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Le blog de Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Jean-Luc Melenchon's party supports:

1. Nationalizing the private banks.

2. Setting up cooperatives to run certain businesses.

3. Leaving NATO.

4. The setting up of a Palestinian state.

5. Holding referendums on policies.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon is leader of the Left Party in France.

The Left Party (Front de Gauche) has had about 17% of the vote.

This is not too far behind the 'pro-war Zionist-puppet parties' led by Sarkozy and Hollande.

Jean-Luc music video!

Unfortunately, Jean-Luc supported the NATO attack on Libya.

So he may also be just another puppet.

gallier2 reports that Jean-Luc is a high order freemason.

According to gallier2, while all the points listed above are on the program of the party, Jean-Luc doesn't support any of them.

"You should look up his voting track record in the parliament. He never voted against any of the globalization laws."


Jean-Luc Mélenchon's father worked in the postal services, and his Spanish-born mother was a primary school teacher.

Jean-Luc has a degree in Philosophy and was a teacher before entering politics.

He is not a Communist.

Real people power or CIA people power?

He has said that "the European Union is no longer a solution but a problem, because economic liberalism has totally corrupted the institution and makes it impossible to achieve the democratic change needed in the EU, all power belonging to technocrats with no popular legitimacy."

Like Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, he thinks the gap between the rich and poor is too great.


What are the politics of French Left Front candidate Jean-Luc.
French firebrand Melenchon milks leftist nostalgia Reuters


gallier2 said...

Sorry to crack your bubble, but you forgot to mention that he is the wolf in sheeps clothes of this election.
He's a high order freemason. While all the points you listed are on the program of the party, he doesn't support any of them. You should look up his voting track record in the parliament. He never voted against any of the globalization laws. Don't forget he's been more than 25 years with the socialist party and took that more leftist posture only recently. No, he's only there to catch the most "workers" votes to avoid a Sarkozy debacle (the workers do vote for Marine Le Pen which contrary to mainstream media proclamation is not extreme right, that's the slur that is and was used to discredit her party)
In that article/videoclip Mélenchon is embarrassed by his "link" (in fact friendship) with Patrick Buisson, who is currently personal advisor of Sarközy. He even attended the ceremony when he (Buisson) got the Légion d'Honneur. If Mélenchon really was who he pretends he is, he fight Buisson, not lickspittle him.

Conspiracy Masks said...

Aangirfan, how can anything change for the better
if the criminal cabal ruling us from behind the scenes
are not exposed, and keep their power ?

His program:
"like Hugo Chavez" "citizens' revolution"
nationalizing the private banks
nationalization of large corporations
"popular involvement" on any essential subject.

Venezuela isn't more democratic now,
freedom of speech didn't improve,
wealth was just shifted from the middle class
to a different criminal network,
the poor remain poor, party followers get a bit more.
The bankers don't care who owns the bank on paper
as long as they remain in power.
It is easy to win people even for
war and their own slaughter through propaganda.

The ruling conspiracy is at the root of our demise.
Not even mentioning this central problem is hopeless.
He is a bait following classic Fabian lines.

gallier2 said...

In this article of the Figaro (certainly not complacent to Mélenchon nor Chavez, it's the "official" mouthpiece for the UMP) he explicitly distances himself from Chavez. He says that he takes inspiration from the enthusiasm of these leaders not their specific programs.


And btw, I'm not the one claiming he's freemason. Here a link where he tries to dodge the question but admits more or less to it
(the part: "j'appartient philosophiquement au courant des lumières" "I'm philosophically part of the enlightenment current" is as good as a direct admission. The paper at the end is an anecdote from Jean-Luc Bennahmias in a meeting with Mélenchon, I translate for the non french speakers:
More to the left, jean-Luc Mélenchon, who still denies every affiliation, has the reputation to direct a small party where the masons are in big numbers and ready to fight... Because the left and the freemasons have a common enemy : the Front National. Member for several years of the Comity for the fight against the extreme right, Jean-Luc Bennahmias remembers whispering to the ear of his neighbour (JLM) : "I think we are the only 2 here who are not freemasons", to get as response : "No, I think you're the only one!"

gallier2 said...

Here another video where he dodges again the question but admits that his father and his grand-father were freemasons

Here the video where he makes the promotion of the Maastricht treaty

Here a video in which he relays the typical israeli propaganda about Iran (the first minute)
and as the real freemason he is, it is the religious nature of the regime there, that bothers him the most.

Here another video in which he essentially trie to justify his fascination for Dassault (the 1st arms dealer in France).

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy Masks said...

There is a reason that the media play's up Chavez's opponents youth (link to Spring) and partying ways. JPost picks it up here..

"While Capriles is proud of his Jewish ancestry and has never tried to shy away from it, he is a devout Catholic. His maternal grandparents were Jewish refugees from Europe who arrived in Venezuela during World War II with nothing but “a suitcase full of clothes,” he told The Forward in an interview last year.“Because of my mother and grandmother, for Jews I’m Jewish, but I’m Catholic,” he said.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Sorry but this pretty face in France is more of the same. ANYTHING is better than Sarkozy .... hopefully. Lookit what they did with the Obaminator. Same game... same game. Only with a french accent and a loaf of great bread.

Unknown said...

Good men abound who do nothing while leaving their coats out to dry... to cloak evil. And still, we applaud the good man's coat because we know to whom it belongs. To anything that adorns it, we call good. We forget it is but a coat and does not become the man. A pretty picture on the cover of a book we call good because of it; a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Ian Leslie said...

Can I throw "THIS ONE" into the mix in support of abused, and dear friends, who had no right to be tortured in this manner!!!

Thanks Aang xxx

Wendy said...

i'm French. i read your blog & i appreciate. you are not fair with him. if i have time and better english i speak about. i see that "gallier2" is quite good informed of "french things". he is not right at all.
i think he is a supporter of those Sarkosy/Hollande.
France is on time to collapse like Europe.
JLM is an hope for many people dispite the fact is one of those "FM". he was born in Algeria.

Excuse me for my bad english.
thanks for all your blog.


French Obama said...

Aangirfan, Wendy/Sylvie is just pushing
"FM" (FreeMasonic) Mélenchon election propaganda and
anti-Assad (bloody murderous devil cartoon) agitprop.

"4 to put the human beings at the center of political projects"
Do you know a political party that doesn't promise that ?
"2 ecological planning as a center of economic project (planet / resources)"
Can you smell the "human beings at the center" promise eroding already ?

"JLM is an hope for many people dispite the fact is one of those "FM"."
Finally an Obama for France too :-)
Everybody can have one, Yes we Can :-)
Faithfully yours, le Grand Orient de France.

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