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Ravi was seven when The Sunday Times found him working 98 hours a week

Imports from India are cheap, because India still has slave labour.

The Sunday Times exposed the life of Ravi, who worked in a Delhi sweatshop.

Back with mum: the boy labourer earning 1p an hour

Ravi made Christmas decorations for the British high street.

Ravi was forced to sit for up to 20 hours a day in a squalid back room.

Ravi was beaten if he fell asleep on the job through exhaustion. 

Ravi was discovered during an undercover investigation, by a children's charity, into child labour in Delhi, where up to 50,000 children work illegally.

Ravi made the long train journey back to his home state of Bihar in eastern India. 

Ravi has been returned to his mother after being found working in a sweatshop

Ravi's mother is a poor widow.

She says that a factory owner came to her and said that, if she gave him Ravi, she would get around £7 per month.

Child labourer in India.

On 13 May 2012, The Sunday Times  told us about a little boy called Ansar.

Ten-year-old Ansar was rescued from a Delhi sweatshop.

"My father promised he would come back for me," Ansar repeated over and over, as tears came to his eyes.

His father had sold him to the sweatshop for £12.

India is reckoned to have many millions of kids like Ansar.

In 2009, the Top 10 Worst Sweatshop Abusing Companies were reported to be (Top 10.):

1) Primark

2) Topshop

3) Asda/Walmart

4) Tesco
5) Nike

6) Adidas

7) Disney 

8) Burberry 

9) Starbucks

10) Planet Earth Inc


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Bihar is apparently the poorest part of India. This is the area where the rickshaw drivers come from, almost all of them.

Thanks for exposing these companies yet again. No surprise to see walmart there.

Many of these women are widows also because their husbands committed suicide over the Monsanto bind they were in. This is what happens to their children.....

Anonymous said...

How many people reading this adjusted their spending habits accordingly...

You walk into a store and see a tshirt for £1 and think - hey that's cheap gimme gimme gimme.

Problem is - from that cost price, the store takes a huge markup to cover transporting the item from the developing world, plus profit of course - never underestimate the abject greed of shareholders. From that pound you'll be lucky if more than a few pennies goes into the pocket of whoever made the garment.

Same for every and any other consumer commodity - it's all built on exploitation. You read stuff like aaang's excellent thought provoking posts yet still eat at mcdonalds, shop at tesco, fill up at bp stations and buy ipods. It's ALL tainted.

Anonymous said...

Noor al Hiqaiqa: I like you. I am a British male of South Asian descent. Contact me if you're interested.

Zoompad said...

"How many people reading this adjusted their spending habits accordingly...

You walk into a store and see a tshirt for £1 and think - hey that's cheap gimme gimme gimme. "

The trouble is, so many of the so called reputable brands are getting greedy. I used to buy Clarks shoes, which are expensive, but used to be very well made IN BRITAIN and the children usually outgrew them before they had time to wear out, and when they did wear out it was always a hole in the sole, from hard wear, kicking a ball round at playtime ect ect. But now there are loade of mums moaning about Clarks, because the shoes are splitting, NOT wearing out but actually falling apart because they're not all stitched any more, many of them are glued together, even the so called school shoes. Clarks have been getting their shoes made overseas, and the quality has deteriorated - but the price tag has not gone down!

Sachin said...

I'm from India, The story is very very true....Not only kids are slaved in sweatshops but Indians also hire the abandon streets kids and poor village kids to work in shops, restaurants, bars etc with no pay just one time food.

Many of the kids are also kidnapped by Israeli mossad and CIA for experiments. The number of missing children in India are alarming with no trace of them ever.

If you have seen slum dog millionaire, thats the fate of half of Indian kids that you never would see...

Indian is corrupt, the Freemasons and elite rule...with policies that make sure these horrible slavery and torture continues

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to feel sorry for the poor widow who sold her own child to be abused? C'mon- these stories are endless- I'm sick of parents like this, reminds of the one's in Afghanistan that sell their male children to perverts to become dancing boys. That mother is complicit in this whole scheme. Who sells their children?

Anonymous said...

Judging by the protests around the world, everybody is up in arms at bankers and politicians who are the same people who started this, their families and friends. All the stores mentioned are jewish owned. As for people selling their children, these things happen here in britain but its all hidden by rupert murdoch's press - as usual. Did you read most of the articles aangarfan has been posting on child abuse in this country and whose involved, these are the same people with the businesses abusing children abroad - horrible faggots!
Join the dots, in the eighties we had protest groups telling and warning us who these people were, people here through their own ignorance and greed largely took no notice, including buying council homes under margaret thatcher WHO CLOSED the coal mines, shut down leyland car plant, brought in the poll tax and other stealth taxes, closed down special schools for disabled children and adults,closed down swimming pools and underground toilets and BEGAN THE SYSTEM OF PRIVITISATION that has now brought the country down to its knees. Jew and Irish decent- Hitler and his Half irish brother. Go and read GODSQUAD website let the mind boggle, then sodomites walk from the 17th century. Horrible god awful history of faggots and now their prosperous faggots because they DON'T PAY TAX! they never have. Jeffrey Archer who was caught in the house of commons expenses scandal and found to have FAKE QUALIFICATIONS but still managed to becaome a LORD told us that he was just the tip of the iceburg! we've had student protests, protests from occupy wall st and LSE. people are protesting all over the world about BAD GOVERNMENT -PUPPETS put their after they bomb other people's countries and leave them needy. They put their companies in there, pay people pittance and in the meantime their PRICES GO UP this is how they keep people in poverty - EVERYWHERE! ever since Margeret thatcher they have also moved their companies to where ever there is cheap labour. Thats why there is very little jobs left in Britain except public services. We're all suppose to scratch each others eyes out and undercut each other for these already low paying jobs. PLUS immigration has always been a joke in britian as well as lying about unemploymwnt numbers. Veterans from WW2 were left on church steps to rot their children were 'transported' kidnapped by these jews and taken to the colonies beaten whipped and starved and horribly abused!!!. GO AND READ WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO THE CHILDREN FROM BRITAIN DURING WW2 and the SO CALLED LOST GENERATION. This is the Queen, family and friends. Who do you have to go to, to form a government in the first place, who does the state opening of parliment? Christopher Coloumbus was a faggot with syphilis and so was Henry the V111, King leopald with his barbarity in the congo, even Jack the ripper was the great grandson of queen victoria and there were several attempts made to kill her during her reign. All the crimes from that era were against women and children...join the dots! they have been spying on everyone through the TVs for years before they even told us only now they are saying we are the most watched nation (along with America) they have used the phone system and any other paperwork bank and storecards on everybody and reassured us on a corrupt banking system, the SATANIST ROTHCHILD family started. These are the people who came here in the battle of hastings in 1066 and eversince then have caused wars everywhere on this planet. They tell the politicians what to do in every country, who tell the civil servants, who then tell their family and friends so when your attacked on the streets or in school ITS NO COINCIDENCE! The whole system is rigged! GET IT!!!!

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