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Ronnie Kray

The Kray twins ran a bodyguard and 'protection' business for Hollywood stars, such as Frank Sinatra, and for Arab princes.


"At a big London railway station in the spring of 1970, a plastic carrier bag was found in the regular search for bombs before the station closed for the night.

"The contents were an odd assortment of letters and photos, which seemed to have been taken at a kinky party attended by some well-known figures in entertainment.

"One in particular showed a pop singer who masquerades under a Christian persona; dressed in women’s underwear he was pictured with young boys.

"The bag was duly taken to the station office and, as a senior rail worker wrote out a report for the lost property office, two MI5 men and a special branch officer arrived and demanded the photos."

T Stokes

Reggie Kray

One of the letters in the bag allegedly referred to Lew Grade, Leslie Grade and Bernard Delfont, three Jews who 'had a monopoly' over the UK's entertainment industry.

Reportedly, the Kray Twins, who were Jewish gangsters with links to the American Mafia, laundered money for the three brothers.

The Krays themselves "had high-level protection from inside the police."

T Stokes

In 1968 the Kray Twins were in the USA meeting Mafia friends. Crime Library.

The Kray Twins, Ronnie and Reggie, supplied young boys to the elite for sex.

Their name has been linked to the island of Jersey, where young boys were reportedly tortured and murdered.


On notepaper carrying his address in Eaton Square, Belgravia, Lord Boothby wrote to Kray on June 6, 1963: "Thank you for your postcard. I very nearly went to Jersey myself, as I have never been there, and hear from so many people that it is quite delightful. Telegraph

In 1921, in London, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up to study the 'breaking point' of humans. (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton) In 1932, Kurt Lewin, a German-Jewish psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute. He studied the use of terror to achieve mind control. (Cached )

Were the Kray Twins brainwashed, and used, by the security services?

London's Tavistock Institute has been connected to brainwashing.

In 1937, Tavistock "expanded in size and ambition."

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations - Educate-Yourself Org

In 1937, the three year old Kray Twins were in hospital, separated from their mother.

In 1952, the Kray Twins were doing National service in the army. They spent much of their time locked up.

The man who seemed to exercise some kind of control over the Kray Twins was 'an aristocratic adjutant, a languid ex-public schoolboy". ('Villains' edited by Esme Hawes, 1994)

Brainwashing can give the victim more than one personality.

The Kray Twins were described by their local school teacher and by their local vicar as being polite, helpful, punctilious and respectful to their elders. ('Villains' edited by Esme Hawes, 1994)

The Kray Twins could have sudden changes of mood and become murderous.

Ronnie Kray claimed that while he was locked up, there were people who wanted to torture him. ('Villains' edited by Esme Hawes, 1994)

John Le Carre's father had links to The Kray Twins, who were Jewish gangsters. In 1999, the (London) Daily Mail pointed out that the gangster Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, were "of Jewish... stock."

John le Carré was a British spy.

(John le Carré interview - Telegraph)

Le Carre says: "When my sister, Charlotte, was researching her role in the film about the Krays she visited their mother.

"Mrs Kray showed her the family album and there was a photograph of our father with his arms around the Kray twins. 

The Krays were murderous homosexual gangsters, allegedly linked to boy prostitution and top people.

Le Carre joined the secret service at the age of 17.

Esmeralda's Barn, owned by the Krays, was a haunt of Royalty.

There is a view that the Kray Twins were good lads who got used by evil people.

"Ronnie bragged that he forced Christine Keeler and Mandy-Rice Davies's ponce, the Jewish multimillion slum landlord Peter Rachman, to hand over the Esmeralda’s Barn shortly before his death. 

"Rachman saw Ronnie Kray coming a mile away. 

"The Esmeralda’s Barn was owned by his friend Stefan de Faye, and he wanted some mug to front the club and sink his money into it." (The Krays Twins: Nonces, Ponces & Mugs « Stefi's blog)

Esmeralda's Barn was a haunt of royalty.


Zoompad said...

I have just been watching the video about the Krays and Lord Boothby, the man who covered up for him is Arnold Goodman, but from what I have read about him he ought to have been called Arnold Badman instead.

He was a lawyer and political advisor, and established the South Bank Centre, and fellow of the Eugenics society. He was educated at Oxford, and he also set up a weird organisation called the Next Century Foundation.

The Next Century Foundation is a so called Non Profit Organisation that is well worth researching, thanks Aang for another great post

Zoompad said...


Next Century Foundation

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The Next Century Foundation




Non-profit organization

Legal status



London, United Kingdom

Region served



William Morris (Next Century Foundation)



The Next Century Foundation (NCF) is an elite organisation that operates in various conflict zones across the globe. Originally established in 1990 to provide a forum for off-the-record discussions between Palestinians and Israelis, the organisation has expanded its remit by focusing on and operating in Iraq, Kashmir, Kosovo, Sudan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya. In 2011, the organisation was pivotal in lobbying the UK and US governments for increased political and military support for the National Transitional Council in Libya. In April 2011, just days after an NCF fact-finding mission to Benghazi and other eastern territories under NTC control, the US government announced it will be deploying predator drones over the war-torn country.

