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15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi disappeared in Rome.

What is the Vatican's sinister secret behind teenager Emanuela.

According to a phone caller to a TV program: ''To find the solution to the case, go and see who's buried in the crypt of the basilica of Sant'Apollinare.''


The caller implied that Emanuela had been kidnapped as a favour to Cardinal Ugo Poletti.

The motive was said to be sexual.

De pedis allegedly supplied teens to cardinals for sex.

De Pedis.

Mob boss, Enrico De Pedis was buried in a diamond-encrusted tomb in the central Roman Basilica of Sant’Apollinare, beside the Opus Dei University of the Holy Cross.

On 14 May 2012, police forensic experts exhumed the tomb. They found hundreds of bones in an ossuary nearby in the crypt.

Some people believe that the Mob boss de Pedis was the son of Cardinal Poletti, the Vicar of Rome, who was very close to former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti.

De Pedis reportedly was involved in the CIA's Operation Gladio, which carried out acts of terrorism in Italy.

Quel “benefattore” di Enrico De Pedis detto “Renatino” | le cose che ... - Translate this page

In Italy, the P2 masonic lodge linked up all the bad guys belonging to the Deep State.


The Deep State "is a parallel secret government, organized by the intelligence and security apparatus, financed by drugs, and engaging in illicit violence, to protect the status and interests of the military..."

(The Link Between War and Big Finance )


In March 1981, the Italian police found a list of the 962 members of P2, which contained the names of:

3 government ministers and 43 members of parliament,

43 generals and 8 admirals,

Secret service chiefs and police commanders

Top bureaucrats and diplomats, industrialists, financiers, journalists and TV personalities.


Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky wrote that Licio Gelli, P2's Grand Master, was allied to Mossad and involved in Operation Gladio.

down with murder inc / Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack )

The CIA-NATO's Operation Gladio carried out acts of terrorism such as the 1980 Bologna Bombing.

Top people who allegedly had contact with P-2 include:

Henry Kissinger, 

Edmond de Rothschild, and 

David Rockefeller.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, notes

Brindisi is situated on a natural harbor, that penetrates deeply into the Adriatic coast of Apulia. Within the arms of the outer harbor islands are Pedagne, a tiny archipelago, currently not open and in use for military purposes (United Nations Group Schools used during the intervention in Bosnia).


Anonymous said...

ang, What does this mean? Akers retires?
Akers told the former Met commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson she had planned to retire after the Olympics even before the new phone-hacking investigation was launched"

Oh, sure, Stephenson, reliable source.

Anonymous said...

off topic from the Basilica- but strange things happening on the US side a lot lately. For example:
"Amy Freeman Burton's mother, Linda Walp of Chesterfield, said Amy had tried to be vigilant about finding out who her daughter was communicating with on Facebook. Amy and her husband used their computer knowledge to uncover a man involved in a child porn ring who was trying to befriend Ainsley, Walp says. Amy had been getting death threats after she told local police and the FBI about it, and she recently increased security at her home, Walp said.
But Bretzing said there is no reason to believe there is any connection between that situation and the shooting deaths.
Walp said police didn't do anything with the information Amy and Chris Burton turned over to investigators. Walp said she didn't know if there was a connection either. "All I know is my daughter and granddaughter are dead," she said.

Read more:

I was reading the news and thought strange that a woman would use a firearm in a "suicide" (women almost NEVER use a weapon.. )did a google search on the name and found out a bit more. Wondering how they were killed, considering she was paranoid.. unless, she let someone in the house, a respected authority figure, perhaps...

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