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"I believe that there were TWO PEOPLE who were shooting," VG newspaper quoted 23-year old Alexander Stavdal as saying.

Several of the youths who were on Utøya told VG that they are convinced that there must have been more than one perpetrator.

Marius Helander Roset said he was sure that shots came from two different places on the island at the same time.

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Presumably some of the survivors of the Norway Attacks could reveal who really carried out the assault.

On 1 August 2011, the UK Guardian asks "How should journalists talk to survivors of the attacks in Norway?‎"

The Guardian journalist travelled to the town of Bardu, which has a military base.

Gunnar Linaker is the army chaplain at the military base at Bardu.

He has spoken to TV. His son reportedly died in the Norway Attacks.

Other people were being kept away from the media.


The Guardian journalist writes:

"After I arrived, a nurse on Bardu's crisis team had gently asked me not to approach Hanne or the three other young women from the town who had survived the atrocities."
Of the seven young people from Bardu who went to Utøya, five survived.

The Guardian did not speak to any of those five.


There are Eyewitness accounts in the media, but they do not seem to describe the shooters in any detail.

The following description does not necessarily identify any particular individual:

"Some of those who caught sight of the gunman (allegedly) described a Norwegian-looking man, tall and blonde, dressed in what appeared to be a police uniform." (BBC News - Eyewitness: Norway Utoeya shootings)


The police seem to have taken control of "all items that store photos or text, hoping to find evidence that will be used against Breivik in the trial." (Police collect mobile phones as evidence )


Surviving Teens Tell Horror Story

Witness account of survivors:

- Marius Helander Roset:
“I am absolutely sure there were shots fired at different locations on the island at the same time,” said Roset.   

“The other guy had dark hair, a gun in his right hand and a weapon strapped on his back,” Roset insists.

- Alexander Stavdal:

“Yes, there were two shooters.”


Of course the trial is only allowing selected witnesses to give evidence.

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