Thursday, May 03, 2012


Letter from Osama bin Laden, April 2011

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful. 

To the esteemed brother, Sheikh Mamon, Allah protect him. 

I want to mention the revolutions aimed at wrecking all prosperous, liberal Moslem countries, where the rulers are too independent of the Pentagon.

What we are witnessing will hit the majority of the Islamic world, including Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. LOL. 

The Secretary of State indicated, in her visit to Yemen, that, "The region will fall into the hands of the CIA's Islamists."

By the way, the original Osama, with his Jewish mafia pals, made a heck of a lot of money from the drugs trade.

I would like to think that my CIA-Mossad employers will continue to look after your interests and mine.

My wife, currently shopping in New York, has expensive tastes. 

Your humble servant,



Anonymous said...

Ever crossed ur mind that all this MADDIE MCCANN stuff could be a hoax? Think about it, its not 1st time, nor last... Research...

Anonymous said...

Genie said...

The powers that be are clearly retarded.

Zoompad said...

I don't think it's a hoax, the Mc Canns look like genuine people who have lost a child to me, if they are acting then Hollywood should sign them both up.

I've also been called a "Drama Queen" (as well as a "nutter" and a "bigot" by the Orees who took over Mothers for Justice admin by tricking the lady who set the site up that they were wanting to help, who were desperatly trying to stop me banging on "like a broken record" about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, so perhaps I should be offered a contract as well?

Anonymous said...

"The powers that be are clearly retarded."

It depends. Retarded but they are dominating us. Who's more retarded then?

... said...

I have to agree with Genie here. They must be retarded for just plain mad. It's like the body in the bag Spy case where they insisted for a while that the victim had padlocked HIMSELF into the bag and therefore committed suicide....and we are supposed to believe that....they must think we are retarded! LOL!

aka Marty

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