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Highest IQ - dark blue. Lowest IQ - dark red. (IQ and the Wealth of Nations - Wikipedia)

On 21 March 2012, we learn that, according to recent research, the average IQ is falling in Britain, Norway, Denmark and beyond.

(Prospect Magazine / British middle-class teenagers - lower IQ scores - Daily Mail)

Our own observation is that about 50% of white middle class and white upper class parents are neglecting their teenage children.

Mr and Mrs White British are busy arranging their divorces.

They are busy partying.

Their teens are sometimes being left in the care of the computer, the local gang or foreign au pairs.

The best teachers have usually fled from the state run schools, because of the lack of discipline.

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In the UK, Chinese and Indian pupils gain more top grades than white British children in every school subject, official figures have revealed.

(Chinese and Indian pupils get more top grades at than white British.)

In the USA, Asian Americans perform better than European Americans (Education outcomes in the United States.)

Africa reportedly has the widest range of IQs, having some of the highest and some of the lowest IQs.

According to Professor Philip Adey of King’s College London, a child's IQ can be raised by the right stimulation

"All of the recent evidence points to the plasticity of general intelligence, the fact that a child’s IQ can be raised by the right kind of stimulation."

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According to Prospect Magazine:

1. IQ testing is controversial and regarded by some as only a rough indicator of ability or potential.

2. But, there is a strong association between a nation's IQ and its prosperity and health.

3. A study in 2009 compared IQ scores obtained by British teenagers in 1980 and 200.

The average IQ had declined by as much as six points among teenagers in the top half of the IQ scale, a group typically dominated by the children of middle-class families.

This fall wiped out the previous two decades of gains in that group.

A 2005 study on a sample of 500,000 young Danish men, tested between 1959 and 2004, showing that performance peaked in the late 1990s but then declined to pre-1991 levels.

4. In 2002, the psychologist Richard Flynn and political scientist Tatu Vanhanen wrote IQ and the Wealth of Nations which suggested that a nation’s economic success was strongly correlated with its average IQ.

According to the Flynn argument, a six-point decline in IQ would equate with a 0.3 per cent fall in GDP.

5. Suggested causes of the fall in IQ are:

The internet

The dumbing down of education

An obsession with exam results

Youth culture.

On 8 February 2009, the Daily Mail reported:

Teenagers use their leisure time to watch TV or play computer games instead of reading or conversing with others

Education experts said a growing tendency in schools to 'teach to the test' was affecting youngsters' ability to think laterally.

Professor James Flynn, of the University of Otago in New Zealand, commented: 'It looks like there is something screwy among British teenagers.'

Previous studies have claimed that using text messages and email can temporarily reduce IQ.

Smoking marijuana has also been linked with a decline in IQ.

Dr Richard House, a senior lecturer in therapeutic education at Roehampton University and a researcher into the effects of television on children, said: 'Computer games and computer culture has led to a decrease in reading books. The tendency for teachers to now 'teach to the test' has also led to a decrease in the capacity to think in lateral ways.'


Anonymous said...

The whole human race is getting dumber. Nothing new, move on.

... said...

Its shocking but inevitable after seeing how the mass media has literally stolen the minds of the kids, turning them in into the cliche we call 'zombies'.

At Xmas I was out and about in my home town, where ever I went, shops, cafes, I heard the teenagers chat...It was incomprehensible, full of bad sounding grammar, the f word, and obviously indicated a level of illiteracy - I am talking about 15 and 16 year olds - sad state of affairs when they are supposed to be 'our future'.

aka Marty

thetruthhurts said...

Personally, the art of using a well timed 'f' word has been lost. Being so overused as it now means the effect is all lost. In UK English it's far more used in conjuction with a term of endearment or classic understatment versus the US English version where it has a much more harsh and aggressive tone to it all.
It's a great point about dumbing down in the article, it's very true that positive maverick thinking or inventive thought is less than encouraged these days.It goes hand in hand with everyone in the West being lazier these days and hoping/believing they should be very rich for doing no work - perhaps this is someone's master plan, why else would the powers that be allow the overall standard to drop.

su said...

check this out - forget everything else, the earths crust is splitting.

Dublinmick said...

SU that is a very good earthquake map, I will start using it, very tired of usgs. They don't show a lot of quakes.

There are many reasons for the dumbing down, GMO foods such as corn in america as well as corn syrup in most everything, aspartame colas etc. One reason Asians and Indians excel also I am sure has to do with their use of utensils, such as iron, copper and silver. You cannot form proper blood protein if you are copper deficient and the real metals stimulate transfer of electrical energy in the brain.

You will find many westerns eating with teflon, aluminium, cadmium steel pans and other forms of poison. Probably westerners keep a cellphone to their ear more also which usually leads to glioma brain cancers like Ted Kennedy had and many other people. Exposure to cell and wifi simply deadens the brain.

Poland has just banned GMO so obviously Poles are smarter than other people in the west. Americans have been savaged to the point they will almost eat anything including pink slime in hamburgers. BPA is now used in most plastics and it causes a number of deformities.

Westerners believe they are more intelligent as they were industrialized by the crown and her banker the red shield for the coming clash of civilizations. More of them have lights and running water so they believe they are more intelligent. The less they know the more they think they know.

Anonymous said...

the dumbing down of the society must be intentional, it started in US and it is now applied big time in Europe. MSM is propagating sex as kind of sport, showing a clear reluctance to condemn binge drinking / coke snorting and accepting "having fun as a main reason for living". Politics are mainly reduced to a dayly dose of islam bashing.. who exactly could pull the strings for this preparation for NWO??
check out the statements of GeorgeC on
and then the explanations of Yuri/Tomas concerning "subversion, demoralisation etc" on
Final question: what did and do "commrade Andropov" and a contemporary Marxist like Richard Wolff have in common apart from the political ideas??

Anonymous said...

I am a British male of Pakistani descent and believe that 'white' are VERY clever. I think it will take a lot of government dumbing down to make them less clever. The only problem is that after 11 years most 'white' people still do not understand that Israel did 9/11 and act upon it. Shame isn't it?

Anon said...

9 11 copies the patterns of Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio. 9 11 was intended to keep certain rich elites in power, and was the work of certain spooks from the USA, Europe, Asia etc. Pakistan's spy boss General Mahmoud Ahmad arranged for money to reach the CIA's Mohamed Atta. The elites, whether Moslem or Jewish or Hindu or Christian, are usually in alliance . The elites of more than one country come together at Bilderberg to promote their feudal, fascist, mafia agenda.

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