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In the Greek elections,  the two main parties, New Democracy and Pasok, who have shared power since 1974, got combined total of 34% of the vote.

(They used to share about 85% of the vote.)

The Left Coalition, which opposes the austerity measures, and organized strikes and demonstrations during the past two years, got almost 17% of the vote, up from 4% in the 2009 elections.

Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn got 6.9 % of the vote and will get 21 seats in parliament.

Golden Dawn is regarded by some as being a neo-Nazi party.

It wants to force immigrants into work camps.

It wants to plant landmines along the border.


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yes2truth said...

All political parties work for the PTB - politics is a scam and hoax to fool the numpty proles.

The only positive thing to come out this is that turn outs are getting lower and lower as people are becoming more cynical about politics which is good thing - 9 out of 10 cynics are right.

Anonymous said...

Id vote for Golden Dawn, end of it! Dont u think too much is too much? I do...

Anonymous said...

In the USA when people reject Democrats and Republicans, they often stay within the left right paradigm in which we have all been swimming in since birth.
If the options within your left or right sphere are good bad or ugly, you will take them and vote. The real meaning of the vote is the REJECTION of the status quo.
The good news is that people are rejecting establishment parties that serve the 1%. The bad news is that many of the "new" parties are every bit as controlled as the old ones, and Nazi scum are always a bad deal be they covert or overt.

To me the biggest takeaway is the rejection of the established parties. It would be nice to see such action in the US or Canada.....

Anonymous said...

It wants to force immigrants into work camps....

Do you smoke something weird?

Emeritus from Greece

Heather said...

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out. More are rejecting the status quo. But would they be any different if they achieved power?

yes2truth said...


What Nazis? There haven't been any Nazis since 1945. All there has been since then is Bolshevic commie mfrs and what I keep seeing is an ignorant blindness to this curse and scourge on western nations.

Republican Neo cons are corporate commies; Democrats are openly commie scum and yet all I hear from brainwashed twats is nazi this and nazi that!!

Wake up for f**k sake.
Bolshevism is Jewish
Bolshevism is Jesuitism
Bolshevism is Popery

All grinding the people down.

Hitler didn't grind his people down he gave them the highest standard of living in the world at that time. Higher than the USA under the Jew Roosevelt.

CS said...

"To me the biggest takeaway is the rejection of the established parties. It would be nice to see such action in the US or Canada....."

In the states, since they use crooked voting machines to steal secret ballots, folks are making their preference clear in advance of the poll.

This could be unstoppable except in the time-honored American way, with a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Completely off topic but interesting...

US pilots are complaining about defective environmental systems in the F-22.

Gosh, who knows, maybe Lockheed Martin are going to offer to upgrade the F-22 to an unmanned, and monstrously expensive, autonomous stealth drone -- once the artificial intelligence and avionics are up to it. At a not-so-small cost to the taxpayer.

None of those pesky "pilots" with their annoying "independent thought" and "judgment" and what-have-you. Not to mention annoying need for oxygen.

Great way of making business for yourself. Yay Lockheed!

If this happens, maybe some of those disposable USAF pilots can pay a friendly visit to Robert J Stevens. Not to mention the responsible engineers. That, and sue them for wrongful death.

Call me a cynic, but accidental shutdown of ECS and OBOGS? And this hasn't been fixed as a matter of urgency? Come on, give me a break. It's like a bad comedy.

Lockheed, Boeing, Honeywell. Wouldn't put anything past those bastards.

The Russians build weapons to fight wars. The Yanks build them to grub a buck.

"No, it'll be safe right here. I'm in a jet. What could go wrong?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Unknown with respect you ate dead wrong

The French elections had a phenomenal eighty of turnout whilst the last uk BRAINDEAD brainwashed uk general election was thirty pc!!! What a laugh

The Greeks are passionate too, the Brits lead the way on dumbed down sheeple with cutting edge social conditioning by the Tavistock string pullers

The ul students are too thick and docile and drunk and mortgaged for 30 to 50k to riot or even protest!

Uk govt wins, the bulking don boys march on, enforcing poverty and serfdom for the masses

Credit crunch = weasel term for blind robbery of the citizens by the one pc banksters

Another weasel Tavistock term is austerity

Which simply means POVERTY and a desire by tptb to crush everyone except the 1 pc

Anonymous said...

In voew of today's unraveled plot..

yes2truth said...

@ Anonymous

You're the one who is wrong - The Greek turn out was low, too. The Frenchies are the ones who are dumbed down, turning out in droves to vote thinking they're going to change anything - all voters are dumb brainwashed plebs.

The ones who stay at home are the real voters.

Wake up sunshine and smell the coffee before they shove you in a fema camp.

... said...

The fact that 'Golden Dawn' has gotten into Parliament has caused a storm of controversy and news anchors are going crazy about it over here in the Greek speaking world.

I would tend to agree that this all seems orchestrated somehow. Who in their right mind would vote for a man who is advocating murdering the imigrants that won't leave the country!

Just a taster of what these people are all about, can be seen in the latest news clip from Greek television, I put the link below.

Reporters are waiting to hear the statement by the newly elected Mr. Nikolaos Michaloliakos and I will translate...

As the reporters enter the room to wait, a neo-nazi looking 'henchman' stands in the doorway and says 'When he (their leader) enters the room, everyone must stand up, stand up because it is respect, and this is what we as Golden Dawn members do!'

A reporter answers, 'But we are only here to get the statement'. To which the henchman replies 'Whoever doesn't follow this rule can leave the room'.

Along comes Mr. Michaloliakos with his entourage of neo-nazi styled 'assistants'. The henchman at the door begins shouting at the journalists...'Get Up!, Everyone Get Up! Stand Up!'

The journos are so shocked that they don't know what to do and start getting up. A couple stay seated so the henchman walks over and shouts right at them waving his hand 'Stand Up!'

They all stand up, and as the leader sits down a female journalist protests asking why they must stand up.

Michaloliakos does not respond but his 'assistants' start shouting...

'Whoever doesn't stand up can leave the room!' followed by 'Respect! There is no respect!'
and then shouting...

'No one speak, nobody speak!' at the journalists!!!

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