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Arizona Wilder

1. For a few years, an American woman known as Arizona Wilder claimed to have have presided over hideous blood rituals for the lizard people who govern our planet.

"Gradually, she realized that the whole lizard thing was just a cover story fed to her by mind manipulators, and distanced herself from that particular branch of the conspiranoid community."

The Prodigal Witch Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves (Part II)

S.M. Elliott at Swallowing the Camel

2. Syria: NATO Plans New Sykes-Picot, Middle East Chaos

Genie at The World We Swim In

3. The Syrian rebels support Israel and NATO.

Salafist Cleric tells Israel's Channel 2: 'We Rebels in Syria are with Israel'
Saman Mohammadi at The Excavator


4. Paul Bremer


5. This Depression Created and Perpetuated by Keynesian Economists
CS at CanSpeccy

6. MASSACRES IN SYRIA (More from the German media)



Anonymous said...

I agree with John Friend. That "real suspects" of 9/11 video above is DISINFO. Not a peep about Israeli involvement.

CS said...

Re: The Prodigal Witch

"Arizona Wilder's story appeals to a certain strain of New Age folks who no longer subscribe to the notion that Satan and God are locked in battle for our souls, but still want to believe there's a Really Really Bad Guy ..."

George Eliot expresses the same idea nicely in "Silas Marner" who was supposed to be able to cure rheumatism and "if you could only speak the devil fair enough, he might save you the cost of the doctor. Such strange lingering echoes of the old demon worship might perhaps even now be caught by the diligent listener among the grey-haired peasantry; for the rude mind associates with difficulty the ideas of power and benignity. ..."

PS Thanks for the link.

CS said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with John Friend. That "real suspects" of 9/11 video above is DISINFO. Not a peep about Israeli involvement.

Yah, must be all lies. They never once mention lizards. LOL.

Actually, this video makes numerous significant and specific claims that point to a US-based inside job. If anyone can refute the information presented, let's hear from them.

Anonymous said...

ARIZONA WILDER was already exposed as a fraud, thank u...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

that Wilder debunking website is highly suspect and typical of the skeptic crowd who are actually pseudo-skeptics like Randi--in fact it walks, talks and smells like one, & I have seen numerous ones over the years. I am curious for one thing, as to why they would invent reptilian shifshifters? What an earth is the point?

The page on Nexus for example is an obvious debunking one

Anonymous said...

satan - it's bs lore. gotta love it. like

Anonymous said...

Aang I saw the Arizona interview on David Icke a few years ago...

I have spent the past 13 years in spiritual direction sessions, once per month.

I wanted to know for my self, why the concept of God, the search for the Divine, had not been quelled over the millennia....regardless of mans' inhumanity to man.

I arrived at the answer to my own question, only to find that now, these days, the 'alternative media' is talking about inter galactic warfare'.


We humans, all 7 billion of us, and counting, are icons of God:

As within, so without
As above, so below

we are all interrelated
nothing happens by accident
nothing is as it seems

So many in the so-called Establishment, have been seriously wounded.

Those who do not transform their wounds into sacred wounds,
Transmit them

Sacred and Scared

Just move the 'c' for Courage.

Blessings from me, an icon of God.

The Realist Report said...

Wow, interesting stuff about Arizona Wilder, I always thought her story was just a bit too far out there...

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