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We believe that the 9 11 attack on the Pentagon was a false flag attack.

We believe that elements of the security services of several countries were involved.

We do not believe that one country on its own could carry out the attack.

However, there are people trying to place all the blame on one country - either Israel or the USA or Saudi Arabia or China or Afghanistan or whatever.

We should remember that Operation Northwoods was a CIA-Pentagon operation.

And Operation Gladio was a CIA-Pentagon-NATO operation.

And the attack on the USS Liberty had the approval of the Pentagon and President Johnson. (Searching the Shadows)

Inside-Job. The idea of 'using Islamists' apparently began with the British when they wanted to undermine the Ottoman Empire. Many of the 'Islamists' have connections to London and Paris.

1. An article entitled "The Dimitri Khalezov "WTC was nuked" hoax" at Wake Up From Your Slumbers.:

"For years, various disinformation agents have been attempting to sabotage the 9/11 truth movement with claims that 'mini-nukes' or 'nuclear devices' were used to demolish the World Trade Center.

"The fact that the Twin Towers and WTC7 (Building 7) were destroyed in a series of controlled demolitions is not in doubt; more than 1,400 architectural and engineering professionals have called for a new, truly independent investigation and cited evidence of controlled demolitions at all three collapsed WTC steel-framed high-rises.

"In April 2009 a paper published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal was the final nail in the coffin for the government version of events, proving that nano-thermite was used to bring down the Twin Towers and WTC 7 in a series of controlled demolitions.

"The study, conducted by a group of independent scientists, found a highly energetic, unreacted thermitic material in samples of dust taken from the vicinity of the WTC following its catastrophic destruction."

Continued here: The Dimitri Khalezov "WTC was nuked" hoax Wake Up From Your Slumbers.

After World war II, the fascists and Zionists appeared to come together in Bilderberg.

2. Just after 911, Dimitri Khalezov, Veterans Today (Veterans Today) correspondent, and former member of the Soviet 12 Nuclear Directorate, reportedly met with Mike Harari of Mossad.

"He was with Harari and his son at a celebration of the 9/11 attack on September 12, 2001 in Bangkok.

"Harari took full credit for planning the attack and spoke openly of it during the celebration, a breakfast in Bangkok.

"Our VT correspondent took down every word and, in 2007, made a full and detailed report of this and the Bali bombing to FBI agents.

"The agents admitted they were aware that 9/11 was an “inside job” and knew Harari was involved, admitted they had known for years.

"Victor Bout stated that a Granit missile, a Soviet cruise type missile, was sold to the US for the Pentagon attack.

"Films of the attack made by NORAD satellite show a missile but it is impossible to differentiate between a Granit or one of the American varieties."

Continued here: Victor Bout Must Be Silenced! Veterans Today

Dimitri knows Viktor Bout, a fellow Russian "who was lured to Bangkok by the Americans to be framed for supplying the stolen Granit missile, stolen from the sunken submarine Kursk."

Dmitri Khalezov On Mike Harari and 9/11 Conspiracy

Osama was in an American hospital just before 9 11.

3. "Misha Belozerosky accompanied Viktor Bout from Moscow to Bangkok, Thailand in March 2006. Misha was mentioned very briefly in the trial and even appeared on the DEA’s undercover tapes admitted into evidence.

"However, during the sting operation, Misha was not charged nor arrested and jumped into a taxi to the airport and flew back to Russia.

"Misha like a magician turned invisible and escaped the biggest and most expensive DEA sting operation and eluded both Thai and U.S. authorities.

"According to author and investigative journalist Daniel Estulin in an article titled, The Making of a Legend: Viktor Bout, Misha is a Russian colonel."

More here: Dobroyeutro's Blog » Dimitri Khalezov

The Pentagon's Operation Northwoods envisaged using planes in a false flag attack.

4. Author Gordon Thomas wrote a book claiming that China had a role in the 9 11 attack.

(Book says China involved in 9-11 attacks - Beijing used bin Laden.)

