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Mursi supporters.

The CIA will be pleased with the results so far in the presidential election in Egypt.

Mohamed Mursi, reportedly with a little help from vote buying, is in the lead.

Mursi worked as a professor at California State University; Mursi is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is believed to be run by the CIA and its friends; Mursi favours 'the free market'.

Mursi and his boss?

The results, in the the first round of voting:

Mohamed Mursi, conservative member of the Muslim Brotherhood, 25 percent

Ahmed Shafiq, former Mubarak prime minister, 24 percent


Hamdeen Sabahy, left-wing fan of former president Nasser, 21 percent. 

Abdel-Moneim Fotouh, former Moslem Brotherhood leader, 20 percent

Fotouh believes the attacks on 9/11 were a U.S. government conspiracy.

He has said that a Christian should be able to run for president. (Egypt Presidential Contender: 9/11 a US Conspiracy


Total voter turnout was 41%

Two villages in Upper Egypt boycotted elections to protest months-long shortages of bread and butane gas.

In the Upper Egyptian Qena governorate, Al-Ahram correspondent Mahmoud Dessouky reported a clear lack of enthusiasm among voters.

"There's little enthusiasm for voting again since the majority of people here are very poor, and these affluent candidates have little in common with ordinary people," Dessouky said.

little girl with young goat
Dick Verton

The Cairo-based Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights (EOHR) reported vote buying in seven governorates by campaigners for Mursi, Shafiq and Fotouh. (Egyptian presidential elections, Day 2: Turnout and trends‎)
Beautiful girl
Egyptian by  rsaslan

Since the CIA toppled Mubarak, poverty in Egypt has greatly increased.

Egypt's economy, seen as successful under Mubarak, is now failing.

Egypt economy in crisis as presidential vote looms

"There are many people with no work now in Egypt, or with work but no salaries," says Wasfy Amin, of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.

Amin fears that his own business will run out of money within a year.

a street in the Islamic district of Cairo
 Pierangelo Gramignola

The Egyptian government is presently having to borrow very large sums of money at dangerously high interest rates.

Under Mubarak, the economic growth rate was 7 percent in the 2007/08 fiscal year.

The Egyptian Midhat Mursi is a chemist and alleged top bomb maker for al Qaeda and was part of Osama bin Laden's inner circle.

Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed Mursi served in the Egyptian military in the chemical warfare department.


Anonymous said...

aferrismoon said...

"There's little enthusiasm for voting again since the majority of people here are very poor, and these affluent candidates have little in common with ordinary people..."

This sentence seems to speak about more than Egypt.

All candidates everywhere are affluent and detached from the world they pretend to represent, while happily using the rhetoric about helping them on a daily basis [ from the safety of a TV studio ]


... said...

"We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song...
Meet the new boss same as the old boss"

aka Marty

brian said...

off topic but FYI
you have a shadow!

brian said...

FYI on save dafur coalition:

Mahmood Mamdani:
Let me tell you, when I went to Sudan in Khartoum, I had interviews with the UN humanitarian officer, the political officer, etc., and I asked them, I said, "What assistance does the Save Darfur Coalition give?" He said, "Nothing." I said, "Nothing?" He said, "No." And I would like to know. The Save Darfur Coalition raises an enormous amount of money in this country. Where does that money go? Does it go to other organizations which are operative in Sudan, or does it go simply to fund the advertising campaign?

it goes here:
Israeli land thieves benefit from Save Darfur charity!
You donate money to what you think is a good cause fronted by stars like George you ever wonder where that money goes?

so beware charities run by zionists

brian said...

if senators penalise pakistan for jailing doctor what about pakistan govt penalising US for jailing hournalists?

brian said...

Thoughts on an attack by a Jewish mob

Two days ago, my girlfriend and I were attacked by a mob of proud Jews in south Tel Aviv. Still trying to understand why.

By Yossi Gurvitz

May 25, 2012 "Information Clearing House" -- I went to a demonstration led by MK Michael Ben-Ari two days ago (Tuesday), and was joined by my girlfriend, Galina. Ben-Ari, a Kahanist, was inciting the crowd against the African refugees in a distinctly anti-Semitic manner, peppering his talk with incessant references to excrement and urine. At some point, Galina couldn’t take it any longer, and shouted something back.

Anonymous said...

His name is Abu Hamza al-Masri. Where did you get Midhat Mursi?

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