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Panetta meets Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Bali in 2011

On 9 may 2012, a Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 airliner crashed on Mt. Salak in West Java in Indonesia.

There are many unanswered questions over this crash‎ 

Mount Salak 

Russian Senator Alexander Torshin has asked the investigators of the crash to consider if there has been an attempt to sabotage Russia's aircraft industry.

Kein Unfall?: Politiker vermutet Sabotage-Akt hinter Jet-Absturz ... - Translate this page

"The jet was supposed to be Russia's big comeback in the airliner market. The 50 people on board were potential buyers of the model.

"Could other big companies from around the world have sabotaged Russia in its huge comeback to compete in the airliner market?"

Russian Plane Goes Missing with 50 on Board in Indonesia

"The plane did not take off from Sukarno-Hatta International Airport but from another local airfield, the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, which is shared with the Indonesian Air Force’s Halim Air Force Base.

"Halim is where U.S. Special Forces troops have been training their Indonesian counterparts in various air force tactics, possibly including meaconing, intrusion, jamming, and interference (MIJI) electronic warfare tactics designed to interfere with aircraft navigation systems."

Was Industrial Sabotage at Play with Super Jet crash in Indonesia ...

In 2010, three Russian jet fighter technicians helping the Indonesian Air Force operate newly acquired Sukhoi jet fighter aircraft in Makassar died in still unclarified circumstances. 

Autopsies concluded they had died of suffocation after suffering from nausea and headache.

Antara News : Three Sukhoi technicians die of asphyxiation in ...

US soldier in Indonesia, at Camp Karang Tekok.

A number of Russian MIG jets have crashed in India.

"The United States can hack into and disable or operate any digital equipment using microwave signals from satellites

"When I say the new Chief of Air Staff, N. A. K. Browne, is a CIA-RAW man, I mean he literally sits at CIA-supplied terminals...

"More than a thousand Indian Air Force aircraft have crashed since 1970...

"In his first week in office as Chief of Air Staff, Browne caused two Indian Air Force fighter planes to crash with microwaves from satellites, to give a boost to his bid to buy worse than worthless foreign aircraft for several tens of billions of dollars; of which he will get a hefty cut; along with the Defence Minister; and the Italian woman who gets the largest cut."
- Satish Chandra

~~’s Regional Traffic Ranks



Tapestry said...

That was my first reaction, Aangirfan. Too much of a coincidence otherwise.

jack said...

Thank heavens..there are people who are questioning this crash. It was done by TR3B ..America's triangular hovering stealth craft.

When the Pakistani plane crashed last month, you could clearly see a triangular craft hovering over the crash site. The pilot reported strange beams hitting the plane before it went down.

Half of the plane crash all over the world are done by secret government of the world using their alien tech for vampiric ritual.

Only Conspiracy theory with a strong belief in Aliens can only save humanity nothing else

Anonymous said...

I think it's highly. It was my first reaction. If it is so the Russians will find out sooner or later. I hope they (non Zionist sellouts) act decisively and promptly.

Anonymous said...

Remember the 9th of may 45!
German forces sign surrender to Russia. DR is still alive, that was his sign!

Anonymous said...

Just over a year three Sukhoi technicians died under mysterious circumstances in Makassar (Indonesia) is a coincidence or anything else? Source Antara News

Anonymous said...

DON'T JUST OFFER A LINK to the crash news report, EXAMINE IT.

1. WHY did the ATC authorize the Russian pilot to descend to too low an altitude?


If ATC has no authority to deny pilots unsafe actions, then CHANGE THIS.

2. Why was the plane flying in a dangerous area for planes?

Someone should check the pilot for signs of planning his death for possible insurance monies for his families etc. This whole thing smells of sabotage of the Russian airline industry by the Wall Street stooge American CIA which has in the past murdered people on the New Zealand flight over fits their M.O. as does the Ron Brown murder...

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