In "Seeds of Fire," Thomas purports to show how Beijing is positioning itself to become America's "new major enemy."

Thomas points out that on 9 11, a transport plane from Beijing landed in Kabul.

A Chinese delegation had gone to Afghanistan to sign a deal with the Taliban – reportedly brokered by Osama bin Laden – to provide the Afghans with missile-tracking technology, state-of-the-art communications and air-defense systems.

In return, says Thomas, the Taliban would order Muslim separatists in northwest China to stop their activities.

In his book, Thomas argues that hours after the plane landed in Kabul, CIA Director George Tenet received a coded "red alert" message from Israeli Mossad agents that presented a "worst case scenario" – that China would use bin Laden, to attack the United States.

5. Lots of disinformation there!



Anonymous said...

We need Colonel Flagg to explain this to us.

The one thing the 911 truth movement can agree on is the need for a new open honest transparent investigation.

Beyond that, we are navel gazing, spinning our wheels and doing what the perps want.....fighting amongst ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Bout arrest = AFRICOM launch (and Russia's Africa networks?

Russian warships will be continuously deployed for patrol duty off the Syrian coast in the Mediterranean, a high-ranking source in the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday. “A decision has been made to deploy Russian warships near the Syrian shores on a permanent basis,” the source said. The Russian Kashin-class guided-missile destroyer Smetlivy is currently deployed near the Syrian coast. “Another Black Sea Fleet ship will replace the Smetlivy in May,” the source said, adding that several Russian warships were on their way to the Mediterranean. “This may be the Pytlivy frigate or one of the amphibious assault ships,” he said, adding that “deployment of a Black Sea Fleet task force to the region cannot be ruled out.”

And Yet another African Coup..
The multitude of small offshore islands and a military able to sidestep government with impunity has made Guinea-Bissau a favourite trans-shipment point for drugs to Europe. Plane drops are made on or near the islands, and speedboats pick up bales to go direct to Europe or onshore.[13] UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called for sanctions against those involved in Guinea-Bissau's drugs trade.[14] Air force head Ibraima Papa Camara and former navy chief Jose Americo Bubo Na Tchuto have been named "drug kingpins".[15]

On 24 September 2011, Guinea-Bissau's Prime Minister took to the podium at the General Assembly to ask the United States and the members of the European Union to help the impoverished West African country control its maritime borders against drug traffickers.[16] (Wiki)

SteelMagnolia said...

I have sent this information about AlJazeera to ALL British media outlets and they have refused to report...

Anonymous said...

Tony Ryals said...

I already posted somewhere about the fact that this ICTS National was incorporated in the U.S.under the Harari last name and that I felt it had something to do with ICTS International ICTS Europe and ICTS UK and ICTS Norway for that matter and thus the scum like Menachem Atzmon OF 9/11 and ICST infamy who still control
Schiphol Airport Amsterdam at the pleasure of Queen Beatrix,
I believe you know Mike Harari was
the key responsible for the assassination of the wrong Palestinian in Norway years ago and then turned up in Central America for arms and drug dealing ops,(Cocaine Politics by Peter Dale Scott), around the Iran-Contra era and then was a major military advisor to Noriega who the U.S.and George Herbert Walker Bush gave free passage back to Israel at the time of the U.S.invasion and overthrow of his ex business partner Manuel Noriega.

Still everything you say about the lack of credibility of anyone associated with Gordon Duff's and thus CIA George Tenet's Veterans Today is absolutely on the mark.Good for you,as usual.

Icts National Services Inc. Company Profile - Located in New York ... › New York › New York
30 Jan 2012 – View the connections between Icts National Services Inc. and Harari Kami Harari Kami, Chairman at Icts National Services Inc. New York, NY ...

Anonymous said...

