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Maud Allen was an American dancing girl, born in Canada, but brought up in California.

Maud's original name was Beulah Maude Durrant, but she changed her name after her brother Theodore killed two girls, in a church.

Maud moved to Germany and, in various parts of Europe, starred in her own version of Oscar Wilde's play Salome.

She danced the dance of the seven veils. 

In England, Maud's behaviour upset Noel Pemberton Billing, a member of the UK parliament.

Billing believed that many top people were gay and that, during World War I, German spies were seducing and blackmailing many top people in the UK.

It was suggested that child abuse was linked to some of the blackmail.

Billing founded a magazine.

In 1918, he wrote an article, based on information from Harold Sherwood Spencer, which claimed that the Germans were blackmailing "47,000 highly placed British perverts"[4].

The magazine suggested that many of the top people in the UK were secretly Jewish.

There was reference to a 'close tribal affair' [3] and 'monopolies'. 

Billing believed that Maud Allan may have been having an affair with Margot Asquith, the wife of the British Prime Minister.

Billing believed that Allan and the Asquiths were giving away secrets to the Germans.

There was a libel case.

Maud Allan lost.

One of the people who spoke up for Billing was lord Alfred Douglas.

"In 1923, Douglas was found guilty of libelling Churchill and was sentenced to six months in prison. Douglas had claimed that Churchill had been part of a Jewish conspiracy to kill Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War."  - Lord Alfred Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the Encyclopaedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexal, Transgender, and Queer Culture, Maud lived the rest of her life with her female lover, Verna Aldrich. in Los Angeles, California.

Wiseman, Warburg, Cecil and World War

Sir William Wiseman, the Jewish head of British intelligence in the USA, who, during World war I, was reportedly friendly with Max Warburg, the Jewish head of German intelligence.

What were the reasons for World War One?

Some people blame Imperialism.

For example, the Austrian Empire and the Russian Empire clashed over Serbia; the British Empire, the German Empire and Turkish Empire had clashing interests in Iraq.

Some people blame Militaristic Nationalism. There were plenty of Germans and Englishmen who looked forward to a fight.

What role was played by Zionist bankers?

AGAINST ZIONISM has a post entitled LUCIFER MURDERS AN ANGEL which argues that in 1914 a cabal of Jewish bankers wanted a war in order to:

 Destroy certain empires.

2. Build a large private banking empire.

Have Zionist Jews occupying key positions in international banks in Europe and North America.

Have the bankers use the weapon of debt to control people and nations.

3. Obtain the promise of a Jewish homeland - the Balfour Declaration.

4. Make lots of money.

Edith Cavell

Among the points made:

1. In 1914, Edith Cavell, an English nurse, was running a teaching hospital in Brussels in Belgium.

2. On 20 August 1914, German troops entered Brussels and turned Edith's hospital into a Red Cross Hospital for German soldiers. Edith began caring for German soldiers.

3. Secretly, Edith was also caring for British, French and Dutch soldiers who entered the same hospital disguised as Belgian labourers.

4. Edith took charge of the Belgian Relief Commission which aimed to get food and medical supplies to war-ravaged Belgium.

Allied charities sent huge amounts of food and medicine to Belgium.

But one day Edith discovered that certain people in Britain were making sure all these supplies ended up in the German Empire.

She discovered that Jewish-owned banks in England were sending money to the Germans to help them buy these supplies.

This was causing famine in Belgium.

5. Edith wrote a letter of protest to a British magazine The Nursing Mirror, which published the letter on 15 April 1915.

6. Edith’s letter was shown to Sir William Wiseman, a Jew who was high up in British Intelligence.

Reportedly, Wiseman contacted Max Warburg, the Jew in charge of German Intelligence, and told Warburg to execute Edith as a British spy. 

Max Warburg

Wiseman also contacted Max’s brother Paul, the Jewish head of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Thousands of Germans wrote letters to their government demanding that Edith be released.

Americans wrote to the British Red Cross; but the head of the British Red Cross was Robert Cecil, reportedly a Jew.

Edith was shot.

Robert Cecil, who had Jewish origins, became a minister in Britain's government.

7. The British Naval AttachĂ© in Scandinavia, Rear Admiral M.P. Consett, kept track of the movement of war supplies from the Jewish bankers to the Germans.

Consett, in his book Triumph of the Unarmed Forces(published 1923), writes that if the bankers had not continually supplied Germany with money and materials, then World War I would have ended in less than a year.

German U-boats were made from Swedish iron ore; Swedish vessels bringing iron ore to Germany needed coal, and coal was controlled by Britain.

Reportedly, the Jewish bankers sent coal to Swedish ship owners.

Rear Admiral Consett protested.

An earlier Robert Cecil was the brains behind the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, a notorious act of fake terrorism.

Robert Cecil, the British Minister of 'Blockade', was reportedly a friend of the Jewish bankers.

Reportedly, Robert Cecil told Admiral Consett to keep quiet.

Germany also needed glycerin (animal fat) to manufacture explosives. England controlled the world glycerin trade.

The Jewish bankers sold glycerin to neutral countries, which sold it to Germany.

8. Reportedly, William Wiseman, the Jewish head of British Intelligence in the United States, made sure there were no British warships available to protect ocean liners at key locations.

The Lusitania was sunk by German torpedoes. The USA entered the war.



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Why is BBC reporting that Saudi Nayef passed in geneva while Wapo and CBS say he passed in a US hospital?

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Wasn't churchill's mother an American jew?

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Churchill's mother seems to have been a Jewess by the name Jacobsen. It is a controversial topic because there is no written evidence. I have been around some wealth people and there is always rumors about their ethnic background. Usually they are Jews. I have never thought there were so many Jews in Britain, but the more you study their history and support for the creation of Israel, the more transparent the Jewish influence appears.

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evidence that jewish?? parts of the governments opposed on the WWI battle fields were secretly helping the enemy is also shown in this vid (approx at 13 minutes)
the goal is said to have been to demoralize the people of Europe with everlasting war, in preparation for the jewish-marxist takeover, which eventually was stopped by Pilsudski, the Polish dictator.

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As I am quiet new in Jewish, looking around for some Jewish information> Got something important here. Nice to get it.
This piece of video helped me forgive and let go of my frustration.

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