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Horace Mann School is a top private school in New York.

It has been linked to child abuse.

Those who have attended Horace Mann include:

The CIA's Roy Cohn who ran a pedophile ring (Roy Cohn)

The CIA's James Schlesinger,

Former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer (Website)

James Murdoch of the Murdoch Empire. 

Horace Mann boys 1958 Soccer Champions -1958

Forbes Magazine ranked Horace Mann as the second best preparatory school in the country in 2010.[1]

On June 6, 2012, the New York Times Magazine published an article by former student Amos Kamil, class of 1982, alleging multiple instances of sexual abuse of students by teachers at the school. 

The Horace Mann School's Secret History of Sexual Abuse

One student, who was abused for years, eventually killed himself.

An aerial view of the Horace Mann School campus. (credit:
Horace Mann School

John Mulholland taught industrial arts at the Horace Mann School.

The very same day that Allen Dulles approved Project MKULTRA, Sidney Gottlieb went to see John Mulholland.

John Mulholland went to work for the CIA and MK ULTRA.

The Sphinx and the Spy: The Clandestine World of John Mulholland

Horace Mann was a fan of Germany.

Mann traveled to Germany to investigate how the educational process worked. Upon his return to the United States, he lobbied heavily to have the "Prussian model" adopted. Horace Mann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Roy Cohn attended the Horace Mann school.

Roy Cohn (1927 – 1986) was an American lawyer who became famous during the investigations by Senator Joseph McCarthy into alleged Communists in the U.S. government, especially during the Army-McCarthy Hearings.

Cohn was gay. He openly frequented gay bars. ( glbtq >> social sciences >> Cohn, Roy )

Cohn and McCarthy targeted people for alleged homosexual tendencies.

Many of those targeted lost jobs, families, and homes. Reportedly when Cohn learned that one victim had killed himself, Cohn celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

Cohn arranged for G. David Schine to join him on McCarthy's staff. When Schine was drafted into the army in 1953, Cohn tried to getspecial treatment for Schine. He demanded that Schine be given light duties, extra leave and not be assigned overseas.

Stories of Cohn's homosexuality began to spread. It was assumed that Cohn loved Schine.

During debates over New York City's first gay rights law, Cohn said homosexuals should not be allowed to be schoolteachers.

Cohn became an attorney in New York City. His clients included Mafia figures Tony SalernoCarmine Galante and John Gotti.

Cohn was an advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

In 1986, a five-judge panel of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court disbarred Cohn for unethical and unprofessional conduct, including misappropriation of clients' funds, pressuring a client to amend his will, and lying on a barapplication.

He died in 1986, of complications from AIDS at the age of 59.


Reportedly, Roy Cohn run pedophile rings for the CIA.

According to an article entitled George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse, "the CIA’s first widespread use of sex came from a program to blackmail United States politicians conducted by Edwin Wilson.

"The political targets were enticed to live out their sexual fantasies in the flesh. With hidden cameras ready the unsuspecting politician would be filmed, which would later be used to blackmail him into supporting the agency’s projects and views.

"Wilson's skill in these matters dated back to the early 1950s, when he took over a network of homosexual and pedophile rings from CIA asset and McCarthy Committee counsel Roy Cohn...

"In the aftermath of Watergate, the CIA released voluminous documents under the Freedom of Information act on MK-ULTRA and other projects...

"CIA projects evolved to use trauma to induce control or the victim’s mind such as Project Monarch...

"A ... survivor, Paul Bonaci who survived two decades of torture under Project MONARCH has disclosed strong corroborating evidence of wide-scale crimes and corruption from the municipal/state level all the way up to the White House.

"He has testified about sexually abused males selected from Boy's Town in Nebraska and taken to nearby Offutt AFB.

"At Offutt, they were subjected to intense MONARCH programming, directed mainly by Commander Bill Plemmons and former Lt. Col. Michael Aquino...

"Aquino founded the Temple of Set, an offshoot of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan...

"Anton LaVey is Howard Levey, founder of the Church of Satan.


Anonymous said...

So if MANN was a fan of Germany that makes him a murderer or what? Oh, yes, the good old bad habit of demonizing this country...

Anonymous said...

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Such a nasty group of creatures. That Cohn chap looks as slimy as his activities.

Thanks for your constant research on the MK Ultra and sexual abuse that goes on in the world.

To the above who accuses you of slamming America, Aangirfan exposes these things in all countries because it is an international crime. It just so happens that there is a great deal of this corruption in America as well. Aangirfan spends just as much time on European abuse as American. America, alas, is already so dirtied and the perpetrators so bold, that the material is there if you know where to look.

And, alas, America has slammed herself into this corner of existence due to the unpleasant activities it pursues as well as the company it keeps.

These things are just more proof of the rot within.

Anonymous said...

Cohn or Cohen? It sounds like a Jewish fraternity.

Peter said...

Hey you catholic school girlz,
here's something juicy

Dublinmick said...

Always appreciated Peter, there seems so many places in the west where one can make the Faustian bargain that we do not know about. I have often wondered where these people like Reese Witherspoon come from. They seem so normal until you look behind the scenes and their careers do not suddenly just take off without something going on we do not know about.

Amy Grant is the satanist who sings Jesus songs.

There may be no justice in the physical world but there is justice in the universe of the spiritual world where all reap what they have sown.

Peter said...

Mick, at one time in America we, the people, could actually get a decent education. Now ya gotta have the cash to go to a decent school and I mean alotta cash.
I wanted to point out that on the link for Roy Cohn they mention other aluminists from that prep school. One stands out Roy Radin. He is mentioned in the McGowan LC Series. Small world. Good to see ya around Mick stay well and alert, I am sure you will.

Peter said...

my bad, not Roy Radin but Bob Rafelson.

I think Ms Witherspoon be as much a Puritan as the Queen of England.
All those Puritans gone now like tears in the rain.
The Queens Queers run the show nowadaays.

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