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Madeleine McCann was in my taxi but police ignored me

Taxi driver  Antonio Castela, 72, claims he picked up Madeleine McCann the night after she vanished.

Castela says he is ­certain the little girl in pink pyjamas was three-year-old Madeleine.

The girl had the same distinctive mark in her eye as Madeleine.

Castella says the Portuguese police dismissed his evidence.


Castela said: "After I went to the police, I never heard anything from them again. They did not seem to take me seriously and never questioned me. They simply took down the details and that was it.

"I am amazed that it has been five years and nobody has ever asked me what I saw that night. I am absolutely certain it was her."

(When madeleine disappeared in May 2007, the Portuguese police did not set up effective searches and did not alert the Spanish border for 12 hours.

A check of the other guests at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz was not completed for 48 hours.

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Castela said he picked up the girl on the evening of May 4, 2007, in Monte Gordo in the Algarve.

Monte Gordo is about an hour’s drive from Praia da Luz where Madeleine vanished.

The girl in the taxi was travelling with four adults - three men and a woman

 They were driven to the Hotel Apolo in Vila Real de Santo Antonio, near Faro. 

Once there, they got into a blue 4x4 and drove off.

Castela said: "The little girl, who looked like Madeleine was sat on the lap of a man sitting in the back of the cab. I remember thinking it was odd because they did not speak a word during the entire journey apart from at the end when the man sat in the passenger seat said to me, ‘How much?’" 

He said the girl in his cab did not speak but was “staring ahead” as though she had been doped.

Very often it is the police who are involved in the kidnappings of children, reportedly.

In Portugal, the Casa Pia scandal was about child abuse being carried out by top people, including, reportedly, the police.

The following is from "Madeleine McCann - a wide angle versus a microscope" by

The Pedophocracy WILL blow your mind - I guarantee it.
The six chapters look at half a dozen massive paedophile scandals: Dutroux in Belgium; the Franklin/Boy's Town scandal; the Presidio/West Point military childminding scandal; the McMartin preschool scandal; and last but not least the perfectly mind-boggling bust of the 'The Finders'. First up, the most singular thing about each of these headfuck scandals is how HUGE they were. They were the kind of HUGE that makes the Madeleine McCann case look scrawny.

Sure enough the media worked its magic and each of these scandals was rescripted, recast, and all shot through a blurry vaseline lens. The parents had dreamt it all!...
How then to portray a scandal like the Finder's Bust? That didn't spring from complaints from parents but rather from the police arresting two well-dressed men with a van full of kids, aged 2 to 7, all of whom were unwashed and without underpants, just as you'd expect for 'gifted' children being taken to Mexico for 'special education'. But the thick plottened when their Washington headquarters were busted. Paedophiles with headquarters... wow, who knew? And the Finders had two facilities... double wow.

There police found not only: a large collection of jars variously containing urine and faecal matter; a bloody altar surrounded by video cameras; and so many photos and videos (of both porn and satanic ritual) that they needed garbage bags to haul them all away, but also: computers and telexes with orders from all over the world specifying particular 'looks' for children all of whom, one presumes, were to be kidnapped and trafficked overseas. In addition to all this were procedural handbooks detailing how to infiltrate child-minding centres and how to traffic children whilst avoiding police attention. (Hmm... perhaps they should've read that last one a bit more carefully).

Oh! Did I mention that the entire investigation was completely shut down with a single click of the CIA's fingers? It seems the Finders' leader, Marion Pettie, had been CIA since the days of the OSS. And not forgetting his spook wife and spook son. Faced with the obviousness of the Finders as a total CIA gig, the media refused to touch it at all apart from a solitary article in the US News and World Report assuring us that whatever it was the Finders were up to was "eccentric, not illegal".





aangirfan: Jersey, Dutroux and cover-ups





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I've been following the McCann case since the beginning in 2007. I have read so much research AND rumour, it's hard to know what to believe anymore. But these latest sightings are blatantly just creations to aid the media hype on the anniversary.

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I posted a link to you and nobody's blog at the biggest Maddie site jillhavern

Nobody is spot on about spook gatekeepers

I mentioned you, nobody, dave McGowan, I get my posts deleted by candyfloss

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For the record last night on this link there were 10 comments - I get banned by this harridan spook gatekeeper candyfloss and I took a screenshot of our conversation - today there are only 4 comments, so six odd have been erase... Here is the exchange...

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Aangirfan I'm sorry but your software will not let me pastdoom this travesty, and nobody is no longer accepting comments, do you perhaps have an email addy where I can send it? Thanks!

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I posted a comment on yahoo boards from a news headline about how child abductions lead to high places- not only was my post "gone" but the Yahoo! news headline was removed and re-posted under a different headline. Email me for my user names, in case the wrong person will read it here if I post it. Thanks- I've been following these stories for some time now. I also left a comment on youtube concerning a M Aquino and I have been systematically discredited and harassed online since then- no joke. I deleted my youtube account not long ago on account of it.

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