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"The 'nauts had their cameras on their chest and had to operate them with those chunky gloves, and they were astronauts not photographers yet, as some have noted, the composition of the photos are very polished indeed. See the one above where the astro-photographer manages to get himself in the reflection of his compadre's visor. One must remember they had no way of seeing the composition as it doesn't look as if they could bend their necks to see into the viewfinder , apparently it was click and hope...

"It is the goal of the Power Structures to have us completely protected from the external [ what we think about what we apprehend from outside] and internal [ our own thoughts and individuality] but to be 'jacked in' , matrix-style, to the only show on the planet."

Full text here: THE DATING GAME


aferrismoon said...

Thanks Aang .

I realise some of your readers possibly find this sort of 'research' - annoying, what's the point, superficially researched, irrelevant - so ta for putting it up.


gallier2 said...

Oh my god, not the camera on the chest argument again.
Here the Apollo archive
there are all the photos taken before, during and after the missions. Look especially in the
"Full Hasselblad Magazines" section. There you have all pictures and you will see that there are a lot of misshots, over-exposed, cut in half subject, glaring view, dark shots, repetitive boring shots of lame rocks and there are some truly beautiful pictures. Guess which were chosen to be published in main stream media?
And hadn't also the mythbusters showed that it was actually not that difficult to make decent pictures with a breast camera?

superficially researched said...

Well said, aferrismoon, so what's the point ?

Anonymous said...

OMG. As if to prove the point. lol.

aferrismoon said...

Because I realise some of you are serious knowalls , and believe everything that its taken people 40years to invent :)

Notice u avoided the Van Allens Belt and lack of anybody else alighting to the moon guys and gals as well as the coincided Vietnam events.

Yikes , stick to the camera shots.

Anyone here used a Hasselblad [ On earth or other planet]?


superficially researched said...

The evidence that the NASA moon missions were faked is just as solid as the evidence that the Vietnam war was contrived, and sabotaged from within the American military, that 911 was an inside job by the lobby ruling the USA and that the CIA blackops are financed by their worldwide drugs monopoly.
Sustained doubts about these facts are based on the frequent, blind and fearful insistence on a soft pink world.
I am sure you know about the solid research available.

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