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"The eight-year-old Hitler sang in the church choir, and entertained thoughts of becoming a priest." (Adolf Hitler - Wikipedia)

1. What makes one person turn into Adolf Hitler, and another person turn into Mother Teresa?

People answering this question start off with certain 'premises' or assumptions, which may be wrong.

For example:

A. the atheist starts off with the premise that life is an accident and that no one has a spirit or soul.

But,"the first scientific study of 'near-death' experiences has found new evidence to suggest that consciousness or the 'soul' can continue to exist after the brain has ceased to function."
(Soul-searching doctors find life after death - Telegraph/FREE WILL?)

"The best that neuroscience can do is to show that behavior X is neurally correlated with activity in brain structure Y.

"This has precisely nothing to do with determinism because non-deterministic effects could be present at much more physically fundamental levels than those dealt with by neuroscience and never show up on the neuroscientist’s radar." (

B. The believer in God may start off with the premise that at some point in the past 'God' decided to create various spiritual creatures.

But some people believe that spiritual creatures have always existed.

The Islamic scholar Ibn Taymiyah claimed that 'created things have always existed'. Mormons believe that we have always existed.

"The death of his younger brother, Edmund, from measles on 2 February 1900 deeply affected Hitler. He changed from being confident and outgoing and an excellent student, to a morose, detached, and sullen boy who constantly fought with his father and teachers.... After his father's sudden death on 3 January 1903, Hitler's behaviour at the technical school became even more disruptive, and he was asked to leave in 1904."

C. Westerners tend to think of people as individuals.

But, according to the Taoists, everything in the universe is single, whole, but composed of opposites.

According to the scientists, "under certain circumstances subatomic particles are in some form of intimate connection with one another no matter how far apart they may be." (Quantum interconnectedness - Economic Times)

D. Some people do not believe in 'acts of God'.

Life magazine reported (The Mystery of Chance):

On 1 March 1950, all the fifteen members of a church choir in Beatrice, Nebraska, due at practice at 7:20, were late.

For example, one couldn't start her car; and one mother and daughter were late because the mother had to call the daughter twice to wake her from a nap.

At 7:25 the church building was destroyed in an explosion. The members of the choir, Life reported, wondered if their delay was "an act of God."

"The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna rejected Hitler twice, in 1907 and 1908, because of his 'unfitness for painting'... After being rejected a second time by the Academy of Arts, Hitler ran out of money. In 1909 he lived in a homeless shelter, and by 1910, he had settled into a house for poor working men... He was a frequent dinner guest in a wealthy Jewish home; he interacted well with Jewish merchants and sold his paintings almost exclusively to Jewish dealers."

2. One could argue that neither Hitler nor Mother Teresa had achieved full 'enlightenment' (Mother Teresa's Crisis of Faith)

To Carl Jung, God may be an evolving being.

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) said in Memories, Dreams, Reflections:

"Natural history tells us of a haphazard and casual transformation of species over hundreds of millions of years of devouring and being devoured...

"But the history of the mind offers a different picture. Here the miracle of reflecting consciousness intervenes."

French theologian and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) also sees God as an evolving thing. De Chardin argues that all things are evolving and the unity of the universe is grounded not in matter or energy but spirit.

"Hitler became fixated on warfare after finding a picture book about the Franco-Prussian War among his father's belongings."

3. If we do have 'free will', it could be seen as a burden. (Existential Primer: Fyodor Dostoevsky)

Dostoevsky points to characters who do bad things, knowing that they are bad, in order to assert their uniquness and independence.

Some might say that God does not have this burden, as, presumably, he is incapable of choosing evil?

Dostoevsky, and others, seem to suggest that all creatures go through a long learning process, which can involve suffering, in order to achieve enlightenment.

Hitler was 'lucky' enough to survive a number of assassination plots.

4. Eastern thinking often has less of a problem with the question of 'free will' and 'good and evil'.

"When you are aware of the Tao and feel it, you can flow with it, and the right action appears for itself, spontaneously."

Henry C K Liu wrote in the Asia Times about Taoism. Where does evil come from? There can be no ‘good’ without ‘evil’.

"Controlled quantities of the bad can be good. Excessive amounts of the good can be bad. Poison kills. But when handled properly, it can cure diseases. Without poison, there can be no medicine. To employ poison to attack poison is a Taoist principle, which is validated in modern medical the practice of vaccination, the use of antibiotics and chemotherapy treatments." - (Consider the lilies)

5. Is there a bit of God within Hitler?

According to The Upanishads, the Hindu New Testament (Life And Death Explained?):

God is within all the created world (immanent) and outside all the created world (transcendent).

God becomes immanent (within all) until the end of evolution when the immanent has all again become transcendent (outside the created world). The created world evolves into the transcendent God.

Why? For the joy of creation.

Why is there evil? For the joy of good arising from it.

Why darkness? That the light may shine more.

Why suffering? For the instruction of the soul and the joy of sacrifice.

Why the infinite play of creation and evolution? For pure joy.

The more the lower self is forgotten in good works, and in the realisation of the beautiful and the true, the quicker becomes the process of evolution.