Khalezov's book is perhaps obvious rubbish but the site you link to, Wake Up From Your Slumbers, goes way too far in its accusations that Gordon Duff is an Israeli shill. Veterans Today, of which he is Senior Editor, seems to have more criticism and exposes of Israel than almost anywhere else. Duff is quite prominent in this. Duff writes an amazing amount, likely too much for all of it to be well-considered.

Slumbers cites "experts" like Steven Jones who are shills. It also dismisses out of hand the most important - and easily verifiable - evidence of international conspiracy, which must involve Israel and Britain. This is the completely contrived visual evidence of Sept 11 which you can see with your own eyes. There are visible anomalies in the film and photo imagery of both the single aircraft photpgraphed and of the demolitions. The existence of one anomaly throws all into doubt, as why fake footage of a real event and which footage is real? The CIA and Mossad organised the 6 US media networks , while MI6 delivered the BBC to saturate the media with these bogus images. You are linking to sites which are lying to people about the basis of your own editorial material.

Venetian Masquerade said...

"Gordon Duff associate of stock fraud money launderer,ex CIA Chief George
Tenet Agora Inc employee Rey Rivera unexplained 14
foot fall from Belvedere Hotel Baltimore in 2006.
James Dale Davidson who started the Clinton killed
Vince Foster rumor was the founder of Agora and has ties to the
highest level of far right fascists from Washington,D.C. to the UK and
Lord William Rees Mogg and the Rothschild crime family.
Although my second link below might indicate that I am a supporter or
fan of Julian Assange that is not the case.I believe Duff and Agora
Inc.'s Lila Rajiva were running a dirty tricks campaign against the
corrupt Assange for the very reason that he had obtained enough data
on their far right stock shares money laundering pals and Swiss and
offshore accounts that made him dangerous to them.Thus the million
dollar book offer from Rupert Murdoch and the fact that in the end
rather than exposing the Zionists that Duff and Rajiva and Agora and
Tenet are intimately connected with in the U.S.,UK,Israel and
elsewhere Assange in the end made the most outrageous claim that
Indian billionaires were the most significant Swiss and international
money launderers.And thus their psy ops against Assange ended in a
Assange's new 'job' at Russia Today just shows how the far right elite
have penetreated Russia as well and the Rothschild crime family of
which Duff appears to be allied with it's non Semitic white Jewish
billionaires control Russian media just as they control BBC,Al
Jazeera,CNN,ABC,CBS,NBC and Murdoch's disinfo 'news' agency in the UK
and U.S.such as London Times,Fox,WSJ,etc.,etc. And Duff is allied with
them as sure as he is allied to the Zionists he would have us believe
he wishes to throw Molotov cocktails at.......

WTC,,9/11,Logan Airport Boston,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad
Atzmon,Gordon Duff,Menachem Atzmon, ICTS International"

A Venetian masquerade positioning leaders for the next staged revolutions.
And for the "cleanup" after that.
And of course always muddying the water, poisoning the wells.
And trapping independent whistleblowers and leaders.

Tony Ryals said...

The most significant role played by China in 9/11 to me was in helping to destroy evidence and profiting from the cheap scrap steel they got as an added bonus.While the link below mentions China and India,I believe South Korea and Taiwan got a share of the steel that should have remained for forensic evaluation as well.

9-11 Research: WTC Steel Removal

25 Sep 2011 – Disposal of the steel remains of the World Trade Center buildings ... The bulk of the steel was apparently shipped to China and India......Mayor Bloomberg, a former engineering major, was not concerned about the destruction of the evidence.

Anonymous said...


Gordon Duff is, indeed, a source of disinformation.

I started reading Duff and Veterans Today in December 2010. It seemed interesting and Duff knew how to "spice up the intelligence" to make it a compelling read.

But Libya exposed Duff for the liar he can be.

Aangirfan, you know the bloody, awful truth of what happened in Libya.

Duff supported the Libyan invasion and still does to this day.

His reasoning and sources are specious.

Duff claims to be into civil rights, but hasn't said a word on the black Libyans being executed and kept in prisons because they are black.

