Saturday, June 09, 2012


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Libya is becoming more like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Thousands of prisoners remain in concentration camps.

In one recent case, detainees were stripped and beaten repeatedly until they became unconscious, then revived and beaten again.

Rival militias continue to kill each other.

The militias are fighting for control of smuggling routes and other criminal activities. 

The new Libya

Recently an armed gang broke into the prime minister's office. 

Recently, the US Consulate in Benghazi came under bomb and grenade attack.

Recently, a mad militia temporarily took over the airport in Tripoli.

The government does not yet control the Benghazi airport.

Website for this image  Nicholas Sarkozy was told that Gaddafi might move Libyan money out of French banks and into China. Sarkozy also learnt that Gaddafi wanted to spend less on buying French weapons and spend more on social services. 
In the new Libya, only a very limited number of people will be allowed to stand as candidates in future elections.

A new law will make it a crime to glorify the former regime or “insult the aims of the February 17 revolution.”

There is high unemployment and jobs tend to go to cheap labour from Bangladesh and Sudan.

The original Gaddafi.

The government consists of Islamic extremists and other CIA assets.

The government is handing out security contracts to private companies from the NATO countries that toppled Gaddafi.

Britain’s Aegis hopes to police Libya’s borders.

Libya under Gaddafi

The government "has expanded from 9 to 86 members, but no one even knows who they are or how they are appointed.

"Its meetings are held in secret, its votes are not published, and its decisions are announced only irregularly on television broadcasts.

"No one knows how the estimated monthly oil revenues of $5 billion or the $200 billion of Libyan investments are dispersed."

One down. Two to go.


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Anonymous said...

Despite the West & NATO lies, the "Green" seed is sown, Worldwide.

I never thought before about Irish Green?

Dublin Commemoration for Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi 2012

HRW Report admits that Muammar Gaddafi was never `hiding` in a `drainage pipe`

"The above moving tribute to the Courage of the Libyan Resistance by the Leader's Irish Communist comrade also features a photo of Mathaba Martyr Mohanned Magam, who organized the Million Man Green Marches (Two Million Man Woman and Child March on July 1st) and who was murdered by a British mercenary in an Apache helicopter as he attempted to free victims of NATO bombing from under the rubble, in AbuSalim district of Tripoli during the August invasion."

Next is Syria, then Iran.......

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