Sunday, May 27, 2012


Vitamins work.

The Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing found that taking extra Vitamin B12 and B6, and folic acid slowed shrinkage of the brain by an average of 30 per cent a year in patients with possible early stage dementia.

Folic acid is useful in pregnancy

Ginkgo Biloba is good for memory; especially for elderly people who have memory problems.

Antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, zinc, selenium, folate, L-carnitine and carotenoids can improve male fertility.

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Zinc helps to beat colds

Salmon contains Vitamin D

Research has shown that Vitamin D produces stronger bones and may reduce the risk of getting certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Research suggests that fish oils help mental health - from depression to schizophrenia.

Research suggests that peppermint oil is the best treatment for irritable bowel syndrome.


Ginger is good for an upset stomach, morning sickness and sea sickness.

Vitamin C is good for the speedy healing of wounds.


The University of Maryland has found that garlic helps circulation, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, slows hardening of the arteries and reduces the risk of cancer.

Japanese research has shown that green tea lowers total cholesterol levels.


aferrismoon said...

Beetroot proves beneficial for the liver.

Sage is a great herb

Sour Cabbage , yum yum


P2P said...

Anonymous said...

I find a whisky, preferably a triple, or a large rum, does wonders to my well-being.

Until the next morning...

My mum taught me to eat a wide-ranging diet, a little of everything did the trick. Everything we eat is good for us, but only in moderation. Despite raising 3 kids during WWII and another (ikkle me!) in post war London she did a great job, on a limited budget and often hard to get ingredients - banana and pineapple only became available in 1957, for example - I recall most kids spat 'em out as being worse than brussel-sprouts! I did. We all grew up far healthy and far brawnier than most other kids in the neighborhood. Our GP got so fed-up of us never getting sick he used to pop-over for a cuppa and a chat, to chill for a few minutes during an otherwise steressful and hard working-day, just to 'earn' the fee the NHS gave him for us!

A fat-free diet, as most are today, is totally the wrong thing to do, you'll get sick and actually put on weight as the body desperately stores what fat it gets in case things get worse. Scandinavians and Eskimos deliberately eat raw fat as they need it for fight the winter-cold. It's the TYPE of fat - and of course how much - that counts. For, if the body knows it gets all the fat in needs it tends not to store as much. Assuming you exercise enough to continually burn fat, no probbers.

Yes, now an OAP and looking after m'self I'm 20kg overweight. A bad back, 1 lung, and my last job very sedentary with little time to exercise, are my excuse. but I'm working on it now I have all day to walk, laptop in rucksack for when I feel inspired.

We have to find a way to expose and crush these masonic/public-school homofilia/pedophile rings, the pure evil they represent. Having experienced it as a lad, luckily in a benign way, as Aangifan, I'm working on it.

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