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George Jamieson, aka April Ashley.

George Jamieson "seduced actors Omar Sharif and Peter O’Toole."

George Jamieson, aka April Ashley MBE,  also attracted "the amorous attentions of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso."

George had a one night stand with Michael Hutchence, whose name has been linked to MK ULTRA - Monarch brainwashing.

The Monarch butterfly is used in the CIA's Monarch brainwashing operations .

When George Jamieson met Einstein, George said, "Why do you keep calling me Madame Butterfly?"

Altered ego | From the Observer | The Observer

George once shared a boarding house with the UK's former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott 

(How Prescott made a woman out of me - Daily Mail)

Early in life, George was sent to a mental institution for electric shock treatment.

Was George a victim of MK ULTRA - Monarch type brainwashing?

Calling himself Toni, George Jamieson worked as a hostess at Le Carousel, a drag club, "where he mingled with a set that included Ernest Hemingway, Jean Paul Sartre and Bob Hope."

April Ashley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George Jamieson had a minor role in the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby film The Road To Hong Kong.

Allegedly, Bob Hope played a leading role in the CIA's mind control programme.

There is a theory that many famous female models are actually secretly male.

Pictures of George Jamieson modelling Thea Porter "would cause anyone to wonder if Naomi Campbell could once have been a boy scout."

George Jamieson "was photographed by Bailey, hung out with Peter O'Toole (who hit people who made fun of her), partied with Oxford undergraduates who adored her and slept with a lot of lords. 'I was in seventh heaven.'"  

Altered ego | From the Observer | The Observer

The 2nd Lord Rowallan was Chief Scout of the British Commonwealth.

In 1963 George Jamieson, now called April Ashley, married Arthur Corbett,  who became the 3rd Lord Rowallan.

Reportedly, Corbett  liked dressing up as a woman.




Anonymous said...

Hi again Aang

I think I might have an 'answer' to all this.

It is a long story....

and I am not sure how to present it to you....

It is a well known scientific fact, that each human embryo is bi-sexual until....

that point....

and the child is born....

I have an 'aunt', who was born a hermaphrodite:

a child born with both sets of 'sex organs'

It is a long and tragic tale, which I learned, only recently...

Before that, I had 'cottoned on', to the reality that boys, if they identify as such, are born with female 'shadows': ANIMA

and girls, if they identify as such, have a 'male shadow':ANIMUS

in Jungian terms.

So much to say here, but I have always thought that if each person born onto Planet Earth could 'identify' self as a WHOLE
i.e. male with female shadow
and female with male shadow

we would not have the problems we do have, with homo-sexuality and lesbianism and paedophilia, all of which, to me, seem to be serious Disorders of the Self.

The story of my 'aunt'deserves a chapter to him/her Self entirely!

Anonymous said...

Send it to Henry Makow, Anonymous 10:02.

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