6. Timothy Conway has written of (3 Levels of Reality) "the old, largely forgotten Christian idea of ... universal salvation taught by Origen and Clement of Alexandria and Gregory of Nyssa: God's love is so powerful that no creature can exile itself from this Love forever."

"Chhotu is an intelligent boy who belongs to a poor family in Rajasthan. Born into poverty, he is forced to find work at a roadside food stall."

7. If we do not have 'free will', and everything is determined by such things as our genes, is that going to lead to the elite 'choosing' fascism?

According to Professor Philip Adey of King’s College London, a child's IQ can be raised by the right stimulation

"If general intelligence was indeed largely in the gift of the genes .... then we would be driven towards the deterministic and racist scenario of eugenics.

"Fortunately, all of the recent evidence points to the plasticity of general intelligence, the fact that a child’s IQ can be raised by the right kind of stimulation."

"The best that neuroscience can do is to show that behavior X is neurally correlated with activity in brain structure Y. This has precisely nothing to do with determinism because non-deterministic effects could be present at much more physically fundamental levels than those dealt with by neuroscience and never show up on the neuroscientist’s radar." (

8. The following makes use of an article entitled 'Free Will' at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

Most of us think that we have free will.

But, what is free will?

According to philosopher David Hume, the 'nature of free will' is the big question.

1. We can talk about 'Free Action', 'Free Will' and 'Moral Responsibility'.

If Hitler had been kept in jail, he would not have been free to invade Poland.

While in jail, Hitler may have felt that he still had 'free will'.

Hitler, once in power, was free to invade Poland.

If, as some scientists and philosophers suggest, there is no such thing as 'free will', then Hitler may not be 'morally responsible' for invading Poland.

2. Plato and Aristotle believed that if we have an intellect or brain, then we have free will.

Hitler used his intelect and decided that invading Poland was 'good'.

He had the 'free will' to invade Poland?

We use our 'free will' to do what we consider is 'good'?

3. 'Determinism' is the opposite of 'free will'.

A determinist would say that Hitler's actions were the result of such things as 'being beaten by his father', 'having inherited a disturbed character', 'having, met certain people'...

Website for this image

4. Discoveries in 'Quantum Physics' suggest that 'determinism' may be wrong.

The movement of 'particles' cannot always be predicted.

And every particle, every thing, may be connected.

We may all be part of God or linked to God?

And the concreteness of reality may be an illusion.

Consciousness may create the brain, the body and everything we interpret as physical. (Life And Death Explained?)

5. Some people, called 'compatibilists', believe that people can have free will, even if determinism is true.

Hitler may have been affected by his past and by his nature, but, over the question of Poland, he still had a range of options and it was not innevitable that he would choose to invade when he did?

6. When we use words such as 'gratitude', 'resentment', 'forgiveness' and 'love', we tend to assume that people are responsible for their actions.

7. Some religious people claim that God is ultimately responsible for everything that happens.

But, this suggests that people have no free will and are not responsible for their actions.

If 'theological determinism' is true, then whether or not people repent is ultimately up to God, not to the people themselves.

Why does God not will that everyone is saved?

We might conclude that 'God' may not necessarily be as described by certain fundamentalists.

So, what about free willy?

9. "Do you believe that you have control over your destiny?

"If you do not, then you are more prone to bad behavior."

This is according to findings from studies by experimental philosophers and psychologists, reported by John Tierney in the Times." (If You Don't Believe In Free Will, You Are Likely to Be a Cheater ... / Changing belief in free will can cause students to cheat.)


Zoompad said...

I don't think God likes to see people suffering at all, but I suppose as he can see everything he must have seen Hitler when he was a helpless little baby so he couldn't have hated him as God wouldnt hate a baby would he? I suppose its hard for all people to be kind and good in this world because its like a big chaotic mess. Hitler probably thought he was doing the right thing, and the church didnt help him get on the right track, if the church had not been all wrong, what with pretending that a succession of men wearing fish hats are Gods representatives, if the church leaders would have stopped the blasphemous parading round and concentrated on just encouraging people to read the old passed down from scribe to scribe scriptures, Hitler would have seen that murder is always wrong and Jesus told Peter off for cutting off a Roman soldiers ear, even though the Roman soldier was about to do something wrong to Jesus, two wrongs dont make a right do they?

aferrismoon said...

Free will - we do have crtain restrictions [ breathing , drinking, eating, defecating, sleeping and waking up] which seem to impinge on our free willas we have very little choice but to deal with them.

If we want to breathe we will all, perhaps against our 'will' get as far away from a sulphorous volcano, and if its erupting , pretty quick, and perhaps at other's expense.

'God' seems to have given us responsibility . We also have multiple choices which to some may appear as 'free will'. Irresponsibility and 'bad' choice of options may lead to pain for others, but personally, I hardly feel its 'God's fault - this is humans reverting to childishness, blaming everyone else and having a petulant frenzy.
[ But heck, it does often prove profitable for some ].

Many of these 'ismisms' seem to imply God is OUT THERE.