I could go on about Libya and Duff, but that was the final straw. After that I knew Duff was, at some level, disinformation.

Duff, himself, is almost completely silent on Syria. But what few comments Duff did make (compared to his normal "wind bag" approach) were supportive of the foreign fighters and the West's propaganda on the situation in Syria. Since that time Duff has had to allow others to present the true facts of Syria because those facts are so well known to those who have a mind to look for them, like you, Aangrifan, and many others.

(Still, Duff, himself, has never owned up to what NATO is doing to Syria or that Israel's government is supporting the foreign fighters in Syria. Nor that these foreign fighters want to ethnically clense the Christians from Syria.)

These two news stories, in themselves, would identify Gordon Duff as disinformation.

Duff and Dimitri Khalezov are disinformation on 911, but not in the normal sense.

The combination of Duff and Khalezov on the radio AND the analysis of that radio interview (the link, herein) and Duff's and Khalezov's writings has completely discredited the "mini-nuke" theory.

Read the link. Khalezov makes so many wild claims that no one objective can or will believe him, yet there is Gordon Duff giving 'cover' to Khalezov, actually, Duff pulled Khalezov out of obscurity, after Khalezov made a video to promote his story.

But Khalezov didn't originate the 'mini-nuke' story. But he did do his best to sink the 'mini-nuke' hypothesis and destroy any credibility it might have had and Gordon Duff help Khalezov do that.

Aangirfan, what do you know about molecular disassociation?

This is when materials are separated down to the single atom.

Conventional or even thermite explosives don't cause molecular disassociation. But that is what happened at the World Trade Center One and Two.

Elevated levels of radiation were recorded at ground zero. Extreme heat lasted months in the 'pile' at ground zero.

A third of the concrete and steel of the twin towers was reduced to less than dust -- vaporized -- or in scientific terms: Molecular disassociation.

Only one thing will do that. Nuclear temperatures.

And, yes, First Responders are dying of rare cancers at an alarming rate. Asbestos does not cause cancer from chemical interaction, it causes cancer from physical irratation over 10 or 20 years of exposure.

Many First Responders are getting rare blood cancers, which are consistent with radiation exposure.

Why 'mini-nukes'?

First, understand the World Trade Center buildings, One and Two, were VERY VERY strongly build.

It would not even be a sure thing that conventional demolition or thermite sxplosives would take the buildings down.

'Mini-nukes' guarantee the buildings will come down.

Anonymous said...

But just as important, if not more important, 'mini-nukes' destroy the evidence. Literally, molecular disassociation turns everything into dust.

Conventional or thermite doesn't do that.

Think what the repercussions would have been if it was obvious that the buildings were deliberately destroyed by other than the planes?

Building 7 is the smoking gun of the whole 'inside job' execution of treason and attack.

Conventional or thermite demolition could easily have left too much evidence of their use.

On the other hand, 'mini-nukes' are unexpected and they cause molecular disassociation.

Why were so many FDNY firetrucks and other FDNY emergency vehicles, with relatively light damage taken to the garbage dump?

Why were so many private vehicles (cars) burnt, but were not right next to the buildings? An electromagnetic pulse of charged particles will short circuit and cause fire in cars.

Anyway, Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov are disinformation. But, it was actually to discredit the 'mini-nuke' theory.

Seriously, look at the number of wild claims Khalezov makes.

Did you know Khalezov claims there were no planes hitting buildings in New York City?

The 'Granite' cruise missle came of the Russian sunken submarine.

And so on.

To be honest, while I know Duff is disinformation, I'm curious what is Duff's real game.

Duff is classic disinformation in that he does supply some factual information with the disinformation.

Dimitri Khalezov didn't come out of the woodwork (obscurity) until the 'mini-nuke' hypothesis started to gain some traction by others who showed there was elevated radiation levels around the World Trade Center site.

I don't dismiss that there was thermite, but either it was a cover to confuse, and stall any investigation, or to assist the 'mini-nuke' in taking the buildings down, or part of the nuclear reaction lead to the chemical composition consistent with thermite.

