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Raining, but it's still beautiful
By Gísli Þór

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Sexy greek girl
Typical Greek landscape by leblogdedenis

Anonymous writes:

It turns out Greece controls a large offshore sea bottom area that potentially has huge hydrocarbon deposits.

The banksters have known about this for decades. The banksters want control of the hydrocarbons. 

What to do?

Bankrupt Greece then make agreements to get control of the petroleum, as described by John Perkins in his book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. These abiotic supplies of hydrocarbons are primarily south of Crete in a geological formation known as the Mediterrean accretionary ridge complex. It is a similar geological complex to the Middle East's Persian Gulf region except entirely under the Mediterrean Sea.

Here is a news piece:

Is Greek Debt Crisis a Ruse to Steal Hellenic Oil Field?

Here is a forum post which explains the potential for hydrocarbons South of Crete:

The potential hydrocarbon deposits would supply Europe for decades and make Greece the Saudi Arabia of Europe (rich, independent, and able to "call the shots").

Obviously, the Globalists don't want that to happen.

Control of petroleum is a key aspect of the Globalist designs for world control. Globalists do not want the general publics of the world to know petroleum is abiotic, not a "fossil" that is limited and finite.

Abiotic oil does not mean oil forever, but does extend the supplies of hydrocarbons by decades (nobody knows how long, but still substantially longer than "fossil" theory would predict).


Anonymous said...

Aangirfan, Thank you for the post coverage on Greece hydrocarbons.

Apparently, the link doesn't work (at least when I attempted to link from the URL I provided. My apologies to the readers).

If readers are interested: Here is a longer way to find & read the scientific evidence for potential Hellenic oil (I write "potential" because nobody knows for sure until Dr. Drill takes action).

Google internet search.

Electric Universe - planetary science

Hydrocarbons in the Deep Earth?

Page 38 Anaconda Tue Apr 03, 2012 9:01 pm

Again, my apology for the inoperable link.

Penny said...

Hey Aangirfan!!!

as always much appreciation for the link to! :)

su said...

Hey Aangirfan,

One of the best overviews of the McCann case.
In this case it was the parents who did it.

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