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The top German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has the following  report about the Houla massacre.

"According to accounts from authentic witnesses... the fighting started when rebels attacked three Syrian army checkpoints around Houla. These checkpoints were set up to protect the Alawi villages...

"According to the witness accounts, those killed were nearly all families from the Alawi and Shia minorities in Houla. 

"Several dozen members of one extended family, which had in recent years converted from Sunni to Shia, were slaughtered. 

"Also killed were members of the Alawi family Shomaliya and the family of a Sunni member of parliament who was considered (by the rebels) to be a government collaborator."

Prime German Paper: Syrian Rebels Committed Houla Massacre / Lavrov on Syria/ Report: Syrian Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre

Peter Hitchens

The truth seeps out of Syria, writes PETER HITCHENS in the Mail on Sunday

Peter Hitchens has been contacted by a group of Western women who live in Syria and who believe that we are being lied to about Syria.

Peter Hitchens believes it is "vital that people resist attempts to drag us into Syria, too, by feeding us one-sided atrocity propaganda."

Peter Hitchens reminds us that "Libya, 'rescued' by us a few months ago, is now a failed state whose main international airport was recently taken over by gangsters, and where unjustly arrested prisoners are starved and tortured in secret dungeons."

According to one of Hitchens's informants from Syria: 'These protesters are not peaceful, flower-carrying people wanting freedom. No, they are weapon-toting killers who snipe, who ambush, who fire upon the army with the sole purpose of inciting riot and mayhem.'

The informants say that  many of the 'activists' are foreigners.

Another writes: 'I have seen reports of opposition rallies which showed pictures of pro-government rallies, and reports purporting to be from the north Syrian countryside, where it has been an incredibly wet year, which appear to have been taken in some desert.

'The news being accepted as truth by BBC World News is so biased these days that I no longer believe what they say about anything any more, after more than 60 years of crediting them with the truth.'

One informant refers to a rebel killing a policeman.

"A riot followed, reported by foreign TV stations as a police attack on peaceful marchers."

Read more:

June 9, 2012

The Free Syrian army set up a leading Western journalist, Alex Thomson, and an Arab League observer to be killed.

Alex Thomson, chief correspondent of the British Channel Four News, has written that the Arab League observer, brought in to monitor the situation on the ground, had been set up to be killed.

According to Alex Thomson: "I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot...

"An Arab League Observer tells me he too was 'set up' in same way by Syrian rebels in al Zabadani."

Earlier this year Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Syria Ali Hashem resigned over the Qatari-owned channel's coverage of Syria, after editors refused to show a video he had filmed showing opposition fighters. 

Alex Thomson.

Channel 4 News's chief correspondent Alex Thomson says anti-Assad Syrian rebels plotted to kill him and his crew when they were in Syria.

He says that he and his crew were deliberately led by the rebels into an area where they would be killed.

He said: 'I’m quite clear the rebels deliberately set us up to be shot ... Dead journos are bad for Damascus.'

'Suddenly four men in a black car beckon us to follow,' Thomson said: 'We move out behind.

'We are ...told by the Free Syrian Army to follow a road that was blocked off in the middle of no-man’s-land.

Alex in Syria.

'At that point there was the crack of a bullet and one of the slower three-point turns I’ve experienced. We screamed off into the nearest side-street for cover.

'Another dead-end. There was no option but to drive back out onto the sniping ground and floor it back to the road we’d been led in on...

'Predictably the black car was there which had led us to the trap. They roared off as soon as we re-appeared.'

He concluded his blog saying: 'In a war where they slit the throats of toddlers back to the spine, what’s the big deal in sending a van full of journalists into the killing zone?

Independent journalist Anhar Kochneva 

Independent journalist Anhar Kochneva writes about Syria:

A few Afghans were caught and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ 

They replied, ‘We were told that we came to Israel, and at night we are shooting at Israeli buses. We are fighting with the enemy to liberate Palestine.’ 

It might be funny, but it is true. The guys were really surprised, ‘Are we in Syria? We thought we were in Israel!’

Eyewitness accountMedia lies about Syria | gbtimes

Anhar Kochneva writes:

1. I’ve been living permanently in Syria for the last seven months, and I saw only three ‘so-called demonstrations’. So-called, because there were very few people and they were clearly staged as a performance for journalists. “Protests” were shot on video for five or ten minutes before people quickly dispersed. In some cities, where bandits took control temporarily, they forced people to go to demonstrations.

2. Some weeks ago I was in Homs. I was in the sadly known Baba Amr district of Homs. Most of the residents have left their homes. My friends live 800 meters from Baba Amr. They told me that bandits fired at their houses. Not the Army. The Syrian army does not kill people. They only answer when the situation is extreme.

3. Most of the last months' casualties were soldiers of the Syrian Army. The so-called rebels fight in the streets, shoot videos and burn tires. If you see black smoke on a video “made by mobile phone”, it’s not the result of artillery fire by the army, it is smoke from burning tires.

