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Thetford who reportedly liked boys and Schucman who was a Jewish atheist who allegedly talked to Jesus.

William Thetford and Helen Schucman wrote A Course In Miracles, published in 1976.

From 1971 to 1978 Thetford headed the CIA mind control Project MKULTRA Subproject 130.

MKULTRA involved the Nazi-style torture of large numbers of children.

"Bill Thetford was a gay man and he had lived with a few men during his life in New York City. He continued to have relationships with men after moving to California." (Website)

Shucman, who was Jewish, claimed that Jesus spoke to her, and helped her with the book.

A Course in Miracles "served to undermine authentic Christianity more effectively than just about any other work..." (Website)

"I have studied Hypnosis, and recognize the technique in A Course In Miracles as hypnotism techniques that create antagonism within the person. That is part of the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. Just go and read the first few lessons, and it would become obvious that the lessons are affirming opposite or conflicting beliefs."  (A Course in Miracles - A CIA Manipulation 1)

"Helen Schucman died in a state of PSYCHOTIC DEPRESSION, whilst her book states that pain does not exist."   (A Course in Miracles - A CIA Manipulation 1)

"Kenneth Wapnick, one of the key players of A Course in Miracles, explains:

"If we now attempt to follow the Holy Spirit's thinking, and we want to prove that the world is not real and that the sin of separation never happened, all that is needed is to prove that sin has no effect.

"If we could prove that the cause had no effect then the cause can no longer exist. If something is not a cause it is not real, because everything that is real must be a cause and thus have an effect. If we remove the effect we are also eliminating the cause." [12]

"The absurdity of these statements are self-evident. Wapnick is not suggesting to remove the sin but to pretend that sin has no effect." (A Course In Miracles [ACIM]. The Miracle of Brainwashing)


yes2truth said...

""Helen Schucman died in a state of PSYCHOTIC DEPRESSION, whilst her book states that pain does not exist.""

I think you will find that Christian Scientists believe the same nonsense. I wonder if there's any connection to these two wierdos?

Zoompad said...

Christians are not supposed to have anything to do with hypnosis, because hypnosis is a form of enchantment and Deuteronomy 18 forbids enchantment.

I thought about having hypnosis to help me give up smoking and for my nervous problems but I knew that the Lord wouldnt like it so I didnt, but now I have stopped smoking anyway, so thats good.

The Lord doesn't want us to put ourselves into positions where other people can brainwash us subconciously because that way we can be confused into thinking that bad is good and good is bad and he doesnt want us to be confused. But the Mkultra trainers want the people they get hold of to be confused so that they can get them to do bad things that they wouldn't normally do, the Cafcass woman who hurt me so much, she would have had the funny training, the NLP people are involved in all that, and I feel quite sorry for the Cafcass woman, she was off work for 3 months, she didnt like herself for what she was doing, I forgave her, because although what she did to me was really really horrible she'd been brainwashed. Not excusing what she did and we all have to answer for bad things we have done in the end, but how can you feel hard to someone when you know they have had their own brains mucked about with? What a sad world we live in, wish all the badness could stop and people just be a lot kinder. But enchantment is hypnotism and the Lord said not to do it.

Anonymous said...

More religious deceit as if it weren't enuff...

Anonymous said...

Sin does not exist. Pain does not exist.

That's touching, quaint. Endearing even.

Apart from the logic resembling the witch trial skit from Monty Python, it is patently contradicted by simple empirical observation:

Try sticking your hand in a fire and keeping it there. Still think pain doesn't exist? Let's see them put their money with their faux philosophical mouth is.

Similarly, sin has real consequences. Real people suffer. Maybe don't try this one at home.

Just because it's all happening inside your head, doesn't mean it isn't real.

It all sounds very similar to the thelemic "do as thou wilt is all of the law" or the "there is no right and wrong" of Philip Berg's kabbalist cult.

If this world is all that is real to you, then it's a plausible enough philosophy.

Sadly for them, actions do have consequences.

Any christian who's dumb enough to listen to these satanic pseuds deserves everything they're going to get.

"But if you do this right, the world is your oyster. You can have complete freedom to do whatever you want, beyond even your wildest dreams."

Anonymous said...

Christian Scientists believe that pain does not exist spiritually- big difference

MBE passed in 1910 way before MKUltra

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can think that this world is all that there is and yet still view this MKULTRA psycho-babble as bullshit. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.

Otherwise thanks Aang, nice one. I hadn't come across these names before and clearly they're worth knowing about.

yes2truth said...

Aging doesn't exist Spiritually either, nor does gender and sex - more big differences eh? Problem here being we're not fully Spiritual yet and the other problem is the Christian Scientists don't get that bit.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting background on Philip Berg and his kabbalist cult.

ACIMescapee said...

You start out incorrect when you say that Helen Schucman and Thetford "wrote" A Course in Miracles. Supposedly, "Jesus" told her to write down what was "channeled" to her. Thetford encouraged her to do so.

I,too, believe it was a CIA psyop. I am a "Course" escapee. I know it well and RAN when I figured out what it was doing to people. I never swallowed the kool aid.

The Jewish connection is all over ACIM, too. Its biggest proponent, Marianne Williamson, is Jewish.

A Course in Miracles aim is to disempower its student. It's the most insidious virus which seeks to destroy a person's empathy for one's fellow man, for it says only love is real. Everything else is an illusion. Nothing unreal can be threatened. Therein lies the peace in God. Blah, blah, blah


Anonymous said...

a course in miracles mentioned:

Anonymous said...

I hope you are two-sided enough to post an opposing view through your moderation of comments.

First, A Course In Miracles does not hide the fact that it claims to be a voluntary mind-training cirriculum.

A Course in miracles is closely tied into the teachings of many areas areas including Christianity, gnosisticm, buddihism, and psychology.

A Course In Miracles teaches you to RELY ON YOUR INNER GUIDE, INSTINCT, the HOLY SPIRIT, your HIGHER SELF. NO WHERE does advocate following a human cult figure. A Course In Miracles can FREELY be found on the web. One does not have to pay money to access it.

LASTLY, brainwashing is a part of You've been brainwashed since the day you were born. You were taught beliefs from parents, teachers, religiouns, THE MEDIA, marketing, consumerism, the government, etc... A Course In Miracles asks that you QUESTION your beliefs until you recoginize that EVERYTHING in this world IS A BELIEF. EVERYTHING!

What is wrong with a voluntary mind-training program that promotes peace instead of suffering? Religions and psychology have been doing it since the dawn of time.

It's sad that jumping to conclusion is the first judgement you make when you have no clue what it's really all about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. A course in miracles states that it is one path out of many. The course states that we should love one another and see only the good in one another. We are all Gods children. It teaches that we are good because we were created that way.

Anonymous said...

Clinical depression would be impossible if one were connected to God

Anonymous said...

Anon said "Clinical depression would be impossible if one were connected to God"

Yet Jesus said "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" To me, that sounds like something a very depressed person would say. I think your argument lacks validity.

Anonymous said...

And you lack love. Read psalm 22 and you will understand why Jesus said that. God loves you.

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