Friday, May 04, 2012

David Icke on Nazis

Some people see David Icke as a disinformation agent. BUT, he knows a lot about what goes on in the world



Anonymous said...

He's both wrong and rite.

yes2truth said...

So do The Jesuits for whom he works.

The BBC is Jesuit controlled. Terry Wogan the Jesuit/Roman Catholic has given Icke plenty of exposure in the past.

He is the classic disso agent with much Truth and an unhealthy emphasis on the Zionist (Canaanite) Jews alone.

Always be suspicious of one dimensional broadcasting.

The conspiracy is the same as it was in the first century - Rome and The Canaanite Jews (The Pharisees)

The Miry Clay and Iron of Nebuchadnezzar's Image in ancient Babylon (Daniel Chapter 2)

Anonymous said...

would personally assume, the in this speech, David is depicting the modus operandi of the judeo/masonic matrix fully correct. Understand David is of jewish origin, maybe this is the reason he is not naming the jews as the main operatives behind the ongoing scheme, which seems to become more visible and obvious by the day. Here in Switzerland, the national radio gave this morning an complaisant and extraordinary long time to Oskar Freisinger, to present his future politics.. Osker is a fervent anti-muslim demagogue, active supporter of Israel's imperial policies and to be elected into the top echelons of the Swiss People's Party (SVP). Maybe Oskar met also some relatives, when visiting Israel..

Anonymous said...

For me he IS a Desinformant. But the NAZI-Agenda seems right...
...but the REAL NAZI-Agenda is about destroying the German Race. That is also happening now in Switzerland.

Also the ARIAN Countries like Iran seem to be attacked because of this.

gallier2 said...

Hey Caveman,
I saw Alain Soral debate Freysinger several months ago. After that debate, he can not claim not to know what the "clash of civilisation" is all about.
He is, imho, a dangerous agent. He's too slick to be really sincerely misguided.

Link to that debate for people who understand french.

Anonymous said...

The British Version of Alex Jones, simply doesn't go all the way. Over use of Nazi Nazi Nazi to remind us about the jewish victim mentality.

So why doesn't he name the people on top of the media and connect the dots; can't be too hard David eh?

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