In any event, Duff and Khalezov did more than anybody to discredit the 'mini-nuke' theory.

Let's be clear: Gordon Duff is a LIAR, but liars still need to tell some truth or everybody starts to see through them and their lies.

Anonymous said...


One big difference between the intensionally designed discrediting Dimitri Khalezov story of nuclear weapons built into the base of the towers and the 'mini-nuke' hypothesis is that Khalezov doesn't claim there were 'mini-nukes', but rather, one 150 megaton nuclear bomb in each basement.

The 'mini-nuke' hypothesis is that a chain of mini-nukes where set within the building and their detonation started from the top and worked their way down the building.

Here is an abstract:

"Analyses of air samples from the 9/11 WTC (""Ground Zero"") particle plume reveal the unexpected presence of many particles smaller than 1 micron (ie, nanoparticles). Among the smaller GZ particles, the distribution of their sizes clearly indicates that they were caused not by pulverization but by widespread molecular dissociation, which occurs only at energy levels higher than what could result from a collapse or even what can be achieved through the use of conventional weapons technology."

I was late to this post, so really, these comments are for Aanfirfan's knowledge and those few who dig down in the comments of older posts.

Aangirfan, Google: Physics Department at 911 University


"When matter is elevated to temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun, molecular dissociation results. Molecular Dissociation (MD) is easy to understand once we realize that there are four (4) states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Just as ice has trouble surviving in water or steam, molecules have trouble surviving in plasma, which is highly energetic (ie, extremely hot). When molecules dissociate, they leave behind loose atoms and fragments of molecules. In other words, extremely small particles. In this sense, it is correct to think of molecular dissociation as disintegration."

Aangirfan, I know many 911 truthers beat the crap out of the 'mini-nuke' hypothesis, but the problem with 911 truthers and this is true of everybody, including myself, although at least I'm conscious of my weakness, is once they get an idea into their head, say, "thermite was the explosive which took down the buildings," they don't consider other evidence which contradicts their idea.

Aangirfan, read the link provided in this comment. Study it and maybe you, and anybody else who reads the link and their scientific arguments, won't be so quick to dismiss the 'mini-nuke' hypothesis.

Sufficient Evidence said...

Thank you for the plasma dissociation reminder.
Don't worry about not knowing, we generally only know very little.
What we can know is precious, the main perpetrators are clear for the willing to see.

What you write about Khalezov is not the reason why closed-minded people dismiss 911 mini-nukes.
The site you link to intelligently thinks there were no planes.

Anonymous said...

Sufficient Evidence:

Thank you for pointing out that the website gives support to the "no planes" at the World Trade Center scenario.

The "no planes" statement has been the most pernicious disinformation of the whole 911 truth movement. It appears even some honest 911 truthers have been conned by that gambit.

It is sad and tragic that the 911 University signed on to "no planes".

I suppose I missed that because I was focussed on the physics: Molecular disassociation.

As your comment implies, the molecular disassociation and related evidence of "mini-nuke" is solid.

But I also share the concern that, as important as the actual physical mechanism is, you are right, it is getting the perpetrators to justice that counts.

And expose the whole ediface that has been constructed in the name of 911.

Seems many folks are so determined to prove the mechanism of destruction that they let that divide and conquor their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

That is my overall goal: Bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Sufficient Evidence said...

Yes, many are paid to keep people busy with their writing, talking and clips.
Distracted and following fruitless leads.
And divided and disinformed as you say.

Just like big media, the alternative press keeps many busy for hours every day.
Many, especially academics think they are better informed when they are just better filled with propaganda. Filling, even flooding people with misdirection is an important part of school literature and TV.

Knowing less and concentrating on a few decisive facts is much better then believing disinfo. Constantly demanding proof is a trick to keep you busy when most of the time those asking do not want to hear or know the truth.

