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Mary Jeffries ran child brothels for the elite.

She kidnapped children and provided them to the elite for sex.

One of Mary Jeffries's brothels had a torture chamber.

"There were rings in the ceiling for hanging women and children up by the wrists, ladders for strapping them down at any angle, as well as the ordinary stretcher to which the victim is fastened so as to be unable to move."

One of Mary Jeffries's customers was the King of Belgium, who was reputed to be involved in child rape and mass murder.

The Prince of Wales was also reputed to be a customer of Mary Jeffries.

Mary Jeffries was protected by the police, the military and other members of the Establishment.

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König Albert I. von Belgien mit seinen SÖhnen Leopold und Charles

In London, Mary Jeffries operated child brothels in posh Church Street, a flagellation house in wealthy Hampstead, and a "chamber of horrors" in up-market Gray's Inn Road.

She was said to have used a house near Kew, for the smuggling abroad of kidnapped children.

The police would not prosecute Mary Jeffries.

Among the witnesses prepared to speak out was a 13-year-old child who testified to having been whipped and raped.

Someone began a private prosecution.

Wealthy army officers turned up in court to offer support for Jeffries.

She arranged with the court to plead guilty, and thus the evidence against her, and the elite, remained undisclosed.

She was given a small fine.

Jersey in the UK - child abuse reportedly linked to top people and covered up by the authorities.

However, the journalist who had investigated and helped to expose Jeffries was sent to jail.

Mary Jeffries is long dead, but brothels, where children are tortured, reportedly continue to exist, and reportedly continue to be protected by the police and security services.

Apparently, in the 1950s and 1960s, MI5 ran a brothel in Church Street in Kensington for the use of visiting dignitaries, diplomats and intelligence officers.

Young female or male company could also be supplied directly to a VIP's hotel bedroom... ((PROFUMO, John - Spy School Bios)



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I'm not particularly religious and I don't read the bible very much,but boy, this is downright satanic.
Where do these people come from?
Boy's Town,Omaha,Nebraska is where "our" sterling American leaders go to torture and mutilate and murder children.
Bush The Father and Bush The Son were both visitors there.I guess if they have no qualms about killing a child(ren) that is right there in front of them in person,they surely had no qualms about dropping tons of depleted uranium and tons of bombs of all kinds on the children of Iraq and Afghanistan,as they fully support(ed) the murder of Palestinian children in so many different ways.
I don't know if there is a hell or not,but if there is, may all these bastards burn in hell unto eternity.Joe

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I don't know how to add this, but thought you'd like to read it:

The Very Un-American Arizona Cover-up (new/breaking)

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