies in Washington.[1] 

Bin Jiddo seems to accept the CIA lies about bin Laden and al Qaeda.

The Beirut Report: Mad about Al Mayadeen


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