Did you see Open Complicity ?
Many were involved in 911 just to bind their loyalty to the crime.
Why is it important that a remote controlled plane really flew into the WTC, as opposed to fake footage and fake witnesses ?

Anonymous said...

Sufficient Evidence:

Sure, there is disinformation a plenty, and, sadly, honest folks who have been misled.

Yes, it is critical to seperate disinformation from facts & evidence which reflect reality. There is one physical reality, an objective truth, if you will.

But it is additionally true that reasonable people can draw different conclusions from the same set of facts & evidence because of their own personal life experiences.

Frankly, I do study agents of disinformation to understand their tactics, strategy, motives, and objectives.

Gordon Duff is an interesting study because of his mix of disinformation and valid information. Duff is a skilled disinformation agent, who specializes in "game theory" strategy & tactics (and he does give out crumbs of valid information when it serves some larger purpose or to keep up his credibility with readers).

Yes, identifying "decisive facts" is critical to unraveling what others want to remain hidden or unknown as "decisive facts", but hiding in plain view.

I will disagree with you slightly, however, being reasonably sceptical, but having an open-mind, does often requiring 'proof', i.e., facts & evidence, which amount to a chain of logic, that requires, at times, pressing interlocutors for their rational, their analysis based on facts & evidence, although, I agree with you, Sufficient Evidence, that some people do use that as a way to distract or overwhelm, particularly, when it's felt, the other person has a valid conclusion, but may be weak in ability to support their conclusion, and, thus, can be discredited by an 'overload' of demand for 'proof'.

It's a judgment call dependent on Good Faith desire to search for the truth as opposed to a desire to obscure or discredit truth.

I had not seen Open Complicity before, but now I have.

That's an interesting conclusion.

It's possible, but there are also possible alternative reasons why each situation happened as it did.

By the way, I already subscribed to Israeli government involvement in 911 and Necon and Zionist, as well.

911 was a Murder on the Orient Express plot, there were many hands (factions) on the dagger in the back of America and the world.

And, I do agree with the proposition that the 911 did bond together various factions in complicity, even if I don't know about the hypothesis that there were these intentional implications to keep everybody quiet (although, it isn't beyond imagination).

Certainly, it's true many don't want to address Israeli government involvement or Neocon and Zionist involvement for fear of being labeled an "anti-semite".

Regarding planes or "no planes", it is important because "no planes" is so easy to disprove, many New Yorkers that day saw the second plane (I saw an authentic video which recorded the sound of the first plane and its impact) and enough people heard and some even saw the first plane strike the North Tower.

Anonymous said...

Try to educate an uninformed, but legitimately, reasonably sceptical person who has an open-mind and is willing to 'follow where the evidence leads' with an opening statement: "There were no planes that hit the towers in New York," and you have premanently lost 90% of those people.

Sadly, apparently, many are being deceived by the "no planes" gambit.

And, "no planes",in my opinion, is designed to achieve a larger goal: After starting off with "no planes" with somebody, they are likely to not believe a single word you say about any other, quote, conspiracy theory, unquote.

The "no planes" admission and propagation is designed to turn you into a "tinfoil hat" person to those you press that idea onto, who don't already subscribe to 911 Truth.

(Those who already subscribe to 911 Truth will simply chalk you up to misguided and gullible -- or an intentional disinformation agent -- they will be less likely to believe other 'conspiricies' you might relate... in other words, it discredits the whole alternative history and politics movement.)

As I stated before, the "no planes" claim is the most pernicious disinformation of the whole 911 Truth movement because it reaches beyond the 911 Truth movement in terms of credibility.

911 Truth, in my opinion, is the crux of the Globalist/Zionist plot for one world government conspiracy, it's the hinge, or fulcrum.

Anonymous said...

Sufficient Evidence:

You wrote: "What you write about Khalezov is not the reason why closed-minded people dismiss 911 mini-nukes."

Why do people so readily dismiss 911 mini-nukes?

