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'People Power' helps only the criminals. 

Egypt is no longer safe for tourists.

In Cairo "parts of the ring road encircling this capital are dangerous no man’s lands, unsafe to drive on, by day or night. 

"Kidnappings and bank robberies are common around the city.

"And women report sexual assaults by taxi drivers, even in broad daylight...

"In Sharqiya, a rural province in the Nile Delta, villagers have taken the law into their own hands, mutilating and burning the bodies of accused thugs and hanging them from lampposts.

Egyptian Crime Wave.

'People Power' involves governments being toppled by CIA assets, who are traitors to their country.

Syria general deserts senior command in Damascus

The Moslem world would appear to be full of traitors.


'People Power' leads to extreme poverty for the masses.

Let's look at Egypt after its CIA coup.

Suez 1956

The new Morsi government will be negotiating terms for a loan from the International Monetary Fund.

The IMF wants Egypt to first implement austerity measures.

That means that the poor will suffer.

Egypt was prospering under Mubarak.

Under Mubarak, less than 2% of Egyptians lived below the international poverty line.

Under Mubarak, Egypt showed marked improvements in a number of social indices: infant mortality and malnutrition among children under five both decreased by half and life expectancy rose from 64 to 71 years.  

The economy and the living standards for the vast majority of the population improved.  

Egypt Overview


But NOW in Egypt, "economic growth has stagnated, foreign currency reserves are down to dangerous levels, the government has a yawning budget deficit... and parts of the country have become lawless."

Egypt's new president faces lengthy economic agenda‎ 

"The current account deficit widened to $11 billion in the first nine months of its 2011/12 fiscal year, more than double levels a year ago, as foreign investment has dried up... 

"The country’s foreign reserves have plunged by half since the revolution to $15.5 billion, equal to less than three months’ worth of imports.

"The Egyptian pound has depreciated from 5.87 to the dollar in February last year to 6.055 on 24 June 2012...

"The credit-rating agency Fitch, on 22 June 2012, downgraded Egypt’s sovereign credit rating to B-plus... 

"Fitch assigned Egypt a 'negative' outlook, meaning more downgrades are likely to be in store..." 


Anonymous said...

Excellent and crystal clear analysis. When the IMF shows up, duck and cover for your safety. They ruined Libya and Tunesia; Egypt once before and once again.

Morsi polled last among the original candidates with just 8%. Now he is first. How absurd is that?

Well, this tops it. Just about all observers noted very low turnout for this election. The Dec 2011 elections for parliament were the benchmark. One observer said turnout couldn't be much above 15%.

On Sunday, the elections commission feed a line to Egypt and the world. They claim that the total vote for president is around 25 million. That almost equals the 27 million who voted in Dec 2011. What nonsense! But they don't care, they don't have to. They write the news according to the most useful storyline at the moment.

Unknown said...

Oh yes...

These 'color revolutions' reported breathlessly on Western Media as being "the peoples'" revolution... sure.

So now Egypt's a hellhole (Libya's likely not far behind) and surely, really soon now, 'the people' will arise in Syria and Iran and ... hallelujah! All are free and happy and the evil dictators are gone and the banksters are in!

Question though...
Why is there no peoples' revolution in Greece? Spain?? Ireland??? Mexico???? United States?????

Why are these only occuring in nations that can/could be considered (by zionists) to be enemies of Israel?


brian said...

Arabi Souri: in the above picture they wrote in yellow: "the picture was leaked from one of their 'Takfiri' gangs showing one of the terrorists who stole the belongings of the Syriac Archbishopric and they're using the funeral car to carry out terrorist attacks
a grinning villain!
these are the guys supported by the western 'democracies' the MSM the R2P Amnesty etc

brian said...

Syria, Ambassador Ford, and an Ongoing Crusade | Dissident Voice

Afrisynerguy on syria the turkish jet and Libya

brian said...

profile of a seditionist?
it doesnt get more blatant than this: former ambassador to syria Ford...gets a award for helping to destabilise Syria with armed jihadi terrorists: Substitite an iranian ambassador for Ford and US for Syria and what do you think the US regime would think?...close down the iranian embassy and declare war?

