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Sandra, killed by the CIA's terrorists in Homs in Syria. Website for this image

"The BBC’s World News editor, Jon Williams, began a June 7 blog emphasising ‘the complexity of the situation on the ground in Syria, and the need to try to separate fact from fiction’.

"Williams continued: 'In the aftermath of the massacre at Houla last month, initial reports said some of the 49 children and 34 women killed had their throats cut.

"'In Damascus, Western officials told me the subsequent investigation revealed none of those found dead had been killed in such a brutal manner. 

"'Moreover... the details of exactly who carried out the attacks, how and why were still unclear… The facts are few: it's not clear who ordered the killings - or why.’

Website for this image...

"Williams added: 'stories are never black and white - often shades of grey. Those opposed to President Assad have an agenda.

"'One senior Western official went as far as to describe their YouTube communications strategy as 'brilliant'. But he also likened it to so-called 'psy-ops', brainwashing techniques used by the US and other military to convince people of things that may not necessarily be true.'"


BBC Backs Off Initial Reports.

(1) is the fake Green Square shown by the CIA-controlled media.

"In 2011, France 24 served as information ministry for the Libyan CNT (CIA forces), according to a signed contract.

"During the battle of Tripoli, NATO produced fake studio films, and then transmitted them via Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, showing phantom images of Libyan rebels on the central square of the capital city, while in reality they were still far away. 

"As a consequence, the inhabitants of Tripoli were persuaded that the war was lost and gave up all resistance."

"During the past weeks, studios in Saudi Arabia have been set up to build replicas of the two presidential palaces in Syria and the main squares of Damascus, Aleppo and Homs...

"The operation has a double intent: the first is to spread false information, the second aims at censuring all possible responses."

Voltaire Net

NATO soldiers roasting a boy. The aim of the Pentagon, and NATO, is to steal the wealth of the Arab states and of Africa. 

"Leading members of the Black Hand apparently met with French and Grand Orient Freemasons at the Hotel St Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination in Sarajevo..." - The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard.

The German Kaiser believed that Freemasons deliberately brought about World War I.

He wrote: "I have been informed that an important rôle was played in the preparation of the World War directed against the monarchical Central Powers by the policy of the international 'Great Orient Lodge'; a policy extending over many years..."

Sir Edward Grey was the UK foreign Secretary in the Liberal government in Britain in 1914.

According to Webster Tarpley (american_almanac/edwgrey.htm, 1995), "Sir Edward Grey Turned The Sarajevo Crisis Into War."

Tarpley claims that Grey used ‘perfidy and cunning’ to bring about a world war after the assassination of the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungar Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

According to Tarpley, if Sir Edward Grey had wanted to avoid war, he could have warned France and Russia that Britain would remain neutral.

Russia was unlikely to go to war without the support of Britain.




Anonymous said...

This is teh finest blog I know! Thank You!

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thetruthhurts said...

It was very interesting to see the reference here to the comments from Peter Hitchens re Syria and who was to blame for what, have a look at his blog. If you didn't know, he has been and is a very frequent commentator on the BBC, I wonder if he'll be on much in the future

Patrick Haseldine said...

Peter Hitchens is on the panel of BBC Question Time at 10:35pm tonight on BBC1.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for your blog- God BLESS you- please, if you are a praying person please do so- and I will pray for you also. God is real, and protects and loves his children. God is TRUTH and you are giving us truth. My eyes opened when I listened to BBC World during the fake Arab "spring" they had on a "Libya rebel" via sat phone (very hush hush! ;) his accent was so obviously fake (to me). It is the same voiced man they have used before, and one U.S. outlets have used also. This issue made me so angry- now I listen to them and whatever they report and opine, I know just the OPPOSITE is true. That's how you get real story. Look at this on Washington Post as to how much work goes into ensuring the West's horrific war machine is in good working order: They are merely as overseers making sure their workers are doing their jobs. Why US citizens STILL buy the old "al qada" business is beyond me. It was obvious from the beginning it was a fabrication, there are plenty of reports free for the viewing online that prove they are not an Arab terrorist invention and simply do not exist as a global islamic terror group.

felix said...

Spot on, Kris. It's a difficult hill to climb but when you reach the top, or perhaps burrow through to the other side you see how fake everything is put over by the MSM informers who all sing from the same songsheet. Problem is most people either don't have the time in their busy lives to put it all together or think that the mainstream media "just wouldn't do that kind of thing". How wrong they are. Thanks heaven for Aang, John Friend and a few others in this mad world.

thetruthhurts said...

Thanks for the link to Question Time. Unfortunately there was no mention of the 'Arab Spring' at any time during the 60 minutes, it's only a major world event after all. Instead I think about a third of the show was devoted to the useless whitewash of the Leveson enquiry so we didn't really have the chance to hear Mr Hitchens speak on the Syrian shenanigans. However he did make one rather thinly veiled quasi reference as he criticised the former BBC Director general who happened to be another guest on the show and made the point that it was practically impossible to criticise the BBC on anything. It was quite nicely done in the context of his recent blog comments although probably lost on the wider audience.

brian said...

New FAZ Piece On Houla Massacre: "The Extermination"

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