Sous sellers
Syria by zz77

4. A month ago I was in Zabadani in southwest Syria. The bandits kept the whole city in fear.

5. In Zabadani, my colleagues and I were captured by bandits. They showed us a rusty tank and said the tank fired at the town. But the two ruined houses were in the middle of the district. I do not think that the tank could shoot from the air or from behind the corner. They gathered a dozen people and organized a demonstration especially for us. At this moment I looked at the people's faces. I saw only fear and hatred on the faces. They were afraid of the bandits and hated them.

6. There are a lot of soldiers of fortune among the bandits. They are Chechens, Romanians, French, Libyans, and Afghans. Moreover, there was a very funny accident with Afghan soldiers. A few Afghans were caught and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ They replied, ‘We were told that we came to Israel, and at night we are shooting at Israeli buses. We are fighting with the enemy to liberate Palestine.’ It might be funny, but it is true. The guys were really surprised, ‘Are we in Syria? We thought we were in Israel!’

7. Tragically, Syria is an obstacle for the US to change the political balance in the Middle East. Read the book Where to Invade Next, edited by Stephen Elliott, and you will understand a lot about the Arab Spring.

8. In January, a mission of the League of Arab States gave a detailed report on the events in Damascus. They reported that police conduct in Homs was a reaction to the activities of the armed gangs. So far, the commission's report of LAS has not been published. I hope that the UN personnel are decent people who will objectively reflect the situation.


Anonymous said...

Thank God, the lies are beginning to crumble because a few Western journalists are reporting the news, which is suppost to be 'what really happened', instead of lies, manipulation, and deceit sown over the last year.

Syria and before it, Libya, have been the most disgraceful examples of corporate media propaganda and Western imperial aggression that I have seen in my life.

It's immoral and depraved.

But a few Western reporters have looked into their souls -- their sense of morality -- and the reality has shocked the conscience.

Let's pray more Western reporters refuse to carry water for open aggression by the demonic Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the thugs and witches sponsoring this barbarism.

Western civilization has regressed by this naked act of war.

brian said...

Alex Thomsons a journalist was set up by the FSA to be killed by the syrian army....but ths snot the first time these killers have done this:
alex thomson@alextomo
An Arab League Observer tells me he too was 'set up' in same way by Syrian rebels in al Zabadani

aferrismoon said...

It seems that many bloggers refused to accept this and just pushed on the 'lies'.

Often I read the comments at Yahoo, about Syria etc, and a great many post ' What a load of crap' type comments.

Some of the journalists reporting lies - is it possible they could be tried for war crimes?

' Mr Muir, did you deliberately skew articles to escalate a war situation.'

'Uhh I was just following the orders of my editor. I didn't think it would lead to the chaos and trauma that it has. I thought it was for the best, y'know, Democracy.'

'No Mr Muir , I do not know. '


Anonymous said...

Is this Peter Hitchens the bro of our brilliant Christopher RIP?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

PS I read in Hitch-22 that the brothers Christopher and Peter were relatively detached from each other.

Such an amazing person, was Christopher
and yes, I learned in his book, about the practices at boarding school etc...
but please God, no vulnerable kids...

I would be over the moon happy, to learn that Peter has made his peace with Christopher in perpetuating the work for social justice.

brian said...

critiquing 'progressives' support for the syrian insurgency
'But I wonder about one fact: did you notice very strangely the USA and NATO strong support for this “revolution”??? Did you and your friends Socialists and Greens notice that Israel supports the “revolution” and give the “revolutionarists” the maximum support?? Was this the first time for USA, NATO and Israel to support a “revolution”? Unless it is in fact not a revolution but a Western conspiracy!!!

Best Business Brands said...

A Syrian investigation into the Houla massacre has blamed the atrocities on rebels trying to provoke international intervention.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, did I just go mad? Or are punters here fans of Christopher Three-Cheers-For-The-Iraq-Invasion Hitchens? Does anyone here remember the neocons? Yeah? Welcome to Christopher Hitchens.

You know that old joke about the Irishman who's dying and asks his friend if he would pour some whiskey on his grave, and his friends asks if it's alright if he strains it through his kidneys first? Well, it's the same with Hitchens except there's no need for any whiskey - you just skip straight to the 'straining'.

CS said...

Peter and Christopher Hitchens were hardly close.

Peter is considerably less brilliant than was his brother, but correspondingly more thoughtful. A sound fellow.

And it is fascinating to see a UK national paper giving space to a columnist such as Hitchens who is openly skeptical of the Lib-Con lies about the next victims in the list of ME states to be subjugated to Western interests.

Newspaceman said...

Not too sure about Hitchins comments re the monarchy and "pop" music. Have you ever read the now defunct pseudo occult media. An example of a good post you might relate with is here :

My personal take is that of the concept of British Israel, and that the "monarchy" intend to do the work of "God", in terms of the Book of Revelations. Hence why things are the way they are - days of Noah and suchlike - because they are acting out the script.

I realise it might sound like nonsense.

cheers anyway, and have a look at the link, there is some really good material there although Ben got trolled away in the end.

Anon said...

Dear Newspaceman,

Just read:

It all makes sense.

Many thanks for the link.

- aangirfan

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