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Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, two male royal servants in Egypt. 

Thirteen out of the first fourteen Roman Emperors were bisexual or gay.

Nero married a man called Pythagoras and then a man called Sporus.

The emperor Elagabalus married a male athlete named Hierocles.

"Sex between males in fifteenth-century Florence... was stratified along lines of class as well as age...

"Religious reformers railed from the pulpit against the crime of sodomy, so ubiquitous in Florence that an estimated two-thirds of the male population had engaged in it..."

Matthew D. Johnson at -,2.html

The late shah of Iran was reported to be bisexual.

'There were reports that a close male friend of the shah from Switzerland, a man who knew him from their student days in that country, routinely visited him.' (The Persian Vice)

Prime minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda was said to have been a homosexual. (Cached)

And then there are the stories about the Ayatollah and boys.....

In the early 17th century, Thomas Herbert was secretary to the English ambassador to Persia (Iran).

Herbert reported that at the court of Shah Abbas he saw, "Ganymede boys in vests of gold, rich bespangled turbans, and choice sandals, their curled hair dangling about their shoulders, with rolling eyes and vermilion cheeks." (Wikipedia, the ...)

John Chardin travelled through Persia at this time.

He reported that there were many boys available for sex, but no women.

John Fryer, who traveled to Persia in the late seventeenth century, was of the opinion that "The Persians, when they let go their modesty... covet boys as much as women."

In the late nineteenth century Richard Francis Burton referred to Central Asian pederasty as "the Persian vice."

Napoleon and Tristan Montholon

Historian Chhristopher Hibbert describes a Napoleon who announces that he feels physical attraction to handsome men "in the loins and in another place which shall be nameless".

Napoleon promoted attractive young men.

Hibbert suggests that the effeminate Chevalier de Sainte Croix may have been Napoleon's lover.

Napoleon is also accused of fancying his servants, Louis Constant and Roustam Raza.

Outlaw Marriages: The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples

Rodger Streitmatter, Professor of Journalism at American University, has written a new book about called 'Outlaw Marriages'

"Behind every great man there is a great... man?"

Streimatter refers to various gay celebrities, including Tennessee Williams whose mate was a truck driver called Frank Merlo.

Walt Whitman's pal was Peter Doyle.

Greta Garbo's lover was Mercedes de Acosta.

Gertrude Stein went with Alice B Toklas.

Ismail Merchant and James Ivory were the partners who made A Room with a View and Howards End.


Let's not forget Casanova, who took part in sexual acts with males, "and without complaint".

"He was extremely confused when he fell in love with a boy."

In Chapter 11 of The memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt by Casanova, we read:

One of the two boys... was remarkably handsome and might have been seventeen. I thought he was a ‘castrato’ who, as is the custom in Rome, performed all the parts of a prima donna. The mother presented ... her other son, likewise very good-looking, but more manly than the ‘castrato’, although younger. His name was Petronio...

“Nevertheless, he is a boy, for he has had to be examined before he could sing on the stage here.”

Il Monumento a Canapone in Grossetto, Italy

“And who examined him?”

“My lord bishop’s chaplain.”

“A chaplain?”

“Yes, and you may satisfy yourself by enquiring from him.”

“The only way to clear my doubts would be to examine him myself.”

“You may, if he has no objection, but truly I cannot interfere, as I do not know what your intentions are.”

“They are quite natural.”

The Model - Interior with Standing Figure 1876, Watercolor on paper, laid down on board

I returned to my room and sent Petronio for a bottle of Cyprus wine. He brought the wine and seven sequins, the change for the doubloon I had given him. I divided them between Bellino, Cecilia and Marina, and begged the two young girls to leave me alone with their brother.

“Bellino, I am certain that your natural conformation is different from mine; my dear, you are a girl.”

“I am a man, but a castrato; I have been examined.”

“Allow me to examine you likewise, and I will give you a doubloon.”

“I cannot, for it is evident that you love me, and such love is condemned by religion.”

“You did not raise these objections with the bishop’s chaplain.”

“He was an elderly priest, and besides, he only just glanced at me.”

“I will know the truth,” said I, extending my hand boldly.

But he repulsed me and rose from his chair. His obstinacy vexed me, for I had already spent fifteen or sixteen sequins to satisfy my curiosity.

John Masters, in his book Casanova , 1969:

"A page of notes in his handwriting, found among his papers, contains the following notes, as though for chapter headings:

Mes amours avec Camille (en prison); Pédérastie avec X. à Dunquerque..."

Prof. Luna on p. 70 of her book:

"One thing is certain: three specific allusions to homosexual relations were censured at the time of Casanova's final revision of the Memoirs: 'My love for the Duke of Elbouef's fancy boy' (an episode which should probably be situated in volume 5, in the vicinity of p. 254 of the Brockhaus-Plon edition) -- 'Pederasty with * in Dunkirk' (also in the fifth volume) - 'Pederasty with Bazin and his sisters' (Marr 31-61).

"Perhaps one should also add to this series the note on 'the ring in Etorière's underpants' (Marr 16 k 45), which was also cut; it is well-known that in vol. 4 (p.49), where Casanova is in love with the beautiful M.M., he compares her to Antinoos and to Etorière whom he had 'met in Paris,' and who had a reputation as 'one of the handsomest men in Paris.'"

aangirfan: NabokovLolita and Pale Fire


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Too much gay talk later here, not that wouldnt be interesting, though how much info is accurate after all? There are good and bad ppl, regardless of their sexual orientation, better keep that in mind...

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The massacre of the Syrian children and the massacre of the children from Doha, one day after another. Any coincidence?

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Fukushima Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific to USA
ALICIA CHANG | Associated Press – 1 hr 11 mins ago

"Now that scientists know that bluefin tuna can transport radiation, they also want to track the movements of other migratory species including sea turtles, sharks and seabirds."
You don't think they are laughing about us stupids, do you ?

"We were frankly kind of startled," said Nicholas Fisher, one of the researchers reporting the findings online Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"The levels of radioactive cesium were 10 times higher than the amount measured in tuna off the California coast in previous years. But even so, that's still far below safe-to-eat limits set by the U.S. and Japanese governments."
Of course.
Academy of naked Emperors.

Egbesu Under Panoptic Coloniality said...

your a very brilliant guy however in our quest to enlighten our selves we must leave this victorian era madness of categorizing sexuality...have you read foucault the history of sex read this link
the modern day prohibition against men having sex with each other comes from this
what your post is actually arguing is that prior to the modern world system human sexuality was not a testament to who they were as human beings. leave the rationalist thinking to Mitt Rommney and George Bush...i know it can be hard because we have all been spoon fed this garbage but if we "revolutionaries" dont do such then we just end up going in circles going no where
as always its a pleasure

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