A major prob seems to be that people use a NOUN to describe God, which in effect causes them to have a single unifying theory for an eternal event that also exists beyond space-time [ if such a realm exists ].

God imagined as a VERB would lessen idolisation and the child-like problems that emerge from it.

Perhaps God = Finite but not simultaneously apprehendable, and thus full of f***ing surprises

Like the F-18 ploughing into a housing complex and killing nobody

Hitler's actions are as everyone knows the visible results of a vast network of behind-the-scenes organising. Those who continue to study Hitler as some kind of human anomaly are just finding new ways of getting tenure or a book-deal.

Maddy Albright dismissed the deaths of 1/2 m Iraqi children via sanctions, barely a ping in the 'intellectual ' world.


aferrismoon said...

"The history of the search by man for a fuller knowledge of God is littered with the discarded images of Him.'



dognamedblue said...

I like the theories of morphic resonance [by sheldrake & lipton] of existence outside the body & genes
helps me cope later in life

if I were to believe in determinism then I should be invading england about now [instead of learning to paint], er...] :)

Anonymous said...

"Many of these 'ismisms' seem to imply God is OUT THERE."

...but he obviously doesnt care about us. War are just one example. Ud better wake up.

Anonymous said...

where does evil come from?

evil is the void that was left behind when god took form,the absolute absence of the attributes of god.

yes2truth said...

Mother Teresa was far more evil than Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was used in order to blacken the image of Fascism and in turn make Communism look like a viable option.

Mankind does not have free will - he has a will, but it's not free. Man in his present condition is fallen and yes he can choose to do good or choose to do evil, but either way he's still fallen, lost and separated from his creator.

Anonymous said...

team aangirfan:
why hitler indeed?
you're baiting - and by doing so, lowering your hand. thanks. i'm biting.

news flash. a person is as a person does.
as for your foil, mother T, you gotta be kidding! she swam in suffering. she did NOTHING to alleviate it. a bowl of soup and a band-aid. she did the backstroke and didn't change anything one iota. she was a photo-op to actually perpetuate the suffering! to acclimate us all to the occurance thereof. you guys are funny. obvious, but funny.

your bogeyman, hitler, rejected the judaic course of events for germany and eradicated the suffering of germans under that system... until PAN-JUDAICA, in the form of 59 diasporatic countries declared war against germany and killed over 20,000,000 germans (in a country of 80,000,000!) during the latter 1940's... all to erase a very successful example (not to mention the genetic stock) of how it could be done without the 'tender guidance ' of the world-wide judaic financial confidence-trick syndicate. it is being erased to this day - by slick hit jobs like this post. the same thing is happening today as the countries/rulers not playing along in the IMF/world bank musical chairs derivative fraud are being taken out. iraq. afghanistan, libya, syria, iran... behold the unipolar magnificence of knife-blade sodomy. breathtaking.

all politics is aggression. hitler knew this and put it to effective use to break - for a time - the judaic stranglehold on his beloved germany. for a time he beat them at their own game. he bested them and in doing so provided a blueprint for others to follow. hence his demonization for time eternal by those that control the historical narrative parading as reality i.e., press, media, history textbook publishers... hmm, who could this be?

another german bogeyman, nietzsche, sums it up this way -
'there IS only what IS apparent. the story of reality has been lyingly added.'
the story of reality is popular history invented for effect. churchill got that one right.

each of us is the god we seek. THAT is what is apparent. what kind of god are you (guys/team aangirfan)? all this other determinist, compatibilist, god and freewill nonsense is puppy-tail-chasing. it's mouse-wheel-running. it's red-herring-fishing. it's wanting mommy and daddy. it's keeping the people busy in their fear. there are all forms of terrorism. boo! good job guys!

tah, team aangirfan.

brian morrison

Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

Hitler's upbringing was a horror show. Alice Miller, a wonderful psychiatrist and very pro child, summarized how this matched up with Europeans who had the same dreadful childhood environment.
Why Hitler was able to achieve what he did - Alice Miller
1. Not life but order and obedience are the highest values. 2. Only by means of violence can order be created and preserved. 3. Creativity (embodied in the child) represents a danger for the adult and must be destroyed. 4. Obeying one's father absolutely is the highest law. 5. Disobedience and criticism are unthinkable because they are punished with beatings or the threat of death. 6. The living, vital child must be turned as early as possible into an obedient robot, a slave. 7. Undesirable feelings and real needs must therefore be suppressed as vigorously as possible. 8. Mothers must never protect their children from punishment by the father but after each incidence of torture must preach to them to honor and love their parents.

Anonymous said...

a post by anonymous about a psychiatrist named miller who wrote a book about hitler. that's the real horror show...

miler huh? miller miller miller. where have i heard that name before?

b morrison

Egbesu Under Panoptic Coloniality said...

great post but before we get on the "mythical" jews let us not forget that the pope and this man got rid of jews and the knights of templar... money does not always equal power military control does...this is not to say that certain jewish people have not been apart of conspiracies but lets put this in perspective for more on hitler read here

P2P said...

something to add. yes.

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