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Website for this image -Damascus, Syria. 1900-1920.

In Syria, "There were reliable reports about deadly attacks against government forces by well armed perpetrators, allegedly foreign financed, as early as April 10 2011." 

Extracts from a new article in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

Syrian Massacres.

On April 1 the nun Agnès-Maryam, from the monastery of Jacob ("Deir Mar Yakub") which lies south of Homs ... describes the expulsion of Christians and Alawites from their homes, which are then occupied by the rebels, and the rape of young girls, who the rebels pass off as "war booty"; she was an eye witness when the rebels killed a businessman in the street of Wadi Sajjeh with a car bomb ... 

She describes how Sunni insurgents in the Khalidijah district of Homs locked Alawite and Christian hostages into a house and blew it up only to then explain that this was an atrocity of the regime...

The Dutch Arabist and freelance journalist Martin Janssen, who lives in Damascus, contacted the Jacob Monastery in Qara, which has taken in many victims of the conflict with the nuns doing devote humanitarian work, after the massacre.

The nuns told him how on that May 25th more than 700 armed rebels, coming from Rastan, overran a roadside checkpoint of the army near Taldou, how these, after the massacre, piled up the corpses of the killed soldiers and civilians in front of the mosque and how they, on next day, told their version of the alleged massacre by the Syrian army in front of the cameras of rebel-friendly channels and to the UN observers.

US-sponsored gangs committed Houla massacre: Analyst‎ - Press TV has interviewed Michel Chossudovsky, professor at the Center for Research of Globalization, Montreal

The following sequence of events at Houla can be reconstructed: After the Friday prayers on May 25th more than 700 gunmen under the leadership of Abdurrazzaq Tlass and Yahya Yusuf came in three groups from Rastan, Kafr Laha and Akraba and attacked three army checkpoints around Taldou. The numerically superior rebels and the (mostly also Sunni) soldiers fought bloody battles in which two dozen soldiers, mostly conscripts, were killed. During and after the fighting the rebels, supported by residents of Taldou, snuffed out the families of Sayyid and Abdarrazzaq. They had refused to join the opposition.

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brian said...

Syrian Armenians support President Bashar Al-Assad
from march 2011

mother Agnes on Syria massacres of christians:
the interviewer says he was with FSA an they claimed not to be behind HOMS massacre....but what does such a denial mean? would they say to the jounro: yes we killed christians? or is there a third force in syria with their own agenda?
Journo brazenly asserts: there will be people seeing this who say you are lying....Well whats to say you and your FSA men arent lying?

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