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Bo Xilai and Neil Heywood

According to Trowbridge H Ford (Trowbridge H Ford - WikiSpooks):

'MI6 agent Neil Heywood''s job was to get Bo Xilai to succeed Hu Jintao as China's President.

And there is a link to murdered spy Gareth Williams.


Gareth Williams
According to Ford:
MI6 agent Gareth Williams fell out with MI6.
Williams decrypted 'the Afghan Log', and handed it over to Wilileaks.
The Afghan Log revealed how coalition forces killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents
The USA's NSA decided to dipose of Williams when he came to its Fort Meade headquarters.
It was then that Williams ingested some poison.
William's partner in dicphering the Afghan Log - GCHQ's Gudrun Loftus - was murdered.
Seems that Williams was decoding Foreign Office and British Intelligence Services communications, particularly on China, and recording them on his laptop and/or his MP3. 
They showed the deep operation that Heywood was engaged in.
Seems the material was being collected for the Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS), but since neither Williams nor Loftus made it out of the UK, the Chinese had little idea of what the plans were... 
Trowbridge Ford is a former US Army Counter Intelligence Corps analyst. Now a retired college politics professor living outside Stockholm.
Trowbridge Ford writings on deep political events are published on a number of 'alternative news' web sites, including:
A brief biographical account of Ford's CIC service in Paris During the Korean War is posted here

Now, you may be thinking that Ford is a former spy and thus a disinformation agent.

Ford may be correct about Heywood but wrong about Williams collecting information for Wikileaks or for China?

Anonymous writes about Ford:

Aang, this man is clearly bonkers, let alone grammatically challenged. I have come across his risible crazed gushings at Veterans Today and the DPF.


Anonymous said...

aang, this man is clearly bonkers, let alone grammatically challenged. I have come across his risible crazed gushings at Veterans Today and the DPF: suggest you wipe the end of your bargepole in case you catch something nasty...

Anonymous said...

Cryptome take a similar view of Trowbridge H Ford, and indeed any intelligence leak/briefing. The rationale being that IF they are putting information in the public domain, it must therefore have a purpose other than (as well as) broadcasting information.

My personal view is that Trowbridge H Ford's writing is awkward and a bit too matter of fact. That said, I do believe there must be some genuine whistleblowers out there. Whether Gareth Williams was one I don't know. Quite possible according to Sherlock Holmes!

Anonymous said...

roseanne barr is a healed mkultra, according to herself. something to think about: http://www.roseanneworld.com/blog/2012/03/my.php

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Tony Ryals said...

Any association with Veterans Today is questionable however,I certainly agree with Townbridge Ford that something wasn't quite right,(correct),about 'MI5's Assistant Director Peter Wright'.
And I certainly don't judge what someone is saying by how many 'typos' or questionable sentence structures one might find.(He has less grammatical errors and typos than I do and I hope I'm not judged by that even though it may make my points less understandable unfortunately.

The funniest,(both peculiar and ha ha),about Peter Wright's 'The Spy Catcher', to me, was how the head Rothschild,(Nathan?), made his unending cameo appearances at the spy office as if he owned it,which he probably did, and how he was always ready to impress the boys with a visit to his mansion or a 'free' drink or suggest a lead or mislead that might take in their investigations.
You'd of thunk that would have been the biggest scandal in Wright's book and would have driven the British public and politicians to outrage - but no - they seem to like it that way.

real asset investing said...

I don't know if Trowbridge is dissembling and crazy or not, but from reading that one post his writing style is certainly hard to follow and not blog friendly as he just bangs on and on. I'd be inclined to think Gareth Williams though may well have been a whistleblower, although who knows if we will ever find out.

felix said...

Ah yes, Gudrun Loftus. Strange old death. TF seems to be the only one who took notice at the time. Which speaks volumes to me, whether his theory was correct or not.

Anonymous said...


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