Oh, by the way, to beat a dead horse, Sufficient Evidence, you wrote: "The site you link to intelligently thinks there were no planes."

Beyond the very brief summary of why "no planes" is pernicious disinformation, there are many other indicia of actual planes hitting in New York (whether those planes were remote controlled or the actual commercial airliners, I don't know).

Why a site like that subscribes to the possibility of "no planes" possibly has to do with the movie, "Septermber Clues". Apparently, the movie was very well done. But it also depends on not investigating ALL the facts & evidence available independently outside of that movie.

And, believing the movie's producers, that all facts & evidence outside of that particular movie are unreliable.

Apparently, many "mini-nuke" subscribers buy into the "no plane" scenario (at least that was my superficial observation based on internet research), so maybe 911 University, adopted "no planes" as a way to attract "mini-nuke" subscribers.

I don't really know.

But commenters at various websites stated in substance, "After watching Septermber Clues, I was convinced there were 'no planes'."

Obviously, the movie was very well done. But the movie depended on buying into the assertions of a master video technicion, who had ability to do his own video manipulation and who basically implied or stated to viewers, "You can't trust facts or evidence beyond this movie and my assertions."

That's an indicia of disinformation -- "Only my information is good, everybody else's is false."

The above is a tactic Gordon Duff took up during the NATO Libya invasion and still trots out.

Yes, there is disinformation, but when the claim is, "My truth is the ONLY truth, everybody else is disinformation," be at least suspicious, if not down right disbelieving.

I had done a lot of research before and after reading of this "no planes" scenario.

I ran down a lot of claims about witnesses made by September Clues which didn't hold up and other facts & evidence, as well.

In fact, many claims by September Clues didn't hold up upon close scrutiny.

This is not the time or place to go into detail on that argument.

Truth or Popularity said...

Your justified fears beg you to make a decision:
do you want the truth or popularity.
People are programmed with layers of roadblocks
ensuring they emotionally reject truth which could set them free.

By nature of the conspiracy we confront
most of the time we neither know nor have proof.
What we know is precious but rejected
by far more then 90% as you describe.
Of course most accept some hidden pearls.
But then bury them in the manure of
the deception served and piled up daily.
Simply because they are too frightened
to consider the truth about how destructive
and powerful the conspirators really are.
And if you give them more pearls,
they will need to wash them down with more
fairytale dung from their favoured, popular sources.

If you want to have an effect,
shock and initial denial is unavoidable.
Not because we like to shock-program people,
but because breaking the shock-programming
leads to seeing the shocking reality
of the death-cult terrorising us.

"it discredits the whole alternative history and politics movement."
If truth can do that, what is credit with such people good for ?

911 Planes said...

"Why do people so readily dismiss 911 mini-nukes"
because it's frightening.

"September Clues. Apparently, the movie was very well done."
It was well done for an amateur.
But it was too fast with everything.
That's a fundamental trick of stage magicians.
Also to pose as an amateur is a classic deception of war.
What seems obvious is that most of the media
footage about 911 was faked and manipulated, do you agree ?

This could have been designed to lead people
to believe there were no planes,
sowing the seeds for years of distracting disputes.
Still it's important to remember that it doesn't matter.
The controlled demolition does matter.
And the NORAD stand down too.

"I had done a lot of research before and after reading of this "no planes" scenario.
I ran down a lot of claims about witnesses made by September Clues which didn't hold up and other facts & evidence, as well.
This is not the time or place to go into detail on that argument."
Are you sure ?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that people review the following:

9/11 Solved - YouTube - This Playlist

Pythagoras Exposes Phantom Flight UA175 as a Hoax

Support Evidence for Dimitri Khalezov (Scribd)

9/11 Rescue Workers Suffer from Radiation Exposure (Scribd)

Nuclear Demolition Article

Los Alamos 9/11 Truth said...

Were these the "planes" that "eyewitnesses" claimed to have seen ?

New York ia a city of compulsive liars.
And America is a nation gullible fools.

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