Monday, May 07, 2012


Outside Marrakech.

Fewer tourists are going to Morocco.

"The biggest drops were nights spent by French and Spanish visitors, 16 and 25 percent, respectively, which make up the bulk of Morocco's tourists.

"The figures help explain the rage of tour operators when the new Islamist justice minister made a recent dig at non-pious visitors."

Drought, falling tourism threaten Morocco economy

Northern Morocco

Egypt has suffered as a result of the CIA's Arab Spring.

"In 2010, around 14.7 million tourists visited Egypt generating around $12.5 billion, but their numbers slumped to 9.8 million visitors in 2011 generating $8.8 billion...

"Given that prices of room rates have dropped since the time of the uprising ... revenues this year will be lower compared to 2010...

"Average spending per tourist fell to $72 a day last year, from around $85 a day in 2010..."

Tanger, Maroc

"Egypt is still suffering bouts of violence – some 20 people were killed in a Cairo protest on 2 May 2012 and its Sinai Peninsula has been plagued by killings and kidnappings..."

"Hilton Worldwide suffered a 30 per cent drop in revenue in the Middle East in 2011 due to political disruptions that led to delays in projects, a top official told Gulf News.

"Hilton put on hold projects in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, said Rudi Jagersbacher, Hilton Worldwide President for the Middle East and Africa. The North African countries were hit by popular revolutions last year, leaving behind uncertain business outlooks."

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