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Jean-Paul Votron, of Fortis, Maurice Lippensof Fortis, Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Emilio Botin, of Santander. Maurice Lippens has been linked to the Dutroux Affair and Bilderberg. MADELEINE McCANN & CERTAIN FASCISTS / ISGP - Dutroux case and X-Dossier victim-witnesses - WikiSpooks

The oligarchs run the show.

Democracy is disappearing as ordinary people are being stripped of power.

Sir William Ferdinand Mount has written a new book which describes the problem and offers solutions.

Ferdinand Mount is a conservative and an insider with links to two British prime ministers.


Mount explains how the oligarchs now control our 'formerly democratic' institutions, both local and national.

The oligarchs now control the political parties.

Decisions about executive pay, or going to war, are now taken by the oligarchs.

On 7 June 2009, the Sunday Mail revealed that shamed banker Sir Fred Goodwin is a Scots gangster's cousin. Sir Fred Goodwin, former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), is a cousin of 'one of Scotland’s most feared gangsters', 'ruthless crime kingpin' Grant Mackintosh. 

Mount points out that bank chiefs throw away vast sums of money. And then reward themselves with many millions in pay.

"One set of oligarchs- the fund managers - approve the size of salaries, bonuses and pension pots for another set of oligarchs - the CEOs, board members and senior managers".

Lord Green, who saw a lot of money go down the plughole when he worked at HSBC, is being touted as the next Governor of the Bank of England.

Sir Fred Goodwin, while working for Touche Ross, was chief operating officer of the worldwide liquidation of BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International, in 1990. The BCCI was called the CIA’s money-laundering facility. (Bank of Credit and Commerce International - Wikipedia.Sir Fred Goodwin was chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) from 2001 to 2008. His mother was of German Jewish heritage. (Fred Goodwin - WikipediaAfter University, he joined accountants Touche Ross. Reportedly, Touche Ross has had links to the CIA (Cached

Mount has a number of solutions:

1. Limit the pay of the oligarchs.

2. Return real power to local government.

3. Return real power to cabinet ministers and members of parliament.

4. Return real power to shareholders.

UK Gangster Ronnie Kray and top politician Lord Boothby in 1963. Lord Boothby was close to all the top people from Churchill to Tom Driberg. Reportedly, Ronnie once said to a boy: "You will go home with Lord Boothby. You will do exactly what Lord Boothby wants. Or I will hurt you" (De Personen Encyclopedie)

However, Mount fails to tell us about:

1. Operation Mockingbird - the CIA's control of the media.

There can be no return to real democracy while the media is controlled by the spooks.

2. Operation Gladio and similar operations - the CIA's attempts to create fear and tension, in order to keep the oligarchs, and their mafia friends, in power.

3. Government linked pedophile rings, such as in the Dutroux case, which are used to blackmail people, and keep the oligarchs in power.

4. The CIA's reported links to the laundering of drugs money through banks.

The Royal Bank of Scotland was thoroughly infiltrated by 'the bad guys'. The Directors of Royal Bank of Scotland (early October 2008) included: 

Sir Tom McKillop (Who reportedly attended the last Bilderberg meeting) 

Sir Fred Goodwin, appointed 1998. 

Gordon Pell, formerly group director of Lloyds TSB UK Retail Banking. 

Guy Whittaker, appointed to the Board in February 2006, after spending 25 years with Citigroup. 

Lawrence Fish, an American, appointed to the Board in January 1993, previously a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. 

Charles 'Bud' Koch, an American, was chairman, president and chief executive officer of Charter One Financial, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Charter One Bank, N.A. 

Joe MacHale, appointed to the Board in September 2004, held a number of senior executive positions with JP Morgan between 1979 and 2001, and was latterly chief executive of JP MorganEurope, Middle East and Africa Region. 
John McFarlane, appointed to the Board on 1 October 2008, was at one time head of Citicorp/Citibank in the UK and Ireland. 

Sir Steve Robson, appointed to the Board in July 2001, a non-executive director of JP Morgan Cazenove Holdings

Arthur (Art) Ryan, appointed to the Board on 1 October 2008, previously held a senior position with the former Chase Manhattan Bank NA. 

Peter Sutherland, appointed to the Board in January 2001, is chairman of BP plc and Goldman Sachs International. He was formerly a director general of the World Trade Organisation. 


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Aang you really need to stop banding the 'fascist' mantra around all the time. To do that plays directly into the hands of the divide and rule scam mongers and PTB criminals who want us to do exactly that. Oh he's this and oh he's that - it's all nonsense. If they are anything they're Commies 'cos Hitler was just a tool to blacken the one man dictator so called fascist system.

It is now general knowledge that the Canaanite Jews Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin were put in power to destroy the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic white races.

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I like unknown. there's a little grain of truth in this, believe it or not:

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