The announcement from the JFK Presidential Library that he was one of the winners of the JFK Profile in Courage award http://diplopundit.net/2012/05/07/jfk-profile-in-courage-award-honors-u-s-ambassador-to-syria-robert-s-ford/ , reads, in part:

A few short weeks after his arrival” (surely coincidentally) “a wave of pro-democracy protests swept through the Middle East and public protests in Syria launched an uprising …

Ford’s robust diplomacy on the ground in Syria centered on a strong show of support for the Syrian opposition movement.

Ford’s physical presence in Hama, without official sanction from the Syrian government, functioned as a visible statement of support (for the opposition.) Ford continued to support the opposition by attending protestor funerals, speaking with Syrians on the ground and through social media, and educating Americans via satellite images and descriptions of the conflict on the Embassy’s official website

Anonymous said...

Missing link here is KSA. The recent passing of the hardliner and the promotion of a more conciliatory royal.

KSA has been funding Egypt from the start and threatened to step into the void left by any US aid pull.

Incidentally KSA now saying it will expand drilling in the western offshore (Egypt finds mentioned in the article).

"Until recently, the western province had not been seen as a potential hydrocarbon hub offshore, but began to be recognized as one after Egypt made significant discoveries on its eastern coast, with about 8 billion barrels of proven reserves in its waters. Aramco has not released any estimates on the hydrocarbon potential in the Red Sea but its current studies have revealed a speculation that reserves under the seabed could contain as much as 50 billion barrels, which could eventually increase the kingdom’s reserves by another 18 per cent. Gas discovery in the red sea could potentially be a catalyst for large scale natural gas developments in Saudi Arabia, and would eventually motivate Aramco to seriously consider drilling operations in the western province."

One more data point for the ongoing gas war off the east coast of Africa...ergo Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Africom etc)

Of course now the IMF is ready to help..

"The lender called the election of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi “an important step” in the nation’s transition. Brotherhood officials have said they plan to pick up from the previous government’s stop-start negotiations for a $3.2 billion IMF loan."

And then there is this...
A Norwegian man has received terrorist training from al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen and is awaiting orders to carry out an attack on the West, officials from three European security agencies told The Associated Press on Monday

Wasn't it just last week that there was an incident in Sweden (almost).

Why Norway? Part of the FX war? e.g. kroner safe haven?

The arctic?
NATO exercises in the arctic (Norway)

Or, maybe the growing coziness w/ Russia?(as the Russians prepare to reopen airbases and deploy).

Note another Russian, Italian (Eni) energy deal. The Berlusconi/Putin connection

Anon said...

KSA - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Egypt for 6 years in small villages and other obscure places that no tourists ever see. Sure, the crime's increased. One can read the scandal pages and see the crimes of the day reported on the news each evening, mostly a lot of drug busts. I moved to Cairo in December 2010 and lived there until very recently. In Cairo I used walked to work in the morning and home again at 10pm in the evening. I'd go shopping and return home via public bus, always alone, unveiled, blonde, green eyes and bad Arabic and I have never had any bad experience of any kind. ALHAMDULLILAH. The hijackings and kidnappings that I personally know about happened to extremely wealthy people and the elite are particularly afraid of living here now. Many have left to live in Dubai. What am I trying to say? I feel safer here than anywhere. I now live in a low rent government housing project where the streets are filthy :) My children play football and ride their bikes in the streets until 1a.m. without any problems. My boys, all about 8 and 9 years old, go to the local sports club/park alone and walk home at after 10p.m. alone without any problems. I don't think the MB is going to be competent in running this country, by time will tell. There have recently been measures to relieve the cost of certain basic foods and utilities, which I know for sure are a million percent less than any other country I've lived in. Food is still very cheap compared to most countries I know, wonderful fresh and in abundance from the Souks. Apart from the lack of municiple waste removal, I see a lot of prosperity all around me actually. People still have a good way of dealing with conflict. Egyptians are very kind and quite gentle, so I hope these things don't change because it would be very sad. Egypt is the most wonderful place to live. Shokran.

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