[hide] 1 Activities
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[edit] Activities

The NCF electoral monitoring team in Red Zone Iraq: setting out for Nineveh Province in 2006.
The Foundation produces policy papers for submission to governments. Most NCF work is second track and behind the scenes. Examples are wide ranging. For instance the NCF has:
Run missions into Iraq on behalf of the UK Minister of State for Foreign Affairs prior to the Iraq war, to examine prospects for war avoidance.[1]
Established the new International Media Council (since incorporated into the International Council for Press and Broadcasting) to examine problems of bias and racism in the media. Under the auspices of the council, the Foundation holds the International Media Awards annually.
Provided a forum for direct dialogue between Serbs and Albanians over Kosovo (The West only permitted proximity talks at the time of the war).
Produced reports on shared sovereignty issues with regard to Kashmir and Jerusalem
Produced a series of policy reports on the political and security situation in Iraq, Iraq's regional relationships and the disputed territories (including Kirkuk). These usually follow extensive fact-finding missions throughout Iraq, carried out since 2003 and in some of Iraq's most dangerous and volatile areas.
Monitored provincial and parliamentary elections in Iraq since 2005 (NCF election monitoring delegates have been the only international monitors to operate in both the Green and Red zones of Iraq).
Worked on Middle East Peace Process issues including: A Resident Commissioner for Conciliation
A Comprehensive Peace Process (Abdallah/Arab Plan).

[edit] Organization

Founding members were businessmen, politicians, journalist and diplomats including Claud Morris, Lord Arnold Weinstock, David Alliance, Baron Alliance CBE, Mr Jaweed al-Ghussein and Arnold Goodman, Baron Goodman.

The present Secretary General is William Morris (Next Century Foundation). The Co-ordinator is Maggie Tomkinson. The trustees are Hon Mark Gregory Hambley (USA), David Alliance, Baron Alliance of Manchester (UK), Mrs June Jacobs (UK), George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews (UK).

The Advisory Board of the Next Century Foundation includes: Andrew Stone, Baron Stone of Blackheath; The Lord Tugendhat; The Rt Hon Sir Jeremy Hanley KCMG; HE DR Mohamed Shaker; Mr Russell Twisk; HE Mr Eric Roleau; HE Nasser Bin Hamad M. Al-Khalifa.

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Anonymous said...

extraordinary research presentation Aang. Also the comments. Keep it up all!

I watched the Cliff Richard video. As bush/immigrant kids in an extremely depressed Australian convict settlement, although rich farmlands prone to flooding! we were 'treated' to exactly these newsreels!

I grew up with precisely these images and stories from womens mags and newspapers.
We kids were either Elvis or Cliff fans, and played in groups accordingly.

Some years later I found myself in just such a reception circle, awaiting the arrival of another of royal's princesses.
In Hannover Germany.
At that time, it was all very exciting, and I knew NONE of the history, other than WWll and the concentration camps.
I had grown up with the stories of the extent to which the Dutch harboured Jews, and were shot if/when caught.
That was all behind us and would NEVER happen again!

Years later when I trained as a child therapist with Child Guidance, the Tavistock Institute was the 'dream' training place, and I worked with a few of its graduates, who were really very good therapistst in the psychoanalytic tradition.

It is only lately that I have become aware of Tavistock as a Mind Control establishment.

Overwhelming stuff Aang. You must have a cast iron constitution. Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting the significance of twins in satanic ritual abuse programming.

Anonymous said...

Aang I do not know who you are, or where you are.

I just KNOW, you are a friend.

I have just come from UK Yahoo news comments, and someone there wrote: search D Notice Gordon Brown

which I did

and I just weep
and cry
and suck in my breath

Oh GOD!!!!!

and the main stream media is busy distracting...
I wish I could do more to help you Aang
and the children of this world.

Jesus said: Suffer the little children to come unto me.

I and you Aang, know what this means.

This 'knowing' is a noble concept.

God bless you in all you do Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

I don't believe that Gordon Brown is a practicing paedophile. I think that is a lie invented by real paedophiles to muddy the waters.

But he certainly knows about the human trafficking in the secret family courts, and the mass murder of old people in NHS hospitals. He knows all about the New World Order. Thats probably why he got ill, because of knowing about the wickedness playing on his concience. That would make anyone with a concience ill, only complete psychopaths could cope with knowing the truth of what is going on in the UK and feel ok about it.

Newspaceman said...

Zoompad, he certainly knows about a New World Order, this BBC report is from January 2007, he specifically welcomes it : "It is time to formally recognise on a more consistent and regular basis the reality of this emerging new world order "



Le Gallinacé said...

Juifs, of course !!!

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